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Five Killer Logic Pro Advantages of Creating Mobile App for Your Real Estate Company

  • Published on : October 2, 2016

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Advantages of Creating Mobile App for Your Real Estate Company

The future is digital. The future is now. And digital real estate is a serious business. Real estate mobile apps are the seeds of growth for any startup or established real estate companies who aim to build a platform, get heard, and to top it all, be bankable online.

Mobile apps are one of the reasons money is flowing to these startups and are able to capture a greater portion of target audiences who are relentlessly looking for properties online. To make you learn, nearly 2/5 of the real estate searches are performed on smartphones and handheld devices.


To put it simple, these apps help you reach out to your potential customers, giving them the flexibility to contact you in a single go. Let’s quickly fix the clearer and bigger picture of getting a spanking and functional real estate mobile app development for your much-awaited real estate company.

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Direct Marketing Channel

  • Know the potential vendors, and landlords.
  • Increase your reach to wider audience base.
  • View properties for sale.
  • Promote listings and create Loyalty Programs
  • Send Push Notifications
  • Integrate social Plugins to keep customers updated.

List Your Property for Rent or Sale

Show Properties for rent or sell with pictures, descriptions, and locations and reach your customers easily.

Add Social Media Plugins To Engage Customers

Connect your app to your Facebook, YouTube & Twitter accounts so your fans are always connected to you.

Increase interactions

Integrate your app with messaging, chatting, emailing, and features and increase the scope of prospective interactions.

Mortgage Calculator

Including a mortgage calculator is an added advantage in a real estate app that provides details at a faster rate about the prospect which helps the buyer to take an informed decision in all aspects.


Codiant’s Real Estate App Development Services – One Stop for All Your Rendering Needs!!!

  • Completely Customizable – Customize the functions and design of your mobile app in few clicks.
  • Personalized – Give the app a personal touch by using your company’s logo, name, and colors.
  • Navigation Menu – Access intuitive and user-friendly features based on the latest trends in mobile platforms
  • Easy to Download – Your app will be available via the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Easily share the link via social media, email, and your website!
  • Tailored to your Agency – Streamline the sales process by giving property buyers an easier way to search for properties.
  • Gain Competitive Advantage – Show Properties with pictures, descriptions, locations and gain a competitive advantage by giving your clients an enhanced mobile experience.
  • Push Notifications – Announce loyalty programs, special property deals, and vacation deals and inform your customers via push notification messages.

In the digital age, your websites, domains, and apps are your most valuable business assets. What’s stopping you from investing in the digital real estate?

If you are a real estate agent broker or proprietor and wish to develop an application for your property sale or rental via Android or iOS app get in touch with Codiant’s expert team of real estate mobile app development.

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