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React Native App Development Services

Develop a mobile application that can run on both iOS and Android platforms while providing smooth and seamless user experience.

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Our React Native App Development Services

Extend your business capabilities through inclusive services that create value.

Custom React Native App Development

We provide full-cycle customizable React Native application development services ranging from design and development to testing and maintenance. Our aim is to provide a truly native experience by making use of a shared codebase.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Our Enterprise Mobility Solutions are designed to propel your business to a greater height. Our apps help you to reduce costs, address security risks, and streamline processes.

Server-Side API Development

We can help you in extending the functionalities of a server-less React Native App by adding a backend to it. We make this happen by creating an app server and API for effective communication.

Widget Development

The widget is an important addition to an app that evolves around emerging business needs. We build each widget natively that allows users to share the information with React Native App.

Debugging and Support

Our proficient team of React Native app developers helps you with continuous bug resolutions with varying mobile configurations and browser updates. Our experts make sure to deliver a seamless experience at every stage.

Maintenance and Up-Gradation

We have a full-service React Native team that assists you with migration and up-gradation services. Our team provides reliable quality assurance measures and programs to keep the react-based app running smoothly and efficiently.

Unlock Purposeful Features Built for High Performance

Balance the business complexities by filling the uniqueness of our features. We help you amplify your brand purpose and customer experiences effectively.

Fast App Development

Speed up your development time through pre-built UI components, hot reloading, and third-party libraries offered by React Native.


Rich User Interface

Build intuitive apps with a rich user interface. React Native’s responsiveness and rendering capabilities offer ease of crafting eye-catchy UI for both simple & complex apps.


Amazing Performance

Experience smooth and seamless user interactions and lightning-fast rendering with React Native's high-performance capabilities.


Process We Follow to Develop A High-Performance App

Unifying a process to extend the purpose, value, and creativity of your enterprise across every touchpoint. We help clients to experience persistent growth.

You’ve got an app idea; we propose questions, seek details and create a user story. This user story helps us identify the features and unlock the basic navigation pattern.

We create wireframes and interactive low-fidelity and high-fidelity prototypes for brainstorming and planning. This helps us to identify problems before they arise.

This is the stage where our designers will make stylistic choices to represent colors, fonts, design elements, and micro-interactions at their best. And to design it, user empathy is what sets us apart.

We follow an agile development process – short sprints- with a timebox of max 2 weeks each. This lowers the scope of daily discussions and delivers quality-rich features.

For your review purpose, we set up the app for usability testing within a limited group. This testing helps us identify bugs and gaps in the end product.

We handle the entire Play Store app submission process including the app listing, description, and more. On the basis of the proposal, we also offer App Store optimization services.

Why Codiant Is Your Best Choice for React Native App Development?

We incubate new solutions through our innovative network of service providers, creators, and coordinators. With our governance, we let you spark business growth.

User-Centric Development

Our team of experts sees through users' lenses and understands the deep venture requirements to undergo the app development process effortlessly.

Secure and Scalable Delivery

Amid ever-changing market trends, our team helps you stay relevant among competitors. We deliver secure and scalable apps as per user needs.

Seamless Integration

We at Codiant ensure seamless app integration to align to the rhythm of the legacy system with the existing infrastructure and enhance processes.

High Performant-Solution

We offer excellent user experience by creating responsive solutions. Our aim is to ensure fluid functioning with less loading time.

Confidentiality and Transparency

We desire to comply with confidentiality norms. By building trustful collaborations, our developers foster exceptional transparency and honesty.

Source Code Ownership

We truly value clients' independence and provide ownership and control over source code and intellectual property to make the best business decisions.

Benefits to Drive Value

Deliver high-targeted experiences by embedding required modernization and advanced technologies. With our custom strategies & intelligence, we can help you attain optimal organizational goals.


By having a vast knowledge of JavaScript inside-out, we efficiently build React Native apps with essential components and create the whole application logic with utmost finesse.

We have a team of highly skilled React Native developers who craft clear and readable code. Their expertise helps in maintaining the reliability of the source code.

With a solid understanding of benchmarking concepts, our developers see the bigger picture to optimize performance. Deep analytical skills help in providing a feasible solution.

Our developer’s expertise in tools and technologies helps in tracking real-time errors, fixing crashes, managing testers, beta distribution, and more.

Many times, developers need to work on the native side too to assure the smooth functioning of the app. Being able to operate, our developers manage the task effortlessly.

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Built on the Top of Technologies

Streamline solutions with a flexible suite of the latest tools and technologies. Our expertise in the technical domain helps in managing user experience and the complexities of the business.


  • JavaScript JavaScript
  • TypeScript TypeScript
  • React Navigation React Navigation
  • Moment.js Moment.js
  • Redux Thunk Redux Thunk
  • Apollo GraphQL Apollo GraphQL
  • Jest Jest


  • Rackspace Rackspace
  • Heroku Heroku
  • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
  • Redis Redis
  • Nginx Nginx
  • Kubernetes Kubernetes
  • Rails Rails


  • Redis Redis
  • Firebase Firebase
  • Postgre SQL Postgre SQL
  • MongoDB MongoDB
  • Oracle Oracle
  • DynamoDB DynamoDB

Design Tools

  • Illustrator Illustrator
  • Adobe XD Adobe XD
  • Photoshop Photoshop
  • Sketch Sketch
  • Figma Figma
  • Invision Invision

Frequently Asked Questions

React native app is a mobile app development framework that allows developers to create natively rendered apps for iOS & Android. Developed in 2015 by Facebook, React Native enables users to leverage JavaScript and React libraries to build mobile applications.

React Native App has got huge popularity in the world for the following reasons:

  • Simplified and uncomplicated mobile user interface
  • Third-party plugins are easily supported
  • Enhanced performance
  • Benefits of live & hot reloading
  • Increased stability and reliability

The cost of react native app is depended on multiple factors like the complexity of the app, its design, no. of features and functionalities, third-party integrations, maintenance & support, distribution of the app, and the complexities involved. If you want the exact quote for your app, send your requirements to and our business development representative will send you the proposal as early as possible.

The most popular apps which you use in your daily life are developed using this React Native. The list includes Facebook, Myntra, Instagram, Pinterest, UberEATS, OneDrive, Walmart, Bloomberg, Discord, Facebook ads, etc.

Yes, this can be done easily by using React-Native web that allows combining a React-Native app into a single codebase. With this process, the developer need not maintain two different codes separately for web and mobile. The React Native developers write the code once and use it on all Android, iOS, and Web platforms.