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Need 5 Reasons To Choose HTML5 Mobile App Development? Here You Go.

Published December 13, 2016

Need 5 Reasons To Choose HTML5 Mobile App Development

HTML 5 Development is a major success development tool in mobile app development these days. Global Developer Survey claims that 78% of developers are finding HTML5 usable for building mobile apps and while, 68% of participants believe that HTML5 is #1 choice for building apps for multiple mobile platforms.

Basically, HTML5 aggregates its significance in a variety of apps where productivity, utility, consumer, LOB, and social networking being the major amongst them. Other apps include entertainment, lifestyle, travel, games, and other miscellaneous apps.

Well, besides the Android and iOS are seemingly topping the mobile app building charts, on the other side new methodologies like HTML5 are way ahead and proving their existence with its noteworthy attributes viz feature-rich and robust qualities.

Count it, HTML5 is the main domain for most of the cross application development tools such as Apache Cordova, Rhodes and many others. The reason why HTML is turning successive cynosure in the mobile app development world is due to its amount of flexibility that it gives the developer in all cases including UI, development, using scripts, and others.

Also, organizations are turning to HTML5 mobile application development to streamline the implementation of apps and reduce cost and complexity. Apart from these, here are a few important reasons behind the massive adaptability of HTML5 development:

Cross Platform Compatibility

Perhaps one of the most spellbinding features of HTML5 is its compatibility across a gamut of devices, whether it is iOS, Android, or Windows; it smoothly runs over all the platform and the cost of developing the app is also much lower than creating a single native app.

Remote Updates

A great plus point of HTML5 web apps is the fact that here updates happen automatically. It provides privilege to all parties- for the app provider or developer, no more need of providing support for multi-version of apps.

Can Be Used To Develop Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps have the same rich and feel like native apps and they are built using web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript and then ‘wrapped’ in a native container.Phonegap framework does this and this is that popular network, which was once used for building a number of popular apps including BBC Olympics.

Suitable For Emerging Markets

The knack of HTML5 apps to function on a range of devices have a better chance of being widely adopted. Moreover, the main advantage tethered with this tool is the fact that this is one of the popular tools that is used by many programmers. So, you’ll never meet a shortage of manpower in this technology.

As a final note, for some companies and in some industries HTML5 is apparently a smart choice. And the flexibility it offers cannot be left a void.

If HTML5 app development tool does enough justice to your upcoming mobile app, then don’t miss out and request a quote now. Codiant software technologies is one of the leading HTML5 app development companies in the IL, USA that delivers and deploy an integrated HTML5 solution into your business framework that is optimized for high performance, responsiveness and quick loading time.

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