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Reshape your enterprise with the power of our generative AI services that supercharges human intelligence with AI.

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Our Generative AI crafts seamless software, empowers teams, and tailors’ solutions for a business glow-up like never before!

Software & Quality Engineering

Transforming software development through AI innovation. From design to testing, we expedite time-to-market, reduce costs, and enhance productivity.

Enterprise Digital Assistants

Meet our digital agents revolutionizing workplaces. Infused with intelligence, we empower teams for strategic decisions.

Workplace Productivity

Reshape workplaces with our Generative AI. Streamline processes, fast-track onboarding, and eliminate manual tasks for significant cost savings and enhanced agility.

Consumer Tech Solutions

Experience the best in consumer tech. Our initiatives include hyper-personalized Conversational BOT commerce, quick replenishments, in-store help, and smart product bundles.

Generative AI Model Development

Crafting tailored generative AI models with RNNs, Transformers, Markov Chain, GANs, and Autoencoders for precise, industry-standard solutions.

Generative Al Model Replication

Unlock our excellence in Generative AI Model Replication services that help you replicate market-proven models such as ChatGPT and DALL-E.

Upgrade and Maintenance

Our developers prioritize upgrading and maintaining generative AI models for peak performance, adaptability, and sustained growth.

AI Model Fine Tuning

Our Al model fine-tuning service optimizes existing models for adaptability to changing scenarios, ensuring accurate predictions and enhanced decision-making.

AI Model Architecting

Collaborate with our AI architects for innovative design, neural network selection, and hyperparameter optimization. Turn your vision into real-time solutions.

Our Generative AI Capabilities

Harness the power o our Generative Al expertise to navigate the business ecosystem and propel your innovations to new heights.

Al Discovery

Explore Generative AI’s business impact by identifying use cases, validating data quality, and verifying technologies feasible with POC.


AI Launchpad

Initiate innovation through evidence-based exploration with the Generative AI Lab’s AI Launchpad Program. Streamline value mapping and use case development using a POC/POV pipeline for efficient experimentation.


AI Adoption

Drive organizational impact by scaling Generative AI through adoption roadmaps. Develop robust tech and data strategies, embrace change, and enforce effective AI governance for transformative results.


Enterprise Reinvention

Revolutionize your enterprise with our all-encompassing Generative AI services, covering strategy, roadmap, design, build, and operationalization.


Our Expertise and Use Cases of Generative Al Across Industries

Our creativity lies in the use of generative Al to create industry brilliance through precision and innovation.

Ignite manufacturing with cutting-edge Generative Al solutions, leveraging rapid advancements to revolutionize processes and redefine the value chain across industries.

Witness the fast-paced integration of Generative AI in healthcare, a catalyst for transformative systems that enhance resilience and patient engagement in an ever-evolving scenario.

Navigate the evolving business terrain with Generative AI solutions, empowering supply chains to adapt seamlessly and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Fuel innovation in retail banking through Generative AI, unlocking agility, responsiveness, and customer-centricity. Redefine the banking experience and cultivate lasting customer relationships.

Revolutionize travel and hospitality with intuitive Generative AI, anticipating user needs to deliver personalized, efficient, and memorable experiences that reshape operational dynamics.

Why Choose Codiant for Generative AI Solutions?

At the core of our Generative AI is the seamless fusion of data mastery and transformative leadership, a dynamic force for business success.

We’re Data Experts

Decades of expertise make Codiant a reliable Generative AI partner, seamlessly connecting with diverse enterprise data for secure, private, scalable solutions.

Deep Domain Knowledge

Codiant collaborates with finance, life sciences, and software leaders, leveraging industry insights to create precise Generative Al solutions.

Future-Ready Leaders

Codiant excels in transformative software, leveraging generative AI to enhance leadership and streamline processes industry-wide.

Powerful Ecosystem

Codiant collaborates with AI leaders, offering exclusive access to cutting-edge tech. Join our ecosystem for tailored Generative AI solutions for success.

Unleash the Power of Generative AI

Spark Generative AI’s Magic, From ChatGPT’s Conversational Ability to to mesmerizing visuals, redefine possibilities and amplify creativity across text, image, video, and more.

  • Text Generation

    Transform words into art with machine learning. ChatGPT leads, creating human-like responses for dynamic chat conversations and engaging content creation.

  • Image Generation

    Craft visual wonders with VAEs and GANs. For example, platforms like MidJourney & DALL-E redefine realistic image generation, inspiring limitless artistic possibilities.

  • Video and Speech Generation

    GANs and Video Diffusion merge in innovations like DeepBrain and Synthesia, crafting immersive videos with lifelike visuals and human-like speech.

  • Data Augmentation

    Boost machine learning diversity. For example, Synthesis AI simplifies model building, offering automated machine learning for enhanced performance and data variety.

Inspire Change with the Spark of Generative AI Solutions!

Seeking rapid AI/ML market entry? Our skilled team delivers end-to-end Generative AI solutions. From inception to impact- your business, our innovation.

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Tech Stack For Generative AI Development

Crafting Tomorrow with the Engine Room of Our Generative AI, Unleashing the Tech Magic!

DL Frameworks

  • TensorFlow TensorFlow
  • PyTorch PyTorch
  • Keras Keras
  • Caffe Caffe
  • MXNet MXNet
  • Chainer Chainer
  • Theano Theano
  • Torch Torch

GenAI Models

  • GPT-3 GPT-3
  • GPT-4 GPT-4
  • CycleGAN CycleGAN
  • Pix2Pix Pix2Pix
  • DeepArt DeepArt

Modules & Toolkits

  • OpenAI GPT OpenAI GPT
  • TensorFlow TensorFlow
  • AllenNLP AllenNLP
  • DeepMind Sonet DeepMind Sonet
  • Hugging Face Transformers Hugging Face Transformers

Neural Networks

  • LSTM Networks LSTM Networks
  • Autoencoders Autoencoders


  • TensorFlow TensorFlow
  • PyTorch PyTorch
  • Keras Keras
  • OpenAI Gym OpenAI Gym
  • Caffe Caffe
  • MXNet MXNet
  • Scikit-learn Scikit-learn

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of training Generative AI can vary based on factors like the complexity of the model, data requirements, and the scope of the project. Codiant offers customized solutions, and the pricing is influenced by your specific needs and goals. To get an accurate estimate, it’s best to reach out for a personalized consultation.

Think of Generative AI as a creative partner. It ignites inspiration by suggesting unique ideas, designs, and solutions, elevating the quality and innovation of your creative projects.

Codiant brings decades of data expertise, industry knowledge, and digital transformation leadership to the table. Their powerful ecosystem and collaboration with AI leaders ensure tailored solutions for success.

In text generation, tools like ChatGPT create human-like responses. For image generation, platforms like MidJourney and DALL-E redefine realistic visuals. Video and speech generation use GANs and Video Diffusion for lifelike content.

Costs vary based on your needs and the chosen tool. Many budget-friendly options make Generative AI accessible, ensuring you find a suitable fit within your financial considerations.