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5 Big Changes in UI/UX Design Trends You Should Watch Out For

Published May 1, 2019

5 Big Changes in UI/UX Design Trends You Should Watch Out For

Every year is a change. With New updates, New evolutions—shaping the next generation of designs. The trailblazers, UI/UX Designers, and beginners individually contribute to create most creative, speaking and phenomenal designs with new labels and levels that awe users with zero weight on their cognitive mind.

While we move forward with the changing trends, customer behavior, shifting designs and interactions, we throw some light upon outlandish and unconventional design trends that you should definitely vie for.

Quirky and Abstract Illustrations

Quirky and Abstract Illustrations

Be brave! Start experimenting with visually more interesting illustrations. Illustrations are powerful tools that help you to create your own storytelling. It creates a visual trigger that quickly transmits the vital message.

Push your limits by trending reference styles like the comic book styles, vintage and retro-style, photo montage style, the glitch effectand the pop culture energy, with the use of solid lines and colors, bright and loud color combinations that are winning the interest.

Biggest and Boldest Typography

Biggest and Boldest Typography

Text messages are the nucleus of any design. They are growing in size as well as importance. They make the statement by directly speaking out the meaning you try to explain in the images. It has to be loud with more visual weight and clear readability.

Trending Fonts- Typeface Selection, Sans serif fonts.

Trending Styles- Kinetic typo, Words Repetition, Edged typography, Font pairings.

High on Design- Geometric Patterns

High on Design- Geometric Patterns

Attract Attract Attract! Grab the eyeballs of your visitors with breathtaking background and visuals that speak your brand mood. Go unconventional by using geometric patterns, shapes, and objects that grapple attention. From minimalistic to overloaded, from irregular shapes to set patterns. Be a go-getter.

3D Graphics

Integrate various 3D graphics into mobile and web interfaces. It looks photorealistic and eye-catchy. And keep the words; no visitor will scroll ahead without taking a pause and viewing it attentively.

Visual Storytelling

Give life to abstract definitions. Be the best storyteller by the use of vectors, original characters and create the mood of the viewer by transferring your imagination effortlessly.

In this frenetic pace of speedy industries growth, many have lost the track and missed to spend their creative energy on realistic design goals. Instead they find ease by iterating and getting stuck to the same roadmap of designs they have used over and over. To cut this off, designers have to do research and learn different aesthetics and nuances in trends. Have to walk over the changing habits of customers, before it’s too late!

The simple habits you can look out for:

  • Start with conceptualization before attaching with the details.
  • When prototyping, go with what comes in mind, design most obvious idea first rather than diving in details.
  • The lesser the better. Keep no room for mediocre, extras. This way you save the time of trimming.
  • See your designs from different angles, take the print. Discuss, Describe. Talk. Test it.

Streamlining your design habit as this will help you out in a longer run.

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