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About Feeturre

Feeturre is an online marketplace app where musicians & other artists can easily connect to enhance their skills. The app helps musicians and artists to find suitable buyers & connect with them for the purpose of creating a music album that falls within their budget. With varied features & functions, the platform attracts a wide variety of artists and buyers to connect and deliver the best artistic experience to the audience. They can also increase their fan base by adding up the music list of specific genres as per their convenience. The musicians/artists are provided with the option to either accept or reject the requests of the buyers.

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  • Development Time

    12-14 weeks

  • Target Users

    Music Enthusiasts, Artistic Community Members, Music Industry Professionals

Technologies Leveraged

We leveraged the strength of robust and secure technologies, tools, and frameworks used in the app/web to escalate the creation of new features and functionalities.

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Identifying the Client Needs

To gear up the hidden artists, musicians & their astonishing talent with some marketing & earning capabilities, our client came up with the idea of developing the Feeturre platform. In current mounting world, where everyone is struggling to establish a strong presence, people like musicians & artists are often ignored.

Our client was really concerned about this fact and was trying to build a centralized app where both buyers and artists come together to generate a musical masterpiece. The app enabled musicians to add a list of their best albums to generate a huge audience base for themselves. Also, the buyers can explore musicians’ work and offer them music projects to earn as per their expectations.

Client Goals

The client's aim was to develop a comprehensive, easy-to-use platform app that can help musicians and artists connect with potential buyers for showcasing their talents. The Feeturre app was infused with the following feature list that ensured better opportunities for artists and exceptional experience for the users.

  • Web Objectives
    • Musicians and artists can add and update musiclist
    • Send a connection request for music album creation
    • Integrate instant payment mode
    • Accept/reject the buyer’s request
    • Integrate music edit filters

Web Visual Designs

To design visually captivating websites, our UX experts combined creativity and functionality to create a simple yet impactful interface that delivers the brand’s message.


Admin Visual Design

We’ve designed the Admin Visual Panel for the implementation of user interface elements and aesthetics for administrative interfaces, with a focus on clarity and functionality.



After closely understanding the requirement of the platform, the team of developer started working dedicatedly on the frontend and backend. The major stakeholders are musicians/artists, buyers, and the admin panel app including their feature list:


Musicians/ Artists can easily register/signup using information like phone no., email, and social media credentials.

Profile Management

Musicians/ Artists can create and update their profile using their personal information like name, number, photo, address, and more.

Approve Buyer's Request

Musicians/ Artists can view & manage (accept/reject) the buyer's request for the creation of music availability as per time & budget.

Check Buyer Details

Musicians/ Artists can see the buyer's specific information to contact and seal the deal.

Add/Update the playlist

Musicians/Artists can add new music albums/genres or update their previous list of music albums.

Manage Payments

Musicians/ Artists can accept payments in any online payment mode.


Buyers can easily register/signup using information like phone no., email, and social media credentials.

Profile Management

Buyers can create and update their profile using their personal information like name, number, photo, address, and more.

Browse Artists

Buyers can browse artists using filters like singer, rapper, musician, dancer, DJ, etc.

View Artist Profile

Buyers can view artist profiles including their personal info, work uploads, followers, etc.

Additional Filters

Buyers can search for artists/musicians using filters like specific music, video, or popular artist to promote the next project.

Payment Management

Buyers can make payments to purchase the artist’s album.


Admin can log in using email id and password.

Admin Dashboard

Admin can have access to check the activity summary on the dashboard like total followers, total earnings, followers, artist Feeturre, etc.

Manage Timeline

Admin can manage artist lists, Feeturre titles, genres, upload time, and more.

Manage Media Library

Admin can add/update music name, date, and their length.

Promo Code Management

Admin can add/update promotion event name, promo codes, start & end date, promo percentage, etc.

Artist Management

Admin can add/update sponsored artist name, sponsored date, impressions, clicks, etc.

feeturre-evaluating-the-impact-of-new product

Project Outcomes: Evaluating the Impact

The Feeturre is an extraordinary step in the world of the entertainment industry. The entertainment app platform has not only solved the problem of highlighting the hidden talents of artists by offering them a robust platform full of opportunities. But it has also offered buyers, a wide array of options to connect and earn desired results. Today, a large number of artists/musicians are becoming a part of the Feeturre with the purpose of earning money and popularity.

  • Offers a list of unique features and functionalities and has successfully created a competitive buzz in the entertainment marketplace industry.
  • The platform helped the client to achieve the desired goals successfully.
  • Artists are able to attract large number of artists with their work their artistic music performances
  • Artists are increasing their user base by adding a specific list of music genre to their profile.

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