AI-Powered Mobile App Development

Explore the possibilities of AI with our AI-driven mobile app development, providing highly intelligent and easy-to-use applications for a better user experience.

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Our AI-powered Mobile App Development Services

We offer state-of-the-art AI-powered mobile solutions with a strong focus on enriching infrastructure with intelligent models.

Custom AI-powered Mobile App Development

From defining requirements to app launching, we provide a comprehensive end-to-end development process for AI-powered apps.

AI Consulting and Strategy Development

Our AI experts analyse your business goals, target audience, and data to create a customized AI strategy that fits your needs.

AI Integration into Non-AI Apps

We upgrade non-AI apps to AI apps, adding features like personalized recommendations and accurate predictions.

Upgrade and Maintenance

We offer ongoing support and maintenance ensuring smooth operation, security updates, bug fixing, and regular feature updates.

Voice Assistant Development

Workflow can be easily streamlined by integrating virtual support with our AI development technology using voice and text-based interfaces.

AI Chatbot Development Solution

Our AI development tools are focused on scaling customer engagement and satisfaction through AI chatbots.

Machine & Deep Learning As a Service

We apply machine learning & deep learning for risk assessment, personalized recommendations, voice & image recognition, and more.

Custom AI Tools Development

To achieve the customization goals, we observe the fundamental needs through our method of analysis to achieve a value-added result.

Natural Language Processing

Our team of AI developers provides efficient NLP development solutions, empowering apps with the innate ability to comprehend human languages.

Our Expertise in Mobile Apps Powered by AI

Our AI mobile apps integrate seamlessly with the latest AI technologies, such as ML, NLP and Deep Learning, providing users with smart experiences on the go.

Predictive Analytics Apps

Using statistical models, Machine Learning algorithms, and data analysis, we create apps that analyse historical data to predict future trends.


IoT-based App Development

With AI and IoT, we craft smart systems for data analysis, autonomous decisions, and seamless in-store operations, boosting customer experience.


Virtual Assistants and Chatbots

Through chatbots and virtual assistants, we streamline internal operations, enhance customer support, and provide personalized services.


Our AI Application Development Process

When it comes to developing mobile apps using Artificial Intelligence, we prioritize elemental considerations while offering top-notch AI development services.

Requirements Analysis to gain insight into your product concept and define the AI technology to support it.

We study markets, competition, users, advanced analytics, and engage in R & D to facilitate a smooth transition towards automation and AI.

We create a visual layout of the product using user’s story, journey, vision, mock-ups, and wireframes.

AI platform selection, data visualization, data mining, iOS/Android/Flutter app development, seamlessly integrated into an end-to-end agile development process.

We conduct both manual and automated testing, including regression testing, unit testing, and acceptance testing, to ensure the highest quality.

We excel in debugging, deployment, and integration services, alongside user training and continuous platform support.

Why Choose Codiant For AI Mobile App Development?

Here are some compelling reasons why you should choose Codiant as a trusted and reliable AI Mobile App Development partner for your business.

Latest Tech Stack

Our expert iOS and Android app developers with the neoteric tech stack ensure the best business solutions and the deployment of end-to-end services.

Global Support

Our team prioritizes reliable two-way communication with clients and creates business-friendly AI app solutions for optimal outcomes.

Agile Process

The quality and efficiency of our products are verified through a thorough product review supported by agile processes.

Custom Solutions

We maintain a customer-centric approach throughout, ensuring consistent ownership. Our experts transform ideas into fully integrated, advanced business products.

Our AI App Solutions Across Top Industries

Our AI Services are designed to meet the specific requirements of different clients. These solutions are coherent with different industrial networks.


Explore best-in-class AI solutions developed to simplify your finance operations through intelligent automation, intelligent analytics and data-informed decision-making.

Boost your online retail business with our AI development expertise. We integrate scalable AI-powered automation to elevate your enterprise.

Experience the transformative impact on your enterprise and leverage our AI development for media operations – content analysis, optimized experiences, and more.

Our AI development solutions aim to enhance the analysis of human health and its complexities along with the empowerment of healthcare professionals.

We streamline operations with our AI app development, simplifying supply chain complexities for enhanced productivity.

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Escalate your business growth using AI-powered tech solutions and cutting-edge technologies that can help you unlock unprecedented efficiencies and make data-driven decisions with accuracy.

DL Frameworks

  • PyTorch PyTorch
  • Caffe2 Caffe2
  • Chainer Chainer
  • Theano Theano
  • Keras Keras


  • Kurento Kurento
  • Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit
  • Core ML Core ML


  • Opennn Opennn
  • TensorFlow TensorFlow
  • Sonnet Sonnet
  • tf-slim tf-slim
  • Tensor2Tensor Tensor2Tensor
  • Neuroph Neuroph

Frequently Asked Questions

When selecting the ideal company for AI & ML development and maintenance, consider essential factors such as the types of solutions they specialize in, their experience across diverse industries, and the level of support they offer post-implementation. Codiant stands out as a top and reputable AI & ML service provider that excels in meeting these criteria.

At Codiant, we use various AI technologies to develop advanced and top-notch quality AI tools that work just like DallE, ChatGPT, and Bard.

Yes, through the standard practice of any leading AI & ML service company, Codiant transfers the complete ownership of the developed solution to their rightful owners with all the necessary rights and licenses.

The main goal of AI is to automate tasks which can help in reducing developers’ time spent on those tasks by discharging that time for more important and creative work.

The cost of developing AI & ML solutions depends on several things, including the number of features and functionalities used, the technology stack used, man-hours invested, the scope of the project, etc. Codiant offers a free consultation to its clientele and provides an estimated budget as per the requirement.