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Top 10 UI/UX Trends Every Designer Must Follow

  • Published on : October 1, 2023

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Designers already follow a certain set of design principles when it comes to creating attractive user interfaces and experiences with UI/UX trends . Whereas, technology advancements, user expectations, and preferences keep evolving with time forming a strong urge to explore what’s new and possible in the market.

But, how such trends would matter when every other client looks for a personalized experience?

Designing a product is not restricted to any specific point of view rather new design predictions and trends help in learning innovative patterns to smartly corner the market.

With the introduction of new design trends, designers can ensure to include everything right from AI-powered features and processes to solid promises of serving all users.

Below are some of the Top rising UI/UX Trends that are soon going to become must-haves for all the new products and will provide a quick glimpse of advanced designed patterns shortly.

Dark Mode

Dark mode

An eye-pleasing trend popping up amazingly in the market is dark mode.  It is widely preferred for the range of features that it serves especially for the people who spend long hours on screens. Designers are using dark colors with low contrast which is aesthetically pleasing, reduces eye strain, and holds energy-saving characteristics.



As it is necessary to provide an ample amount of information to the users, designers are finding ways to make the interfaces simpler and more focused. This is because every entrepreneur’s first concern while is “Can we make an app or web easier to use?” One of the best ways to adopt simplification is to go for minimalism. One can easily prioritize the most important information and bring user attention with clean and uncluttered minimalist interfaces.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization

Everything available on the internet must be accessible on the mobile phone. The Mobile-optimized designs today have become “must-have” from “nice to have”. Adapting this trend will ensure effortless navigation and effective communication. Providing a seamless UI/UX experience on mobile screens will help in enhancing user engagement, satisfaction, and accessibility in the increasingly mobile-centric era. Designers are paying heed to create mobile-friendly interfaces in order to allow app or product to meet their potential users at the places where they are.

Voice Interactions

Voice interaction

Creating voice interactive user interfaces allows users the way they interact with technology by making it more accessible and convenient. Using voice-enabled interfaces allows users to get hands-free control useful in certain difficult situations like cooking, driving, or performing some other engaging tasks. Additionally, specially-abled people can also easily interact with the devices without making use of any keyboard or touch screen.

Micro Animations

Micro animation

Micro animations or micro-interactions which were once considered decorative are now considered a crucial part of enhancing UX design and development. Micro animations make user interaction interesting, guide users in carrying out tasks, and provide visual feedback. By just using well-crafted animations, you can easily turn a mundane task into a delightful experience and make it more engaging for the users.



Scrollytelling is one of the most prominent design trends that enrich interaction between users and products. By using immersive scrolling, the designers provide a type of narration that helps elevate content improve brand perception, delight users and drive desirability. The scrolly-telling brings design to life, no matter what is the size of the content and functionalities. Making wise use of scroll-triggered animations, designers are able to create interfaces that are memorable as well as enjoyable for users.

Emotional Design

Emotional Design

It is a universal rule that humans take decisions more by emotions than logic. By exploring digital experiences, there is a saturation in digital products as they need something more than usability and novelty. Designers can dive into deep research to understand more about user emotional needs and expectations. Major areas that need to be explored will include tolerability, micro gestures, micro-copy, and personalization.

Leverage Usage Data

Leverage Usage Data

Make use of the user interaction data to create an interactive UI that works well in attaining business goals. Some of the untapped areas can be wisely used to get improved design experiences. Music streaming is one of the areas where designers can focus on fetching details to users’ timelines for listening to songs, their preference for creating music playlists or using an auto-generated list, etc. Many such areas can be used to leverage information and improve UI/UX structure for enhanced experience.



The gradient is one of the popular design ideas for years now and it is still in trend for a list of reasons. Designers use this design trend to create a visually dynamic and interesting user experience with various color transitions that adds dimension and depth to the design. Anyone can attract a huge audience by delivering a personalized experience in web development. While soft gradients with muted tones promote a calm user experience, the neumorphism combines gradients with skeuomorphic elements to create concrete realism.

Inclusive Design

Emotional Design

The inclusive design trend has become a must-have for designers where products are created with a vision to make the product accessible to a diverse user base. With this design trend, designers focus on universal design principles for adaptable spaces and sensory experiences for visually impaired people. Selecting an inclusive design ensures allow designers eliminate discrimination and barriers and promote social equality to a great extent.

Summing Up!

Talking about the latest ui/ux & design trends is not just about staying updated and shining as a leader in the market. Today, designers use these trends to enhance their capabilities of meeting users’ needs in an innovative way. The never-ending task of exploring, anticipating, and addressing users’ pain points will go on. But checking out the design trends will certainly help UI-UX designers to push their boundaries and come out with creatives beyond expectation.

However, the UI/UX trends of 2023 are not restricted to the above-shared list. Keep exploring to create a more delightful, helpful, and intuitive experience.

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