How to Take Virtual Treatment through Telemedicine under Quarantine?

  • Published on : August 31, 2020

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How to Take Virtual Treatment through Telemedicine?

COVID-19 has been taking a toll on everyone’s lives of late. The situation is such, a climatic cold or flu, muscle aches, headaches or slight other symptoms breaking down the body due to seasonal changes is giving birth to doubts and paranoia “Am I COVID positive?”.

As we see people suffering from pandemic terribly in the hospitals and the fumes of novel virus mushrooming from person to person exponentially, visiting the hospital or emergency room is the last option you would opt for.

So, how would you receive the treatment, meet the healthcare needs and get the symptoms checked without even visiting the Doctor?

The solution is “On-demand doctor or telemedicine app or virtual doctor appointments”.


By Remote Patient Monitoring or by taking online telemedicine consultation through specialists you can not only save yourself from getting exposed to virus but also save your time and money by avoiding traveling.

Plus, in these challenging and stressful times, the convenience, flexibility, and real-time care through telemedicine app solutions will give you full peace of mind and satisfaction.

But how do you take that online virtual consultation? Set-up the very first appointment with Doctor? Here in this post, we will walk you through the step-by-step process to receive virtual treatment, the most common queries and top doctor-on-demand and telemedicine apps to get online treatment.

How to Take Online Doctor Consultation?

  • Sign-in to create an online account on a telemedicine app or website.
  • Fill in the basic details (like name, age, gender, contact details), health insurance details (if any), past medical history and other mandatory questions (like allergies) while creating a profile.
  • Mention your reason for a visit, add a note.
  • Select your Doctor/ Specialty.
  • Choose an available time slot and schedule an online appointment day and time.
  • Book an appointment.
  • Pay online through credit or debit cards.

What Devices Are Supported While Taking A Telemedicine Appointment?

Anyone having a smartphone, tablet, or laptop can take virtual online doctor appointments. You can also take an online appointment if you want to visit a doctor in the hospital.

What Is the Average or Minimum Internet Speed Required To Consult Doctors Online?

While online virtual consultation requires high-definition video calling using video chat software, so at least 10mbps internet speed should be available.

How to test your speed online?

Check your internet speed online in 30 seconds around the world using this interactive broadband speed test by Ookla. Click here to check the net speed.

What Are The Best Telemedicine Apps On-Demand Doctor Apps To Receive Online Virtual Consultation In COVID-19?

Here is a roundup of the finest telemedicine app solutions or doctor on-demand app. Developed by best telemedicine app development companies, these apps and online web portal are easy-to-use as they have a simple and intuitive interface, meets the urgent needs of patients seeking online care with much-needed attention to their allergies and past medical history.

1. Doctor On Demand


No matter if you don’t have health insurance, the doctor on-demand app will provide you full treatment.

With 24/7 availability of licensed physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, and master-level therapists, the app covers your A-Z needs ranging from urgent care to chronic care and behavioral health to preventive health.

Before treating you online through an in-app video call the Doctor will ask your symptoms, medical history, perform an exam through a couple of questions and recommend an online prescription.

Consultation Fee:

  • Medical doctor : $75 for a 15-minute consultation
  • Psychology : $129 for a 25-minute consultation; $179 for a 50-minute consultation
  • Psychiatry : $299 for initial 45-minute consultation; $129 for 15-minute follow-up

2. Teladoc


Teladoc Health is a no.1 telemedicine app that acted as a hero in the healthcare delivery system during and ongoing COVID-19 crisis in the US. The number of specialties provided by the app has been notably increasing.

Hailed for providing “everyday care”, chronic care and cure to normal healthcare issues to an urgent care like cold, flu, allergies, respiratory infections, and rashes, the app is an elixir to patients looking for regular follow-ups from physicians, dermatologists, and psychiatrist.

Compared to other apps, TelaDoc is affordable and covers anyone without insurance in the TelaDoc network.

  • Everyday care : starts at $55
  • Dermatology : starts at $85
  • Mental health : starts at $90



The anatomy of MDLIVE is urgent care, behavioral health and dermatology. This on-demand doctor app covers urgent medical issues like common cold, flu, sore throat, cough, and fever. The telemedicine app is also highly recommended for behavioral health concerns.

The other main takeaway of MDLIVE is refunds initiated if in case you cancel the appointment 24 hours before the appointment.

Consultation Fee:

  • Urgent care : $75 or less
  • Psychiatry : $259 for initial consults; $99 for follow-up visits
  • Dermatology : $69

4. PlushCare


Effective for non-emergency conditions and regular follow-ups, PlushCare allows you to take online doctor appointments by choosing an appointment time available in the slot, with insurance information and then you can get easily connected with the Doctor on a secured video platform. This app is integrated with the patient’s insurer, pharmacy and labs to streamline care and make it effortless.

Consultation Fee :

Appointment fee : $99 (£76) (Higher than other competitors)

5. Amwell


Get the most out of telehealth with Amwell. From urgent care to acute care, Amwell is an urgent care telehealth platform that provides patients with online access to doctors 24/7, from any computer or mobile device without a long waiting time at relatively inexpensive prices for those not having a healthcare insurance coverage.

Consultation Fee :

Appointment fee : $79 or less

Urgent care : up to $200

End Notes

As the telemedicine app solutions take a bigger stadium amid the coronavirus pandemic, it is important for people seeking care online to have a manual about virtual doctor visits or websites and telemedicine apps that could best fit their needs.

Many mobile app development companies provide readymade doctor-on-demand solutions to local hospitals, healthcare organizations, and health insurance providers to offer their remote virtual care services to patients around the world.

Codiant is one such telemedicine app development company that has developed healthcare apps and telemedicine software for leading healthcare organizations.

TeleDocto is a product of Codiant for health centers looking to offer convenient virtual care through secured video consultations to patients via mobile or computer devices.

Supercharged with capabilities like online appointment booking & scheduling, video calling & video conferencing, screen sharing, document sharing, multiple modes of payment transfer and much more; this readymade white-label solution optimizes clinical workflows, reduces operating costs, and advance the quality of care.

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