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Our HTML5/CSS Development Service Offerings

Revealing a relevant set of services that ensure heavy return on business investments.

HTML5 Mobile App Development

We build highly sophisticated and cost-effective HTML5 mobile apps for iOS, Android, & Windows that allow you to handle your business processes easily.

HTML5 Widget & Plugin Development

The HTML5 development team is highly efficient and adaptive with the latest trends to build scalable & secure widgets and plugins to integrate across any advanced framework.

Custom HTML/CSS Development

Hire our experienced developers to cater unique requirements of the clients. We give assurance to compile required industry standards and make clients' website fast.

HTML5 Website Development

Codiant developers deliver end-to-end HTML5 website, which is accessible across any platform/device, and ensure to build an SEO-friendly platform as well.

HTML5 Web App Development

Hire qualified HTML5 developers to build top-quality web apps equipped with advanced features, functionality, compatibility, & UI/UX elements.

Responsive Design Development

The HTML5 developers adopt processes based on proven methodologies, that best work for your industry and supports app to run on all devices.

Data Migration & Maintenance

Hire HTML experts to migrate your app into a versatile and powerful web app by using Flash and improving business operation execution.

HTML5 Consultation

Our HTML experts evaluate your business requirements and based on that advise the most feasible solution equipped with high security and a responsive nature.

PSD to HTML5 Conversions

Our efficient team of developers is with you to minimize your work and build attractive & appealing web design and theme by converting PSD files into HTML5 web pages.

Beautiful Features To Drive Value

We conduct an in-depth study of your organization's requirements and assist you with a suitable set of features that brings exceptional growth.

Responsive Design

Get responsive web design that adapt and display optimally on various devices and screen sizes to offer a consistent and user-friendly experience.


Consistency and Branding

Maintain consistent styling and ensure a cohesive look and feel across all web pages to deliver a professional and trustworthy impression.



Easily customize website elements including fonts, colors, backgrounds, and layouts that enables businesses to create a unique and visually appealing brand identity.


Our Web App Development Process

We follow a definite development process that focuses on customer-centricity to deliver clients with top-quality web solutions. The smooth process workflow help in driving tangible results.

In this stage, we perform a data study and analyze the current & future challenges the businesses might witness along with the goals that can be defined and achieved in phases.

Based on the data study and the project’s requirements along with future advancements, we define tech-stack, the latest frameworks along with the required API integrations.

This is the stage where our designers will make stylistic choices to represent colors, fonts, design elements, and micro-interactions at their best. And to design it, user empathy is what sets us apart.

We follow an agile development process – short sprints- with a timebox of max 2 weeks each. This lowers the scope of daily discussions and delivers quality-rich features.

For your review purpose, we set up the web for usability testing within a limited group. This testing helps us identify bugs and gaps in the end product.

We deploy the solution on a suitable platform or server. We continue to work with your project, whenever you need to optimize and maintain the project’s performance or introduce new updates.

Why Codiant Is Your Best Choice for HTML5/CSS Development?

With our skilled HTML/CSS experts, we infuse converging technology that delivers exceptional web design solutions.

Experienced HTML5 Developers

We have a proficient team of experts in HTML5 frameworks – SproutCore, Ember.js, AngularJS & PhoneGap, Bootstrap, Skeleton, Foundation, Boilerplate, and more.

Competitive Rates & Project Quotes

We offer you modest and budget-friendly quotes that are quality driven yet affordable. Get the quote for HTML5 development today.

100% Customer Satisfaction

24/7 customer support by our project managers, business analysts, and technology experts via email, phone, Skype, chat, etc.

Agile & Proven Delivery

Our agile methodology allows us to make rapid continuous delivery with full transparency throughout the project.

Our Work & The Impact Stories

See our product development journey helping our clients open new opportunities and drive growth. Our solutions are conditioned to your customers' voices.

CSS Benefits & Our Competency

Our HTML5/CSS development team offers an unparalleled user experience to differentiate your organization from market competitors.

  • Good Expertise In HTML/CSS

    Extensive knowledge in HTML/CSS helps in creating appealing web designs, a user-friendly foundation for the page and an attractive style.

  • Vast Experience in Using Frameworks

    Our developers use a pre-built code file to build easy to complex user interfaces and display the site's content easily.

  • Hands-on Creating Responsive Designs

    Our developers make adjustable designs that are fit all screens. With responsive design principles, we deliver the best experience.

  • Excel in CSS Preprocessing

    Developers create better website versions using CSS preprocessing. It helps in eliminating tasks like writing CSS selectors and color strings frequently.

Looking to Boost Business with Topmost Aesthetics and Functionality?

Drive an increasingly connected digital business world forward with our HTML/CSS experts. We make valuable contributions through our design expertise.

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Built on the Top of Technologies

Join hands with our tech-allied developers who intelligently integrate trending tools and technologies to create the most useful solutions.


  • SproutCore SproutCore
  • Ember.JS Ember.JS


  • AngularJS AngularJS
  • JQuery JQuery

Design Tools

  • Adobe Typekit Adobe Typekit
  • HTML Please HTML Please
  • HTML Kickstart HTML Kickstart
  • Mercury Mercury
  • Onsen UI Onsen UI
  • SproutCore SproutCore

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of HTML5 App Development can’t be pre-determined, rather it is based on the particular project requirements. If you have any queries and are willing to know detailed info about the estimated cost. Then you can connect with our expert team.

HTML5 app development is better than other versions as it supports audio and video controls. The offline data can be stored using SQL databases and app cache. Also, it is supported by all the new browsers like Mozilla, Safari, Firefox, etc. which makes it better to use and manage.

HTML5 Mobile App offers an extensive list of features that helps in solving common business problems like:

  • Audio, graphics, and videos can be embedded with improved support using canvas, audio & video tags
  • ‘Web workers’ are introduced
  • To assure better storage and caching, extensions to JavaScript are introduced like geolocation and drag & drop

Hybrid mobile app development companies are standing out in the market because of the following reasons:

  • It runs on agile methodology
  • It uses a communicative, collaborative, and transparent client-focused approach
  • It has a short development time which leads to comparatively less cost

HTML5 development is used to build web applications using less code. The drag & drop support saves a lot of development time and its services make it compatible with both mobile and web browsers. It makes the user experience interactive without installing any plug-ins.