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Cost and Key Features to build a Real Estate Mobile App

  • Published on : September 29, 2018

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Cost and Key Features to build a Real Estate Mobile App


Real estate business, as a matter of course, has typically been a game dependent upon the bit of luck, hard-work, changing trends and shifting times. It’s not much of time sifted out, however, Real Estate Mobile App is changing the way real estate agents or brokers, buyers, sellers think about property transactions.

The advanced technology trends like Big Data and Artificial Intelligence might not be the hottest product type, but thanks to the relentless rapid growth of Mobile apps and the changing habits and lifestyle of consumers, which are driving demand for tech space and further innovations.

Looking for a property is now as simple as tapping once or twice on the mobile app. The increasing proliferation of buying and selling properties on the internet (web and app) has cut into brick and mortar transactions. As a result, the offline and traditional medium is getting dwindled.

Here’s a closer look, depicting how buyers today found the home they purchased, based on the survey of National Association of Realtors.


Benefits of Real Estate App

Online real estate segment shows a two-fold increase. How will it benefit your business?

  • Better Revenues as consumer’s behavior is changing. Users are no longer merely interested in searching for houses online; they are also buying houses which promise higher conversion rates.
  • Increased Interactions between brokers and buyers and sellers or property owners.
  • Increased reach to a wider audience base and a platform to stay connected with customers 24/7.
  • A direct marketing channel which allows users to list their properties on sale or rent.
  • Geolocation Integration allows customers to track the property location with ease.

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Features to Build a Real Estate App

Customer App/ brokers App

  • User registration via email id or social media channels like Facebook, Twitter.
  • Create and edit profile includes personal details like name, contact number, email id etc.
  • Search property; on the basis of various search parameters like location, type of property etc.
  • Filter and sort property on various search parameters like prices high-to-low, low-to-high, no. of rooms, size etc.
  • Property view can be seen in List View and Map View in the property listings.
  • 3D property view to show the entire property to the buyer in the comfort of his home.
  • Get brokers details for contacting for the desired property the user is interested in.
  • Buyers can contact seller through email or inquiry messages.
  • Users can add their desired properties under the My favorite tab.
  • Calendar to keep the searches in sync.
  • Built-in maps to track the property route and get the rough idea of the location.
  • Add property for sell, rent or lease.
  • Push notifications to inform users about deals, offers, property alerts, auctions etc.
  • In-built currency converter can help with the rates in different currencies so that international clients all over the world can access the app.

Admin Panel

  • Add/Remove Property : The admin has all the control to add or delete the property.
  • Manage Property Listing : The admin can add or remove new property lists.
  • Manage Users and brokers : This feature allows admin to manage, edit, add, and update users and brokers.
  • Real-time Analytics : This feature gives the admin an enhanced access to the defined data patterns that helps admin derive the meaning to take decisive and strategic actions.
  • Manage Subscription Packages : The admin can add, edit, delete, and update the subscription packages.
  • View Reports : Admin can view reports or requests, requests like adding properties, to purchase, or sell requests.
  • Check Earnings : The admin can review the total revenue earned through property deals.

Additional Real Estate Mobile App Features

  • Geo-location Tagging : It allows the user to check the property nearby his/her current location.
  • Mortgage Calculator : Through this calculator the user can easily calculate the monthly EMI he will have to pay, if the user has purchased the house on loan.
  • Interest Rate Calculator : The Interest Rate Calculator determines real interest rates on loans with fixed terms and monthly payments.   It also helps users to figure out certain taxes and insurance associated with the property.
  • Map View : Through this feature, user can search properties at his area and location.
  • Blog : The app owner can add informative blogs to educate his users about real estate. This makes the app engaging and increases the in-app time of the users.
  • Testimonials : Feature to showcase the valuable testimonials of the client increases the reliability of the app and let users check the real reviews.
  • Social Sharing : Enabling social sharing option allows the app owner to share the properties on rent/sell on social media channels.
  • Live Showing : Buyers can watch the live inspection of the property by the agent.


Technology Stack of Real Estate App

  • Cloud : AWS, Azure, Google Cloud
  • Push Notifications : PushEngage,, Urban Airship, Parse push
  • SMS : Twilio, Sinch, Nexmo, Plivo
  • Payments : Paypal, Braintree, Stripe, Credit/Debit Cards, Netbanking
  • Real-time Analytics : Hadoop, BigData, Spark, Cisco
  • Database : MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase, Oracle

How Much Much is Real Estate App Development Cost?

While a real estate app’s cost depends upon the number of features and complexities involved but considering the above features, a real estate app development company breaks down the cost of a real-estate app based on the following components:

  • UI/UX Design
  • iOS and Android native app development
  • Backend development
  • Web development
  • MVP testing
  • Quality assurance (Polishing and bug fixing)

Summing up all the components above, an average real estate app costs around 20k-30k USD for iOS and Android platform.

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