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Cost to Develop an On-Demand Trucking App

  • Published on : December 18, 2019

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Cost to Develop an On-Demand Trucking App

For truck fleet owners or cargo movers, the average cost for running the trucking industry is going sky high.

From fuel the opening expense that easily consumes more than $70,000 per year i.e. 39% of total costs, to repairs and maintenance of tires, brakes, wiring, alternators, etc. that adds up another 10%, to driver salary that overheads 26% of overall expenses, and insurance charges that also includes permits, licenses and tolls eats the major portion and costs trucking app a hefty amount.

With these increasing challenges, top on-demand trucking apps are helping trucking companies, cargo movers and small to big fleet owners expand, automate and streamline their business.

Top On-demand Trucking Apps

In this blog, we will learn about the key features it takes to build an Uber for trucking app and other significant aspects mentioned below:

Key Highlights

  1. Types of business model
  2. How to develop an on-demand trucking app – key features of carriers, shippers and admin
  3. Top market players is Uber for trucking industry
  4. Technology Stack used in developing on-demand trucking app
  5. How much does it cost to develop an Uber for trucking?

Types of Business Model

If you are looking for on-demand trucking app development, there are two possible states:

  • On-Demand Trucking Marketplace App- On-demand trucking marketplace apps match trucking companies with shippers that need to move freight. By this app, you can support shippers, truck owners & operators/cargo movers and fleet dispatchers by getting built an easy-to-use “Uber for trucking” app that helps them increase their speed and efficiency.
  • On-Demand Trucking App for Truck Fleet Owners- If you have your truck fleet or logistics business you can opt for this model to automate, expand and streamline your trucking operations conveniently.

How To Develop An On-Demand Trucking App?

Driver App Features

  • Driver Authentication :Driver can register with their phone no, name and email id and submit other useful information like license, identity card, etc.
  • View Shipping Request :Driver can view a waiting list with a shipping request.
  • Accept/Reject Shipping Request :Driver can accept a request or cancel it.
  • View Shipper details :In this feature, driver can see the shipper’s contact details.
  • Shipment details :This feature allows driver to see freight details like type of load, pick-up and drop-off locations, and scheduled pickup time.
  • Real-time Chat :Driver can chat with the shipper for making transit seamless.
  • Route Tracking and Optimization :Driver can see LIVE map and best-optimized route with real-time traffic for reaching the delivery location.
  • Push Notifications :Driver will receive push notifications for new delivery requests, messages, and payments.
  • Proof of delivery :After making a successful shipment delivery, the driver takes a photo of the bill of shipment and proof of delivery is emailed to the shipper.
  • E-signatures :Driver can also e-sign the bill of shipment or take the photo of it as a proof of delivery.

Shippers App Features

  • Registration & Login: Shippers can seamlessly register with email id and phone no.
  • See Available Vehicles: Shippers can see the see available trucks on the map.
  • Send Shipping Request: Shipper can list jobs by specifying freight dimensions, pick-up and delivery addresses and book and schedule the pick-up beforehand.
  • Push Notifications: Shipper will get notifications when the carrier/driver accepts the delivery request, confirms delivery by proof of delivery.
  • Vehicle Tracking: This feature allows shippers to track shipments in real-time all the way from pick-up to the destination.
  • Make Payment: Shipper can make an online payment for the shipping charges via major credit/debit cards, cash or e-wallets.
  • Rate Carriers: Users can rate and review carriers/drivers for their service.

Admin Panel Features

  • Dashboard: Admin can view all the current and completed shipments made, active carriers/drivers, available and busy vehicles, and shippers’ order and pending requests on a single screen.
  • Driver Monitoring: Admin can check the carriers’ current location, freight details like types of load in the container, etc. Admin can also send a personal message to the carrier or even broadcast the message to all carriers in the app.
  • Bill Management: Admin can check all the incoming payments from the shippers to drivers, the total commission earned, etc.

Market Players in Uber for Trucking Industry

Technology Stack of On-demand Trucking App

Technology Stack of On-demand Trucking App

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An Uber For Trucking App?

The cost structure of the mobile app development Companies doesn’t only hinge on development time and hourly rates. It depends on several factors, including the app features, the complexity of the app, third-party integrations (leads to additional time spent), the technology stack used and post-release support expenses.

Furthermore, it depends on the online repute of the mobile app development company along with its expertise.

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