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How UI/UX Is Impacting Digital Marketing?

Published June 24, 2022

How UI/UX Is Impacting Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is all about displaying the products and services in a manner that arouses interest with unforced actions. Truly remarked “People will forget what you said. They will forget what you did. But they will never forget how you made them feel.” And this is where the role of UI/UX comes into play. UI/UX is a sword in today’s digital world that helps in cutting the competitive edge to win the customer satisfaction battle. While you usually plan vigorous digital marketing strategies but attracting more people to your website remains a challenging part. So, what can be the best solution to excel in digital marketing in today’s shrewd market? Well, improving user experience and enhancing web design is the simple answer! In this article, you will get to know the importance of UI/UX and the way it impacts digital marketing tactics. UI and UX are two different sides of the same pole. Where UI focuses on user’s visual experience, it determines how a user interacts with an interface and increases user retention rate using a striking interplay of colors, fonts, designs, icons, images videos, etc, while UX identifies the user requirement and creates the best user experience by providing instant access to useful information with just a few clicks.

Why A Digital Marketer Should Consider UX?

  • Enhances Your SEO Performance The website ranking is directly affected by UX design because it is taken into account by the Google algorithm. Having a good UX directly simplifies your site navigation as a user can easily find useful information and does not leave your site soon. This strategy ensures a lower bounce rate which in turn sends a signal to Google that people are able to find useful information that ultimately increases your site visibility and page ranking.
  • Helps In Designing An Effective Landing Page The website conversion rate is directly related to the landing page. People are likely to search another website when they find your landing page complex i.e. trouble in finding useful information, multiple stage procedure to search the relevant information, etc. So, if you are willing to convert your visitors into your customers then create an effective and easy landing page that can help you to increase your conversion rate.
  • Makes Your Website Mobile Optimized Nowadays it is mandatory to have a mobile-friendly website because people spend most of their time on mobile. The latest stats suggests:
      • 61% of the people do not return to a website that is not mobile-friendly.
      • 70% of the website traffic is generated using mobile.
      • 80% of the top-ranked websites are mobile-friendly.

    So, if you want to increase your conversion rate and wish to see your website on the top SERPs then focus on creating a mobile-optimized website. It will not only help you in improving your brand recognition but also offer flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

  • Improves Customer Pleasure With Optimistic UX The digital age is all about improving customer journeys more than focusing on the product categories. It can’t be stressed enough, if you succeed in simplifying the user journey, you are guaranteed to see a positive spike of 20% in the user satisfaction level. Happy customers are the ones who provide repeated business and also share their excellent experiences with others. Therefore, skip avoiding the UX part as it is going to be your strongest tool in differentiating your business from other leading competitors in the market.
  • Better UX generates more conversions The best way to drive conversions is to scan the market view with the customer’s glasses and then plan your strategies according to what they are expecting. Try to offer all the useful information to customers so that they can easily move in the right direction. And this is possible with the best UX strategies. Users are likely to explore your website more when they find useful information on it. Also, don’t forget to place the call-to-action button in the main sections of website that naturally drives users’ attention like hero image, which is visible without having to scroll the website. Your prospects or visitors are likely to convert into a customer if a CTA is easily noticeable.

Why A Digital Marketer Should Consider UI?

After you are done with the UX part, now it’s time to create a striking interface of the user journey on app/web. In simple words, UI means building a pleasurable and easy-to-use interface that associates good feeling of the brand by communicating its value, builds trust, and create a personalized and immersive feeling.

  • Supports In Choosing The Right Color Palette Colors play a vital role in any web design because it is the first thing that stops the user’s eyes. The impact of color psychology has been seen intensely in the users. If you use a thoughtful color palette then it is likely that the user will stay and explore more. Also, the right choice of colors portrays a clear picture of what you are trying to deliver, which as a result, affects the user’s buying decision to a great extent. Just for an instance, there can be a huge difference in the user perception if you change the shade of color from light blue to dark blue. For reasons like this and many other, it is necessary to pay attention to the selection of colors that can help in symbolizing the value of the business.
  • Streamlines Your Font Picking Decisions Every font has its own story and picking the right set of fonts is vital to leave a right feeling/emotion on the user. For instance, what would it look like, if you write any formal letter with the chiller fonts?

*He was informed about the meeting.

  • It looks and sounds weird, right? Make sure you acknowledge the impact that outlines the significance of choosing the right set of fonts in the web design.
    • Fonts directly impacts the user decisions
    • It catches the reader’s attention
    • It builds a strong brand recognition

    The above reasons state that the right choice of typography in the UI design can really turn your good design into a great one. It will also affect the users’ buying decision and thus, affect the overall business outcomes.

  • Offer Suggestions To Include Videos In The UI Strategy Videos hold the power to build a strong emotional connection. People are more likely to connect their sentiments with video content as compared to others. UI designers are advised to include videos as they are the most trending thing these days. Businesses are able to increase their conversion rates and user engagement. Videos also improve search optimization and reflects unique messaging.
  • Helps In Improving Functionality The functionality of the site means whether the required buttons or features are placed in the right position and does the set of features helps the user in accomplishing the task easily! UI decides the right placement of the objects in the most appropriate manner that ultimately increases the visitors’ interest and converts their action into the purchasing item. The UI designer keeps track of the functionality and ensures that people are not misguided and interrupted on the website.
  • Guides In Restructuring Site Navigation Navigation is deciding a clear roadmap that is used by the user in finding out the relevant information that they are looking for on the website. This feature can cover both UI/UX because if you succeed in attracting customers but fail in delivering them the right set of information then it may affect site responsiveness. Simplified navigation will allow visitors to enjoy their journey and improve overall site performance.

Wrapping Up!

We couldn’t agree more, for marketing strategists the success of the businesses is not solely dependent on digital marketing strategies rather it is the combined effort of the design, layouts, and look and feel of the digital assets. Users have become more proactive and aware while making decisions on their buying journey. Nowadays, people do not just consider how the product is being marketed but how they are being treated when they land on the website, how their experience is. And all these factors share a deep connection among themselves. So, being a business owner it is essential to pay attention to the little details that are affecting user experience, website visibility, and user engagement, which is not at all possible without gaining customer satisfaction. To get in-depth knowledge or any other piece of advice on the similar topic, you can connect with our UI/UX experts and digital marketing strategists.

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