Unveiling the Doctor On-demand or Telemedicine App Development Cost and Features

Published June 18, 2018

Unveiling the Doctor On-demand or Telemedicine App Development Cost and Features

“The healthcare system is complex, and we enter into this challenge open-eyed about the degree of difficulty,” Jeff Bezos said in a statement.

The ballooning costs of healthcare act as a hungry tapeworm on society. To neutralize the swelling costs doctor-on-demand and telemedicine app development come as a companion to manage chronic conditions that have emerged as a fast-growing and potentially disruptive segment in the healthcare industry.

Especially when barriers to entry are low, differentiating oneself through ventures that excites and shakes up the strain of society can come as succession and a bigger relief.

Doctor-on-demand or telemedicine apps are acting as an impetus for the healthcare industry to change. The app in itself is very broad when we talk about its functionalities and features limitations. But the most vital features which act as a bedrock for the app are listed below.

The Doctor-on-demand app is an aggregation of two individual apps that is:

1. Patient App

2. Doctor App

And a robust and secured Admin Panel which links Patient’s and Doctor’s App through it.

Let’s funnel down the list of features Patient’s panel cover:

Patient App Features

Patient App

  • Sign Up

Patients can register themselves via email or mobile number. Since the app deals with sensitive data, we recommend you to use two-factor authentication, which includes SMS/voice/phone verification.

  • User Profile

Users can create their profile and input all details like profile picture, name, age, sex, address, city, medical ailments and more.

  • Search Doctors

Search and explore Doctors by filters like specialization, degrees, ratings, location, etc.

  • View Doctors Profile

After selecting a Doctor, user should be able to view doctors’ profile with details like photo, specialization, address, consultation fees, email, phone, available appointment slots.

  • Book Appointments

Patients can check the doctor’s availability via calendar and book an appointment with the doctor by selecting the communication mode (phone call, via chat, video calling, or in-person). The appointment can be canceled or rescheduled.

  • Booking Detail

Allow patients to book for self as well as dependent profiles like family members or friends.

  • Appointment Type

Give the ability to patients to select the appointment type i.e. between on-demand and scheduled.

  • Select Payment Mode

Patient should be able to select payment mode and select insurance, health plan (if any).

  • Make Payments

Patients can make secured online payments through multiple payment gateway integrations like cards, mwallet, net banking, etc.

  • In-App Video Calling

Integrated audio and video calling for live patient- doctor engagement.

  • In-App Chat/ Messaging

Ability to chat or text message with doctors.

  • Electronic Medical Records

Patients can share medical reports and other health related data with doctors for diagnosis and treatment.

  • Review and Ratings

Patients can give doctors’ ratings, reviews and feedback.

  • Mark Favorites

Mark favorite doctors to make it easy to find-out and access doctors at a glance.

  • Notifications

Notifications (email, SMS, push) to remind patients of their upcoming appointments, medicines, payments, etc.

Doctor App Features

Doctor App

  • Doctor’s Profile

Doctor can create their detailed profile, add clinics they serve with location, list their availability timings etc.

  • Schedule Appointment

Doctors can schedule appointments for patients as per their availability.

  • Accept or Reject Appointment

In non-emergency situations, a doctor may decline to see a patient by reject option or accept when available

  • Set Availability

Doctors can set availability status to online/offline and can also control on-demand availability toggles like if available for phone call/video call/home visit.

  • ePrescription

This feature allow doctors to send online prescription to patients which will be saved to either databases.

  • Live Video Call

Doctors can take live video calls with patients, add other medical specialist in the call through video conferencing.

  • White Boards

This feature is optional. Doctors can use whiteboards to explain anything to patients/ other doctors.

  • Store and Forward

Doctors can securely store & share medical data, images and patient histories.

  • EMR Integration

Doctors can integrate patient’s histories & records with EMRs to make seamless remote visits.

  • Multi Way Video Solution

This feature can be kept as an add-on where doctors can connect themselves with their peers or other specialists and take video conferencing.

The Admin Panel Features

on demand doctor admin panel

  • Patient Management

Admin has the ability to view full patients’ information as well as their medical history.

  • Doctors Management

Admin can manage and view details of doctors, their area of specialization, categorize them as per specialization.

  • Specialty Management

Admin can manage specialties, appointment fee, check their status and take action by edit, make them active, inactive.

  • Report Management

Admin can take a full view on reports related to every patient. Admin can check number of appointments booked, no. of ongoing appointments, cancelled appointments etc.

  • Site Statistics

Admin can check total patients, providers, clinics and total earnings.

  • Appointment Statistics

Admin can check total appointments, active appointments, cancelled appointments, and completed appointments.

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Technologies Stack of Doctor-on-demand App

  • Programming languages : Kotlin, Java (Android), Swift (iOS)
  • Insurance verification : PokitDok
  • ePrescription : EazyScript
  • Video Conferencing : WebRTC
  • Chat : Twilio,
  • Database : MySQL
  • APIs and frameworks : Stripe, EC2, S3

Cost of Developing a Doctor-on-demand or a Telemedicine App

The total cost to develop a doctor-on-demand app depends on following services you take while hiring a telemedicine app development company:

  • UI/UX Design
  • iOS and Android native app development
  • Backend development
  • Web development
  • Project management
  • Quality assurance

According to our estimation and developing similar kind of telemedicine apps with customized features for different clients, the costs heavily depends upon the hourly rates the healthcare app development company charges which vary greatly from $20/hr-$50/hr.

But on average, the total cost for a basic on-demand doctor app starts from $25,000-$40,000 and could go as high as $40,000-$70,000.

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