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The Business Year: The 10 Most Profitable Mobile App Ideas For 2017

  • Published on : April 1, 2017

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Most Profitable Mobile App Ideas For 2017

Entrepreneurship has been ramping up as the years are accelerating. Mobile app development for the startups and the entrepreneurs have become the lifeblood to develop its brands and products amongst the cut throat competition.

The Study reveals, the app market will be a $77 Billion industry by 2017. New solutions, ideas, emerging trends, and real-life disruptions will make their new seat this year.

If these profits numerical entice you to own a mobile app, but what should be a unique idea or may be the domain you should be investing in, leaves you in a massive confusion.


Then you must dwell in this insightful post!

See the Spot, painful areas, business domains and profitable sectors.

See the essential industry ingredients… How they work, Why they work? Here you go. And don’t miss to share Which one of these do you think will do better?

Dating App


It is no secret that the dating apps have distilled down to become one of the most popular monetization strategies for businessman and young entrepreneur popping up, leading to mark an unprecedented upsurge of dating clone apps and the ROI it is generating. So if you want to stack money from apps? – Dating App Like Tinder is a goto application.

Grocery Delivery App

Grocery Delivery App

Burgeoning Internet coverage and smart cities emergence have already reinforced the predictions of future projections of online groceries market. Grocery mobile apps have been complemented with the major investment deals that have captivated the online retail market.

Travel & Tourism App

Travel & Tourism App

With the advent of smart phone culture, no sooner was the day when travel & hospitality industry married their better-half-soul technology to push up the envelope of their trillion dollar industry. The days of guidebooks, compasses, maps, and other printed stuff have been put back by travel apps that come loaded with perceptive functionalities. With that relentless necessity of a super sleek travel app, nobody wants to goof up traveling without an intelligent robot in hand.

Graphical Restaurant Reservation System

An online reservation system for restaurants that would allow you to see a graphical layout of the establishment. You would see what tables are available at what times and you’d be able to book a desired table at your favorite time. And this is all possible with a mobile app without needing to call the restaurant. Isn’t it a great idea?

Car Sharing Real Time Mobile App

Going somewhere alone, while paying for that big car which can easily accommodate multiple persons? Then this car sharing mobile app services will do wonders. Allows you to fill your car with co-riders, share costs, be co and meet new people at the same time.

GEO Based Mobile Applications

Standing at any new place of an unknown city? Searching for nearby malls, hotels, restaurants, hospitals etc.? Then gifting your customers with this imperative app can bring a huge traction and downloads to your app.

Complete Home Security Solutions

Well, there may be several home security devices available in the market, each has its own features. But how about presenting your audiences a comprehensive app for it. Want more details? Look what features are missing in today‘s security solutions:

Security features:

  • Watch Indoor and outdoor video of the house.
  • Answer to the people in front door via smart phone, no matter where you are.
  • Sense activities of door and windows, lockers and safes.
  • Check the adults of the house by sensing their movements, and much more this all can be done being away from your home.

Tracking Features:

  • Track your pets, kids.
  • Find misplaced phone, tv remote control, wallet etc.

eLearning Mobile Apps

eLearning Mobile Apps

There are numerous educational applications that are scoring well amongst students. But not every e-learning app taps and covers all the areas. Discuss with us the extended scope of educational applications.

Real-Time Collaboration App

An app that allows the users to edit a document with others at the same time, share your presentations publicly or with specific people, do video calling, online chatting, file sharing, messaging and much more.

Of Your Interest: Codiant launches it’s webRTC – powered video chat solution for iOS

Healthcare & Telemedicine Apps


Mobile applications for healthcare organizations help deliver services with quality care, improved workflow and increased patient interaction while minimizing complexity and cost to achieve the desired goals. The way the people adapt to mobile technology and looking for convenient approaches during illness has increased the demand for healthcare and telemedicine apps. Apparently, this field is potentially lucrative and you can try your luck on.

How Can Codiant Help You?

Codiant Software Technologies unlocks the future of business by creating new opportunities, high-octane return on investments and new markets. The future of business is right here, right now!

Our experienced heads and talented innovators and developers build stunning apps with straight-forward costs that keep the potential to move your business.

We are on a long run and beyond excited to give startups, entrepreneurs the new voice this year and the next coming years by our immersive mobile app experiences.

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