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About PlanIt

Planit is an online event finder app that helps users find local happening places and events to visit. From nearby city hotspots and famous restaurants to music festivals and other events, the app has all the right reasons to entice tourists and city nomads. Users can find nearby events, purchase/book tickets, and mark their presence with a special QR code.

Planit also works wonders for business owners and event organizers to list down their businesses and upcoming events and increase their market visibility with audience traction.

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    Event planners, Business Owners

Identify the Client Needs

Finding fun things, concerts, events, and places to visit in the local area often leave a gruelling experience for city tourists and people around. As more and more people are using smartphones to find the solution for almost anything and everything, why there didn’t existed a one-stop app that helps people quickly discover the top hotspots, ongoing/upcoming concerts, and music fests.

To plug this demanding gap, our client came up with an idea of a unified event finder app that helps users to stay up-to-date on the latest popular events, restaurants, and other hangout places. The users will also have the privilege to book tickets online and reserve their spots easily. The app was designed to boost the business of local restaurants and event organizers as well.


Our Approach & Solutions

To build an on-demand event finder app that provides a platform for businesses and event organizers to list down their events and allow users to purchase/book online tickets. The app will help in widening the customer reach and visibility.

Our client wanted to integrate these features to develop Planit:

  • Users should be able to find and book nearby events and local places to visit
  • Allow online ticket pre-booking for their favorite shows
  • Get detailed information about the nearby events and places
  • Convenient payment mode availability
  • Provide a virtual view of the events or places via a photo gallery

Technologies Leveraged

  • box-img React Native
  • box-img Native Android and iOS

High Fidelity Prototypes

Just after getting approval on the lo-fi prototype, our UI/UX designers took the responsibility to integrate the right set of colors, micro-interactions, animations, transitions, and many other minutes detailing that help in enhancing the user experience and more interactive. The UI expert team smartly converted lo-fi wireframes into hi-fi wireframes without even compromising the client requirements and user experience.



The development team initiated the work without even compromising on the client specifications and managed to infuse all the essential features and functionalities. The development team worked for these major stakeholders and these are:

SignUp/ Login

Users can signup/login using social media credentials, email, and name.

Home page

A comprehensive view of the services offered by the app.


Users can explore event categories with a detailed descriptions.

Business accounts

Users can explore multiple businesses with details like ratings, descriptions, contact info, upcoming events, and more.


Users can purchase or cancel the event tickets with a unique QR code.


Users receive notifications for featured events, tickets booked, events cancelled, etc.


Businesses can register by adding info. like name, contact details, business description, gallery, etc.


A business owner can log in using email, phone no. and password.

Manage Events

The owner can create/add or cancel any event with details like event gallery, description, tickets, etc.

Manage Account

The owner can add/remove any user and can manage payment received.

Push Notifications

The owner will be notified of ticket booking, an event created, tickets sold, and more.


The owner can view and track details like total tickets, price per ticket, total revenue, etc.


Admin can log in using the email and password.


Admin can view and track total events, total revenue, sold tickets, users per time, etc.

Manage User

Admin can view active or inactive users and manage them at the same time.

Manage Category

Admin can handle categories by adding, viewing, and editing the items.

Manage events

Admin can handle or view active or inactive events and update their info.


Admin can create and send notifications to users and businesses.


Project Outcomes: Evaluating the Impact

  • The buzz around your event, a new start-up, or a business can make or break the business. You spread the word and you can corner the market. Planit is not only helping businesses to increase their visibility and sales but also the feature-rich and intuitive online platform has become an easy way for users to find and book nearby visiting places and events.

  • Especially the app is doing wonders for travel enthusiasts who are quite social and love to explore new events and city hotspots. The functionality to fetch event details online and a virtual tour of places via photo gallery is grabbing the attention of users. Moreover, other infused features integrated by team Codiant helped the app in achieving desired project goals.

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