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The Total Cost to Create an On-Demand Delivery App

  • Published on : December 22, 2017

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The Total Cost to Create an On-Demand Delivery App

The gold rush engagement of the excessively hyped and overly used On-demand delivery services interlocked with the transportation giant Uber at the helm has fuelled a new workforce of freelancers by far, while at the same course of time, morphed as an outstandingly unstoppable pollination for all-round the corner services, every next person is seeking out.

Uber for what? Fastfood, Takeaway, haircuts, parking, handymen, cleaners, massage, couriers, supply teachers, barmen, postage—Whoa! Just think of a service, the Uber is here! If not, somebody down the line is already putting gears on it.

It also means you’ve got the replacement for that ‘X’ (we always mean ‘Uber for ‘X’) and it is pre-written, there is near-to-no chances for it to subscribe failure. Certainly, its On demand + Uber… Figures are never hard to come by!

Be it, earning from on-demand or investing for on-demand… Well, at this moment the investment we’re discussing is “the cost it takes to develop an on-demand delivery app like Uber”!

And for that you’ve to tune your mind to understand what it takes to design and develop the most successful apps of On-demand. Here are the breakdowns of the costs and time investments.

How much does it cost to build ‘Uber for X’ at CODIANT?

There’s an enormous looming cost of development —one that’s complex to measure, but not that hard to predict. Speak with us telling your requirement and we’ll be there for you.

We adjust it until you find a fit..

Still Wondering for that perfect idea for On Demand Delivery? Check out these verticals. And truthfully, you will not be disappointed.

Codiant’s Takeaways to scale your On-demand Startup-

  • Start Small i.e. ensure that your demand and supply targets are kept to a minimum.
  • Tap into an existing network.
  • Promote your app before launch through social media, offline advertisement, or referrals.

Key features for an on-demand delivery app

The most important features for an on-demand delivery app are:

1. Making orders

Providing a smooth convenience of booking an order after quick access to goods and services.

2. Dispatch Management

Dispatch management is the quintessence of any on-demand delivery solution. This module provides operational teams with an interface for scheduling driver pickups and deliveries. With complete, end-to-end visibility of the delivery business as a whole.

3. Real -Time Tracking

Showing your customers where their package has reached validates the preeminence of your service. Moreover, when the customers can access real-time location of the driver it adds gold stars to your service sufficiency.

4. Payment Delivery

Payment through credit card or mobile wallets is yet another important feature of an on-demand delivery app, which takes around 4 days to put into effect.

5. Ratings And Reviews

Customers can express their opinion about the services they received and then rate them bad, good, average, excellent as per their experience. Most on-demand delivery apps incorporate this functionality. On an average, it takes around 6 days to implement it.

If your app focuses on food delivery or grocery shopping, then additional features should be added:

  • Product search
  • Shopping lists
  • Wish lists
  • Real-time messaging or calls

And you’re done.

Getting build an MVP is also a great idea that saves your cost and time and helps you in launching your product in the market at its earliest.

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