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See The Spot: Grocery Market Ropes In Mobile Apps Storefronts To Lead High Growth Prospects

Published August 1, 2016

See The Spot: Grocery Market Ropes In Mobile Apps Storefronts To Lead High Growth Prospects

Burgeoning Internet coverage and smart cities emergence have already reinforced the predictions of future projections of online groceries market. Grocery mobile apps have been complemented with the major investment deals that have captivated the online retail market.

Turns out, more than half (57%) of all Smartphone-owning consumers have downloaded grocery related shopping apps from grocery retailers and have covered a whopping 60% share of the total market value in the Indian and US retail market. We can relate this increasing penchant strongly to the factors such as enhanced store experience, new products offers, and discounts and most importantly getting free from aisle walking with eyes fixed on a list, and a chance to wave a goodbye to long queues. Even more, doorstep delivery is an added advantage.


Famous Grocery Apps That Make Shopping Click

The major players that are leading from the front are BigBasket, Local Banya, HappyFresh and Grofers and let us not forget to mention we are the first rated grocery mobile app development company in the USA with offices across UK and India who have crossed all the touch points that need to be hot on customer acquisition in grocery app development. We delight our clients by offering them grocery app solutions just like BigBasket, Local Banya, Grofers, Happyfresh and others. We develop & deliver some extra features in the grocery apps, which may make it more likely that you will spot a deal!


Grocery Mobile Apps From Codiant Software Technologies- Key Features Highlights

Our grocery app development has a number of features that plunges grocery retailers brand affinity and break out the online sales, reporting a strong performance. Let’s take a quick glance on the winning features integrated in our grocery delivery apps:

  • Mobile-optimized storefronts
  • Customized designs (as per clients’ preferences).
  • Multiple stores to order from.
  • Advanced search – search groceries by locality, store, brand, or products
  • Voice search (on android).
  • Barcode scanning or simply typing the product name.
  • Membership options
  • Multiple payment options- net banking, debit cards/credit cards, cash on delivery, mobile wallets.
  • Order tracking options.
  • Easy checkout options.

There are many touch-points along this path of Grocery Apps or On Demand Delivery Apps and with Codiant software technologies you can take a step further as with our Grocery App Development service. We include all the ingredients of grocery stores that take the store experience and customer relationship to the next level.

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