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How to Hire ReactJS Developers: A Complete Guide

  • Published on : November 11, 2022

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How to Hire ReactJS Developers: A Complete Guide

New technologies are paving the way to drive market competition, crediting organizations to innovate while challenging developers to upgrade their tech learnings regularly to remain in demand and effective for the organization.

As far as front-end development technologies are concerned, ReactJS, a JavaScript library, is one of the most popular technologies among developers.

The demand for ReactJS is elevating for several reasons, in its high level of flexibility and scalable solution are among the top ones.

As a result, worldwide companies are adopting ReactJS development and hiring ReactJS developers to develop top-quality solutions for their clients.

Even the top market leaders like Amazon, Facebook, and Uber used JavaScript for their web and mobile app development. The success of all these brands has acted as a catalyst to encourage the global market to adopt ReactJS development and hire React programmers to build exceptional digital solutions.

Such a demand among companies has ultimately increased the requirement for React developers in the market. If you are an organization juggling to hire skilled React developers for your team with right technical skills, here’s a complete guide to help you out.

Requirements and Responsibilities of ReactJS Developers

Junior Level ReactJS Developer

Experience: About 1 to 2 years.

Expertise: Fundamentals of React & Angular. Additionally, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, BootStrap, Git and RxJS.

A junior-level ReactJS developer should have an intermediate or higher level of writing and spoken English skills.

Mid-Level ReactJS Developer

Experience: More than 2 years.

Expertise: Good understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript (ES6), Angular, BootStrap, Git and RxJS, and TypeScript and Redux State Management. Additionally, familiar with NodeJS development.

Hire a mid-level ReactJS developer having experience in mobile app development with effective UI and API endpoints.

Senior-Level ReactJS Developer

Experience: More than 5 years.

Expertise: Create React-based UI using ReactJS and TypeScript. Additionally, familiarity with front-end environments, like SASS, WebPack, ES6 and Unit Testing.

A senior-level ReactJS developer must have working experience with other JavaScript frameworks, such as Vue, Angular and jQuery. The senior-level developer is expected to communicate with upper-intermediate or advanced-level resources, so must have a good grab of the English language as well.

How to Hire ReactJS Developers?

The process of hiring ReactJS developers is divided into multiple phases and demands a proper process to be followed to find and hire the right resource for your organization’s needs. There are several steps that needed to be validated with various essential factors. Let’s explore the required steps to hire the best ReactJS developer and ReactJS development companies.

Step 1: Conduct thorough Candidate Research

To hire the right resource for an organization, it is a must to scan the candidate hard & soft-skills and their CVs thoroughly. It will help to understand their tech expertise and experiences and analyze whether these resources are relevant to your business and further project requirements or not.

Furthermore, check out the candidate’s development portfolio; i.e. the previous projects and technologies the candidate has worked on earlier. It will help to analyze their expertise in the ReactJS technology and other complementary technology that a project requires.

Step 2: Conduct Detailed Interview Sessions

Being a responsible person to fulfill the tech requirement of your company, it is important to be aware of the technology and the right set of interview questions to hire a ReactJS developer.

Despite all the theoretical questions, it is still difficult and would be a dicey decide to make and select the right candidate instantly. Hence, it is important to pre-define your requirements to hire the candidate. It will help you to find the right and qualified candidate for your ongoing and upcoming projects.

Some of the important yet common questions that you can ask to hire a ReactJS developer are as follows;

  • Define “pure functional components”?
  • In React, how will you use keys?
  • Explain the significance of keys.
  • What will you do with React refs?
  • Compare various lifecycle phases for React Components. What will you do to make them a certain feature or interface?
  • Explain Virtual DOM and its working system?
  • In React, how will you build HOCs (Higher Order Components)?
  • Define & differentiation between the functions forceUpdate() and setState().

Step 3: Analyze all the Results & Hire the Ideal Candidate

Without comparing the interview results of each candidate, you won’t be able to hire the right ReactJS developer for your organization. Well, there isn’t any shortcut to hiring ReactJS developers. It can only be achieved by filtering the right resource and hiring a suitable one after detailed testing and interview sessions.

Some Key Factors to be Considered to Ensure a Smooth On-boarding Process:

  • Initiate it by giving the candidates a welcome kit or package.
  • Then, initiate the paperwork and assist them in data-filling process (if required).
  • Provide and train them with the work tools and software you work on to make things easy for them.
  • Assign a buddy or mentor to guide them through the onboarding process and introduce them to their fellow teammates.
  • Educate the candidates about your company culture. If you have, then hand over your employee handbook, and demonstrate it with a presentation about the company’s culture and other stuff you have in your organization.
  • Last but not the least, make sure to keep your candidate informed about their tasks and roles for the first few weeks, details about the working hours, the coding standards and other practices you follow, and your expectation as a manager.

Best Platforms to Hire ReactJS Developers

There are a variety of platforms from where you can hire quality talent for your ReactJS development services. It includes;

Job Posting Websites

Job posting sites such as Indeed, Monster, FreshersWorld and many more are very convenient platforms to find and hire the right and expert resources to fulfil your company’s requirements.

Here, you can easily find full-time and part-time ReactJS programmers having expertise in a variety of sectors and domains. Candidates can also connect with companies who require resources like them and land into the right working place.

Freelance Websites

The freelance websites such as Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr and Toptal offer access to high-quality talent. On such platforms, the companies particularly seek talent for a shorter period of time i.e. for a few weeks or hours to finish the specific task.

Companies can easily find skilled experts on such platforms at competitive scale. Apart from that, these freelance websites also perform a detailed profile check of the registered developers to verify their background, expertise and experience.

Hire Skilled ReactJS Developers with Codiant

To build a feature-rich and successful project, it is important to hire genuinely motivated experts who believe in the organization’s vision and help it to grow. With the best resources, you don’t have to stress about when it will be delivered, what would be the quality, why it isn’t working, etc.

Therefore, a quality product development and successful deployment demand a trusted tech partner to associate with. In this reference, Codiant – an expert mobile app development company can be your most reliable partner to hire the expert ReactJS developers and fulfil your project requirements.

We have a dedicated team of developers and offer the best ReactJS development services without any glitches. To maintain the project’s quality, we follow a systematic approach towards recruiting every individual so that you get what you want.

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