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On-demand Food Ordering & Delivery Application

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About Ummys

Ummys is an On-demand Food Ordering & Delivery Application available for both Android and iOS users. It’s an easy-to-navigate app, with which the customer can find their local favorite chefs and check out their menu to order their most preferred cuisine.

The customer can easily filter chefs based on their location, reviews, dishes, and other available specifics before placing the order. Additionally, the customer can select the order pick-up or home delivery option and can conveniently make the payments through any of the multiple payment modes.

  • Client’s Location

    United States

  • Development Time

    06 Months

  • Target Users

    Restaurant app users, Chefs, Customers looking to order food

Technologies Leveraged

We utilized powerful and secure technologies, tools, and frameworks within this platform to accelerate the development of new features and functionalities.

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Identifying the Client Needs

Food tastes better when it comes directly from the chef’s kitchen. They remind customers of gastronomy, integral hygiene, and the fanatic blend of hand-picked ingredients tossed up to cook delectable delicacies. People love food but its preparation becomes fabulous when it goes through the hands of a chef. Apparently, every chef has their own culinary skills to cook a specific cuisine. Food enthusiasts often look for chefs who quench their appetite that their taste buds demand at that time. Therefore, to fill the void and serve the customers with finger-licking, chef-cooked food items, team Ummys came up with a different online food serving idea that lets people order chef-cooked food on-demand.

Client Goals

When the team Ummys analyzed the changing perception of people and the culinary market demand which requires equal limelight for the chefs and their specialization as the restaurants are getting lately – they aimed to build an on-demand food delivery application that enables people to order food straight from chef’s kitchen.

  • App Objectives

    • On-boards chefs to offer speciality
    • Easily search chefs by name, food, or category
    • View ratings/reviews of dishes and chefs
    • Place an order instantly for home delivery
    • Choose the pickup option
    • Multiple modes for instant payment

Mobile Visual Designs

Our UI/UX designing team developed hi-fi prototype after low-fi approval, through attractive user interfaces and aesthetically appealing layouts.



Our Mobile app and Web development team started working on developing separate modules and features for all three stakeholders i.e. Customer, Chef, and Admin Panel. They incorporated the following listed features and functionalities like:

Sign Up/Log In

The customer can sign up/log in with an email id and password.

Manage Profile

Customer can update profile details to carry out instant order placement.


Customers can directly search specific dish or chef based on their likes.

Place Order

The customer can add food items to the cart to place the order successfully.

Select Order Type

The customer can select the order type as home delivery or pick-up mode.

Make Payment

The customer can make payment by selecting any of the online payment modes or by cash.

Order Status

The customer can track the order status, such as order accepted, preparing order, order picked, out for delivery, order delivered, etc.

Customer Support

Customers can use the option of in-app customer support for user assistance with inquiries, complaints, or feedback.

Order History

The customer can view all the previous orders and their details with the mode of delivery and payment.

Offers/Discounts Vouchers

The customer can avail of the applicable offer/discount vouchers while placing the order.


The customer receives notification for any offer, new order, order status, etc.

Ratings & Reviews

Customers can submit their reviews & ratings to the chef and the food item.

Sign Up/Log In

The chef can register or log in to the app with an email id and password.

Manage Profile

The chef can update the profile details with personal details, expertise, billing details, etc.


The chef can prepare and update the menu with the proper name, description, image, price, ingredients, and preparation time.

Manage Orders

The chef can track all the orders, accept new order, manage order details, payment, pickup/delivery, etc.

Order Status

The chef can update the order status as accept, preparing, ready, delivered, etc.

Voucher Management

The chef can add/edit/delete the discount vouchers with description, amount and validity.

Account Management

The chef can share bank account details to receive the payments directly from the customer.


Chef receives notification for order placed, payment received, delivery successful, etc.

Help & Support

The chef can raise complaint to the admin in case of any dispute.

Sign Up/Log in

Admin can sign up/log in with an email id and password.

Total Orders

The admin can manage and keep track of all the orders.

Total Customers

Admin can keep a tab on all the registered customers with their detailed list.

Total Chefs

Admin can list all the registered chefs on the platform with their details.

Total Earning

The admin can keep track of earnings from the varied resources along with details.

Top Chefs

The admin can easily sort out the top chef of the month from the list based on their business.

Top Customers

The admin can find out the top customers from the list based on their orders placed.

Manage Customer

Admin can approve/reject and enable/disable the customer profile from the list.

Manage Chef

Admin can approve/reject and enable/disable the chef’s profile from the list.

Manage Order

Admin can view all the orders placed with their details and status as well.

Manage Category

Admin can add/edit/update the category to enlist the cuisines.

Manage Commission

Admin manages the chefs and driver’s commission individually.

Manage Voucher

Admin can introduce types of vouchers with details and T&C for chefs to offer their customers.

Manage Disputes

Admin handles and resolves any dispute registered by the customer or chef.


The admin receives notifications for new customer & chef onboarding, payments made, vouchers applied etc.


Project Outcomes: Evaluating the Impact

Ummys is perfectly delivering its agenda of serving delicious, yummy, and top-quality food from expert chefs to customers rather than the local fast food chains that falsely boast the same. Now, talented chefs don’t have to rely on any local restaurant or hotel for the job, as they can directly reach out to their customers and build their own business from their kitchen. The Ummys app became a great business opportunity for local chefs to reach customers instantly and directly compete with food businesses.

  • This on-demand food delivery platform offers customers a choice of ordering their favorite food items and getting them delivered to their doors.
  • The app has a user-friendly interface. It allows customers to effortlessly explore food items and easily order their most preferred cuisine.
  • The website and application provide a seamless food ordering experience and real-time order tracking to check the delivery status.
  • Customers can expect their orders to be delivered promptly and reliably within the estimated time frame. It leads to a positive customer experience.

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