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Top Taxi App Features to Outdo Giant Competitor like Uber

Published August 6, 2019

Competition for Taxi Apps heats up in Asia, Europe and the Americas as home-grown apps flourish across the region. The Taxi booking app industry sorely needs a range of game-changing features to compete with Uber-like upstarts.

In the wake of excessive competition where every next brand is trying to have the back of customers in every service they offer, it has become vital for taxi operators to adopt all those laidback features that can level-up their game against the aggressive rivalries and give them an exclusive facelift to make a dent in the taxi industry.

If you are one such taxi fleet owner and operator vying for those unique offerings that others have yet not eyed upon then congrats you took the hiatus on the right place. Here we uncover the passenger’s most wanted line of features.

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A Personalized Chauffeur Treatment

Hire highly experienced, licensed, and professional chauffeurs who are fully committed to giving your customers a luxurious ride-hailing service. There is no better approach than making your customers feel aristocrat while they’re taking an ordinary road transit cum a taxi app ride.

  • A Service level Chauffeur gets the doors opened for riders.
  • Takes the scenic route if a rider wants to see the sights, or take an optimized route to their destination for sparing their time.

These services give customers a heavenly treatment and make their ride extra special, stylish and lavish.

A Bespoke Journey As Per Rider’s Taste

Tailor the journey of your riders’ as per their own preferences and tastes. Ask your riders for their music choice, favorite route, and cab temperature settings. This way you can make their journey extremely relaxing and delightful.

Pre-Book Airport Services

Unlike Uber and other similar apps, keep your app flexible enough that allows customers to pre-schedule airport rides and let them choose an option to request Airport Gate Greeter service.

  • Chauffeurs can welcome riders’ by standing with a name sign at the arrival gate.
  • Give riders’ ease by handling their luggage and taking them off to a smooth ride.


Introduce A Unique Referral System

No denying as a business we always think of generating profits. But this time think of customers’ profit as well. Offer them a unique referral code that allows the riders to refer to other riders and offer them a chance to earn commissions every time their referred riders take a ride.

Advanced Ride Scheduling

We’ve seen travelers pre-booking their flight, bus or train tickets months before. Why not make their travel transit fully accomplished by letting them pre-book their taxis as well!

Allow your riders to pre-book the rides a month before at fixed price charges while guaranteeing them no price surge and an option of a refund if they cancel it before specific timeframe decided by you. This gives riders peace of mind for their safe journey and also an extra privilege of getting the money back in the wallet in case they happen to cancel the journey.

In order to outdo the rivalries in this intensified taxi hailing competition it has now become crucial for taxi operators to develop an outstanding taxi app that adopts first-string features and functionalities for making rides extra luxurious and lavish.

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