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Top Taxi Booking Apps in the USA

Published August 18, 2021


These popular taxi apps are ruling the streets of the United States. Are you ready as well?

Are you curious which taxi booking apps in the USA are poised to trigger competition with a distinct digital identity? After an impeccable legacy staged by Uber on the global streets, the taxi app network has geared up to shoot a phenomenal competition.

Not surprisingly, only a few of them could create thunder on the face of Uber. Resulting in the list of top taxi-booking apps, Americans couldn’t resist but commute.

Taxi app owners are expanding their fleets with the backing of an on-demand taxi app solution. All just to meet the scope of public transportation in a relatively safer and convenient way, reduce downtime, and meet last-mile deliveries- but with a unique proposition!

In this post, we will take a ride to all those taxi booking or ride-hailing apps that are increasingly recording happy customers and impactful sales and ROI- all under the hood of incredible features satisfying customers to the core.

Let’s begin!

Top Taxi Booking Apps in the USA

  • Uber
  • Lyft
  • Gett
  • Curb
  • Via
  • Wingz
  • Bridj
  • Flywheel



Uber- Lords of the lord in the taxi industry; from whom companies take inspiration. Uber is a San Francisco-based app that connects drivers with riders through its wide-ranging app model available as taxi booking, ride scheduling, carpooling, trip sharing, adding stops in between, and more.

Available to download on iOS and Android, Uber is quite popular as it offers a fairly competitive price with a variety of ride types with different price points like Uber X, Uber XL, Uber Select, Uber Black Black/Black SUV, Uber Comfort.

Here’re some interesting facts that perfectly defines Uber’s popularity in taxi economy:

  • With over 93 million active users, Uber completes 1.44 billion rides every quarter.
  • Uber has 93 million active platform consumers.
  • Uber completes 1.44 billion trips per quarter.
  • Uber processes $26.61 billion in gross mobility bookings.
  • Uber has a 68% share of the US ride-hailing market.
  • 5 cities alone contribute 22% of Uber’s gross ridesharing bookings.



Lyft the second-largest app in the USA was originally started as a long-distance carpooling business. But to improve daily engagement, the founders of Lyft worked on a taxi app development solution that offers shorter rides in cities, with riders and drivers connecting.

Much like Uber, Lyft applied the policy of demand-based pricing during peak hours, expanded its monetization through different services like carpooling called Lyft Line, self-driving car, and ride-hailing apps. Lyft also offers a few ride options like Lyft Lux rides, Lux Black and Lux Black XL with different price points changing with car’s sizes.

Best known for its pink mustaches as a brand identity, Lyft offers transport in over 600 U.S. cities including New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Over years, Uber shadowed Lyft in the US and barred it to plant its flags in US cities through its one-side dominance. But it was only until the ‘Cancel Uber campaign’ that Lyft got a potential chance to grab a bite into Uber market share in the US (accounting for 31%) and the rest is history.



Gett is an Israel-based taxi-hailing app that operates in the United States, Britain, Russia, and Israel. As a closely-held company, Gett doesn’t open figures about riders and usage, but sources estimate it accounts for about 20 million riders annually (much less prominent than Uber and Lyft).

Unlike other giants, Gett doesn’t employ drivers or own taxis instead acts as a channel between riders and drivers and earns by collecting a fee for connecting both parties.

What makes Gett different from others?

  • Gett’s constant pricing that resists demand-based charges during peak hours makes it the biggest winner while traveling abroad.
  • Another related incentive for riders that comes with the Gett app is its transparency. Drivers can never overcharge naïve customers.
  • Gett users in states can book rides with Lyft cars using the Gett app.





Curb- A small juggernaut based out in California expanding aggressively! Curb is the #1 taxi app in the United States that operates in more than 45 U.S. cities. With the proposition “Easily request and Contactlessly pay for rides”, Curb caters rides through over 50,000 taxis within a tap of a button.

Some of the interesting facts of Curb worth highlighting:

  • Curb fares are determined dynamically using live and historical trip data that they have recorded after taking hundreds or thousands of trips.
  • Curb offers a “Pair and Pay” feature in NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, and Las Vegas, allowing you to pay via the app after entering a matching code for your chosen Taxi Cab.
  • Curb’s ride scheduling feature allows users to schedule pick-ups for their upcoming rides on a given date and time.
  • There is no surge pricing because rates are typically regulated by the local transportation commission.

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If you’re okay to share rides with multiple people, Via must be your choice! Designed with an algorithm to fill as many seats as possible, Via is a logistics engine playing its filler mechanism.

Unlike other ride-hailing apps, Via cabs move to its pre-set static routes, and users are dropped onto their desired location falling along the way. However, Via nowhere blocks you to accompany a family or friend. The app enables you to find a car with the required seating capacities.

Via operates 24/7 in U.S cities that include Arlington, VA; Chicago; New York; Los Angeles; West Sacramento, CA; Salt Lake City, UT; Birmingham, AL; Cupertino, CA; Washington D.C, and Newton, and MA.



Wingz is a San-Francisco-based taxi-hailing startup that provides to and from transportation services for airport rides, events, doctors’ apartments, business meetings, and more. The app is currently up and running in 16 metro areas, including 21 airports. Wingz app rides are flat-rate and do not undergo volatile pricing shifts during high or low demand phases. Another differentiator that makes Wingz apart from others is that it gives the ability to riders to pick and choose their favorite drivers for future bookings.



Bridj is a Boston, Massachusetts-based on-demand bus service app founded by Via, Split, and others. With 14-seat luxe shuttles with Wi-Fi and leather seats, Bridj fuels the idea of crowd-sourced busing or private commuter shuttle business. The Bridj mobile application was eventually acquired by an Australian-based Transit Systems and now the company is operating in Sydney.



Flywheel is a bay area-based e-hail app company that uses iconic yellow taxis in New York City. Supercharged by 2 main products i.e. e-hail app for riders and a smartphone-based OS for taxi drivers, Flywheel replaces the clutter of meters, navigation system, and dispatch.

While the app shares many features in common with other ride-sharing networks, Flywheel has joined hands with taxi companies and fleet owners to create a convenient taxi service that is a notch above.

Flywheel is available in top cities like San Diego, San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, and Seattle.

Wrapping Up

The increasingly fierce competition of taxi apps in the USA has called for an immediate value-driven taxi app development solution. Armed with advanced technologies and enhanced sustainability, fleet owners and taxi companies have to give their taxis a digital edge with a winning proposition.

Codiant’s ride-hailing apps shielded with fascinating features is designed with a cutting-edge rider-attractive module and shaped with shrewd marketing strategies that can help you stay ahead of your taxi app competitors.

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