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How Fleet Management Software Can Benefit Your Trucking & Logistics Business?

Published August 5, 2020

Benefits of Efficient Fleet Management Software

Trucking and logistics industry is on the cusp of the digital revolution.

Today’s transportation ecosystem is covering more miles with fewer vehicles on the road and reaping the benefits of persistently low fuel prices.

With effective vehicle maintenance, driver management, asset utilization, optimized route planning, and fuel consumption, and fuel costs supervision, fleet businesses have taken the front seat in boosting their company’s productivity and increasing efficiency at a greater speed.

If you own a trucking and logistics business and have still not adopted fleet management software, you might want to learn the features it provides.

fleet management software

Crucial features of Fleet Management Software

Real-time Fleet Data with GPS Tracking

GPS tracking empowers you with business intelligence by helping you get real-time vehicle location and enables you to see a bird’s eye view of your entire fleet operation with detailed interactive maps with information about the movement of your vehicles, where are they stopping and for how long. Furthermore, with 24/7 visibility to your fleet you get unauthorized movement alerts to detect thefts, amount of fuel consumed, etc.

Monitor and Measure Driver’s Behavior

A good fleet management software helps you to increase your fleet safety by keeping tabs on your driver’s behavior, monitor them closely like when they take sudden acceleration, put harsh brakes, take sharp turns, engine idle time, and so on.

The fleet supervisor receives all this information live on-screen, via email and SMS alerts. In addition, the live dashboard displays a graphical representation of the driver’s behavioral exceptions. These key metrics help is improving and controlling driver behavior.

Fuel Management

For every trucking and fleet company, fuel plays a significant portion of their budget and an effective fuel management system becomes the key! With an automated fleet fuel management solution, you can monitor fuel levels round the clock, track fuel consumption tendencies per vehicle, minimize idling time, emissions, etc. and warn your drivers by sending alarms and lower fuel costs.

Route Planning and Real-time Fleet Monitoring

Optimize route journeys and increase productivity with intelligent route planning. Route planning software enables you to monitor the daily route execution, load planning, real-time reservation scheduling and minimizing fuel consumption.

Vehicle Maintenance

Streamline fleet maintenance processes of diagnosing and inspecting vehicles as fleet management system include routine vehicle inspection checklist, maintenance tracking and reminders, fuel tracking, and troubleshoot. The system also records receipts, insurance info, registration card details, custom notes, etc.

Drivers Management

Take a holistic view of your drivers, improve productivity and assets and identify areas to improve with fleet management’s driver management system. It allows you to ensure your drivers are safe and productive on the road.

Shipment Management

The most challenging feat and time-consuming process of trucking and logistics Company is shipment management. It includes activities like loading and unloading of cargo, planning and managing freight, delivering and dispatching, and more.

Fleet management software empowers fleet managers to make these operations smooth and swift by enabling end-to-end good visibility, optimizing cargo placement, expense/quotes & license analysis, etc.

Key Takeaways

The end-to-end fleet management integration, and effectively utilizing the contours and efficacy of the software’s functions will eventually result in:

  • Increased fleet’s productivity
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Enhanced vehicle performance
  • Improved driver safety
  • Reduced costs and maintenance downtime

So, if your trucking and logistics company has yet not taken action for the fleet management software development; it is the high time to get it developed.

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