Explore The Best Android App Development Tools Of 2022

  • Published on : January 13, 2022

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Explore The Best Android App Development Tools

Android is globally the most popular operating system and is the best platform for developing customized mobile applications. The obsessive platform covers more than 80% of the mobile market share and is predicted to grow even more in the coming years.

Due to such a steep growth in the number of mobile users, several companies are molding their business approach and operations by plunging to Android app development to attract potential customers. Companies are also preferring Android apps to widen their reach geographically to a broader audience with diverse economic backgrounds.

Factually, Android app developers’ community is quite huge as compared to iOS app developers for the reason that Android offers high customization opportunities. This rising demand and developer’s attention to build intriguing apps through this surging platform led to the emergence of a series of Android app development tools.

Ironically, increase in the number of Android app development tools should ease the developers’ task to pick one and start instantly. But in many cases a pool of choices puts developers in a state of quandary like which tool will turn out to be the best pitch for them. Therefore, by keeping such puzzling issues in mind, we underpin the list of best Android app development tools that will assists developers and businesses in picking the right tool that can exactly meet the project’s needs.

What are the best Android app development tools of 2022?

The suggested IDEs include Android Studio, Visual Studio with Xamarin, and AIDE. Flutter, React Native, Ionic, and Xamarin are the most popular frameworks. For creating Android game apps, Unity, Unreal Engine, and App Game Kit are notable. Notable open-source libraries that improve Android app development efficiency are Retrofit, OkHttp, Fast Android Networking, and EventBus.

Android App Development IDEs

IDE- Integrated Development Environment, where you can code, test, and debug the project with a set of tools. These Android App Development Tools automate various tasks, such as code generation, testing and debugging, deployment, etc.

Android Studio

Android Studio is a sophisticated yet robust app development environment. It was developed to serve specific purposes such as the development, testing, and packaging Android applications. It is a collection of tools and components that reduces the app development time and fastens the overall development process.

Android Studio supports the development process in Java, whereas it can also be done through other languages as well by using plugins. It supports a single developer or multiple developers at a time. Some of the interesting features of Android Studio include – it provides visual layout editors, emulator, code templates, instant app run, intelligence code editor, and integrated firebase.

Visual Studio with Xamarin

Xamarin is a part of Visual Studio IDE that allows writing a cross-platform application in C#. It is a Microsoft-owned product and is one of the oldest Android App Development IDE. It is equipped with multiple features, such as UI components, UI controls, libraries, extensions, and third-party web services. Same codes can be shared to build the Android and iOS-based applications without any difficulty.

Xamarian is equipped with standard UI features, which saves developers from using any additional UI options. The tool is integrated with SDK which updates the app based on the changes on the device OS.

AIDE or Android IDE

AIDE is a free tool that allows to develop real Android apps directly on your Android device. It is the most popular mobile IDE for programming in Java and C++. AIDE apps are user-friendly and anyone can learn it quickly. The easy-to-understand syntax allows developers to scale the windows, which helps to specifically focus on one part of the code.

On AIDE, developers can write codes, test, and debug the applications and check the functionalities instantly. It is an open-source tool, whereas its paid version is also available with additional premium features.

Android App Development Frameworks

Frameworks are a collection of libraries and tools which support application development. The libraries and tools ease and pace up the whole development process with reusable lines of code.


Flutter is an open-source mobile UI SDK developed and designed by Google for cross-platform app development. It eases the development process on a multi-platform to develop beautiful, user-friendly native interfaces on Android and iOS. It uses a single codebase and compiles its fully native code by rendering Google’s 2D rendering engine aka Skia which allows to captivates users’ attention with its properties like unified animation, top-notch performance, faster time to market, and affordability.

Arguably, Flutter is the best framework for the cross-platform app development process through which it becomes quite easy for developers to write codes, design UI, and perform testing and debugging to develop apps that work across all devices using single codebase.

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React Native

React Native is one of the most preferred cross-platform Android app development frameworks among developers. It is a free open-source cross-platform framework that allows developers to use React a JavaScript library to facilitate Android and iOS app development.

React Native framework supports developers to design user interfaces with the native building blocks on React and JavaScript. The developers can introduce instant changes in the app without intending to recompile it.


Ionic is another favorite Android App Development framework among developers. It is an open-source framework that uses JavaScript, CSS, and HTML to develop native, hybrid, or web apps. The Ionic framework delivers optimized performance and supports to building of intuitive UI components.

Ionic has its command line interface and other built-in features, i.e., Ionic Native, Cordova-based App Packages, etc. It offers many UI components, such as filters, forms, action sheets, navigation menus, and others to build an attractive design.


Xamarin is a .Net-based mobile app development framework. It is a native app development platform introduced by Microsoft. Xamarin is available with almost all the crucial tools and libraries that are required for native app development and introduces a rich user interface. It provides a development ecosystem with API, components, backend, etc.

With an Abstraction Layer, Xamarian supports an easy and quick development environment while communicating with shared codes. Thus, allowing developers to write a single codebase while achieving native performance.

Android Game App Development Tools

After learning about IDEs and Frameworks for Android app development, we can easily conclude that these tools support developers to save themselves from building an Android Game App from scratch. Many popular Android game development tools support companies for cost-efficient and swift application development. Some of the top Android Game App Development Tools that companies prefer the most are pumped in below.


Unity is a renowned and widely used tool among Android Game App Development Companies. It allows creating the 2-D and 3-D gaming user experience for cross-platform app development. It uses C# as a primary coding language for Android game development.

Unity enables high customization that supports developers in designing their characters and the game. It is a great Android Game Development Tool for beginners to introduce creativity and learn new things. Some familiar game apps developed on Unity are; Monument Valley, Shadow Fight 3, Ricky and Morty, and others.

Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine is one of the finest Android Game Development Tools that supports to develop of attractive 2-D and 3-D graphics. It is an excellent tool, especially for beginners who are aiming to learn Android Game App Development. Therefore, if you are not a pro in programming, then Unreal Engine could be the best choice for developing Android game apps.

Some of the renowned Android game apps developed on Unreal Engine are; Dragon Ball Fighter Z, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Sea of Thieves, and many more.

App Game Kit

The App Game Kit tool offers solutions for all types of Android Game App Development. It is an easy-to-use tool that helps expert or novice developers to build the app. It is a user-friendly game development tool based on the C++ programming language. The App Game Kit supports cross-platform app development which enables multi-platform availability of app at a time.

Some of the known Gaming apps developed on App Game Kit are; Rush to Adventure, Skrobol by LordZyx, and many more.

Android App Development Open-Source Libraries

The open-source libraries are the most convenient and useful tool for Android app development. Libraries help developers save time and avoid writing repetitive codes, which results in code reusability and performing complicated tasks in fewer lines of code. Many Android libraries are available as open-source projects. We underpinned some popular open-source libraries.


In the app development process, developers had to connect through the internet and share required data i.e., images, text, audio, video, any file, or any specific URL. To make this happen, developers require to write multiple lines of code, which turns out to be a complex process without using any library. Nevertheless, the OkHttp library eases such stuff.

Android Retrofit

Retrofit is another popular Android library that allows real interaction and authentication through pre-designed frameworks. It is intuitive to use to receive data structure apart from JSON. Android Retrofit allow developers to connect with HTTP-based API services from the Android apps.

Fast Android Networking

This library extends the quickest way to implement networking on Android. Fast Android Networking library allows downloading and uploading of files and can make GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE requests too. It is a powerful open-source library that ensures to performance all types of networking and make it quick as well.

Event Bus

Event Bus is a very strong library for Android that facilitates multiple active components’ communication with each other by using the publisher and subscriber pattern. Overall, this library simplifies the communication pattern between components and decouples event senders and receivers. Though it is tiny yet fast and works well with activities, background threads, and fragments.

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