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An On-Demand Logistics Solution for Customers, Retailers & Delivery Crews

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About Brilliant Move

Brilliant Move is an on-demand logistics solution that powers customers, retailers, and delivery crews lacking a fully integrated and dedicated delivery network with an on-demand delivery platform. It enables all the three parties to make the store-to-inside-door delivery experience simplified and secure by allowing them to effectively manage the delivery process from booking to tracking to payments.

  • Client’s Location

    Boston, Massachusetts

  • Development Time

    07 Months

  • Target Users

    Logistic and Transporter Business, streamlining operations & boosting efficiency

Technologies Leveraged

We leveraged the strength of robust and secure technologies, tools, and frameworks used in the app/web to escalate the creation of new features and functionalities.

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    React Native

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Identifying the Client Needs

Customers have come to expect speedy and safe delivery from their favorite retail stores, but only some can keep up. Our client Jean Brilliant wanted to meet this shift in the moving industry. So, he decided to make a multipurpose app that could first, effectively meet increasing shipping expectations of customers while fulfilling their demand for choice, flexibility and safety when it comes to delivering orders.

Second, offer retailers (lacking integrated delivery system) with better and convenient delivery options via an app that could help them increase sales, reduce inventory buildup and save them from extra IT infrastructure costs.

Client Goals

Our client Jean brilliant based out in the USA turned to us for creating a simplified on-demand logistics delivery app for customers, delivery partners and retailers that performs the following functions:

  • App Objectives

    • Book store-to-inside-door delivery
    • Schedule delivery date and time through the integrated calendar
    • Track the delivery in real-time
    • Make secure in-app payments
    • A logistics solution to accept orders

Mobile Visual Designs

Our UI/UX team developed hi-fi prototype after low-fi approval, through intuitive interfaces and aesthetically appealing layouts.



Our front-end, back-end and design team partnered closely with the client to bring the app to market. The back-end team built a solution which included the following functionalities:


Customers can register and login using their personal details like name, email, contact etc.

Create Delivery Request

Customers can book a delivery request by entering info such as store name, product details, drop-off address, preferred time, etc.

Post Request

After entering all important details and making payment customer can post the job.

Live Tracking

As soon as the driver accepts the job; customer will be notified and would be able to track the driver on a real-time map.

Track Delivery Status

Customers can view LIVE status of delivery such as arriving, on-route to pick up, item picked up, successfully delivered and so on.

View Driver Profile

Customer can view driver’s profile and get personal details like image, ratings, call and chat.

Rating And Review

Customer can provide feedback and ratings to the Driver’s service and behavior.

Push Notifications

Customers can receive important updates of delivery, in-app offers, etc. through push notifications.

Contact Support

Customers can seek instant support of Admin in case of any query or complaint.


Driver can register their personal profile and login using their personal details like name, email, contact etc.

Profile Management

Driver can update profile by entering all mandatory fields like profile image, name, contact info, vehicle details, etc.

Job Listing

Driver can check current jobs and Scheduled jobs of pick-up and delivery in the near future.

Accept/Reject Request

Driver can review the details and then accept/reject the request in a given time frame.

Push Notifications

Driver will get notifications on accepting job request, reminder for next job and other.

View Request

Driver can view all vital information related to delivery such as customer name, distance, pickup & drop-off address, etc.

Delivery History

Driver can view a list of current orders, scheduled orders, completed and canceled orders.

Contact Support

Driver can send emails or queries through the contact form to admin in case of query or complaint.

Performance Analytics

Drivers can explore their daily performance analytics and insights in the form of charts, graphs and other numerical metrics .


Admin can log in through email and password and reset the new password if forgotten.


Admin can check total no. of requests, successful deliveries, customers, drivers, earnings

Manage Prices

Admin can manage prices for a particular vehicle category, set cancellation price, etc.

Manage Vehicles

Admin can manage vehicle brand, model, and category and can map them with each other.

Manage Customers

Admin can manage customers’ information and update details.

Order History

Admin can see details of orders like scheduled, completed and canceled orders.

Payment History

Admin can manage pay-out details of drivers from here.

Region and Corporation

Admin can define regions, define stores under corporations mapped with regions.


Admin can manage Terms and conditions and privacy policy from here.


Project Outcomes: Evaluating the Impact

Brilliant Move- An on-demand home delivery service app based out in the USA is empowering retailers, both big boxers and small merchants alike boost sales and improve customer experience with no infrastructure investment. This easy-to-use app platform is also providing on-time, safe delivery to customers looking for same-day or next day delivery. To know more about the app, download the app on the App Store and Play Store.

  • The app streamlines the logistic process by enabling users to easily and quickly request transportation services.
  • Shipment tracking gets convenient with real-time tracking in the app, bringing transparency to the process.
  • Brilliant Move enables users to quickly respond to changes in delivery needs or unexpected situations.
  • The app provides access to a wide network of carriers, reliable transportation services, and verified staff members.

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