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Top On-demand Trucking Apps to Get Inspired From

Published August 17, 2020

The Market Report says that “the global logistics industry is expected to attain a market size of around $12,256 billion by 2022 and register a CAGR of 3.48% from 2016 to 2022.

With increasing global trade activities and advancements in the IT sector, the On-demand trucking industry is poised to mark a landmark growth.

The technology-based supply chain, smart analytics on big data and AI-enabled prediction technologies in logistics function have boosted the transport and logistics industry to undertake efficient delivery with advanced on-demand trucking app development solutions.

As the Uber Freight app started to sweep the industry by storm, in the past few years, we have seen many similar apps with progressive features coming on way to beat the modernizer.

Let’s walk through them one by one and take a collective inspiration.

Uber Freight

This is one all-rounder app, definitely worth taking inspiration from. It is equipped with everything one needs ranging from managing bookings, fleet, and notification to analytics, feedback, and reports. It comes with an intuitive consumer interface that offers different features for different service roles.


It won’t be a harm to call this app a sibling of Uber Freight as at one end Uber uses intuitive algorithms to save fuel, convoy does both by finding ways to save fuel and maximize utilization of no. of trips made. Convoy aims to reduce waste by filling every truck and trailer to its full capacity which are somewhere contributing to the ecosystem.


iOS Android

Ever heard of the term ‘the middle man’, well Transfix acts as one between customers and shippers and carriers. It is an On-demand trucking app that enables its users to get results in no time. The entire idea is hitting the road as soon as possible. One unique feature that makes it stand out amongst the others is that the app uses proprietary algorithms that enable it to suggest numerous quotes in seconds accurately.


When we talk about logistics we not only talking about interstate transportation. Logistics plays a very important role locally as well. It is still easy to find transport for bigger consignments but then what about smaller ones. Go share is another On-demand trucking app that connects customers and truck or van drivers. Services of the app are such that it manages to deliver in the least time of an hour. Besides that, it also gives a free estimate of cost before you confirm your ride and it gives the consumer facility to communicate with the driver and track there shipment. It also allows freelancing for truck drivers. It won’t be much harm if we call it mini Uber Freight.


One of the best examples of innovation clubbed with creativity is Bungii. It offers users to click pictures of things to be moved and upload it on the app to get connected with local truck drivers. The app also offers an in-app payment and rating.

The Takeaway…

Logistics that includes transportation and warehousing, many companies are counting on sectors like automobile, pharmaceutical, FMCG products, high-tech machines and other revenue boosters to accelerate their business down the line.

And to gear up with this on-demand logistics business with fully operational efficiency there comes an urgent need for On-demand trucking app development. Despite being the most obvious choice for venture expansion, it also comes with a lot of incentives for logistics business. Making it the new prerequisite to operate successfully.

So, why wait? Accelerate towards the growth builder app! Contact one of the finest On-demand trucking app development company. And start your brand’s new journey today.

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