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Profitable Taxi App Development Ideas to Follow in 2022

  • Published on : February 1, 2022

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A comeback is more powerful than a setback. We couldn’t agree more the pandemic has blanketed the entire planet with gloomy times and affected businesses financially across industries. Valuations got tumbled, startups swept, employees laid off, economy sunk—however, we still trust there are many ways businesses could see a silver lining.

After all, Necessity is a mother of invention–and every problem comes with a solution. Where COVID is no different. The novel virus became an accelerator to digital transformation; bringing almost every business online. Digitalization became a new norm. People now chase convenience and comfort more than anything else. Thus, opening gates to a sea of opportunities in the online ecosystem.

In this post, we will examine the range of possibilities emerging from the on-demand transport industry i.e. online taxi booking app business.

Why have we chosen the “online taxi mobility” sector to give a new ray of hope to startups and investors have a different story to tell—that we will share later in this post! Without taking much of your time, let’s head towards the most modest, celebrated, and profitable taxi app development ideas that will surely change your red-inked balance sheet into black.

Online Taxi Booking App Development Ideas

In the wake of the pandemic’s economic impact, the online taxi industry provides a beacon of hope. Despite setbacks, digital transformation accelerated, bringing businesses online. This shift created opportunities in on-demand transport. From carpooling to healthcare taxi services, these innovative app development ideas offer a silver lining. With the online taxi mobility market projected to surpass $250 billion by 2025, embracing these concepts could turn financial struggles into successes.

  1. Carpooling App
  2. Online Car Rental App
  3. On-demand Bike Sharing App
  4. On-Demand Limousine App
  5. On-demand Delivery App
  6. Healthcare Taxi Service
  7. On-demand Chauffeurs Service
  8. An Employee Transportation App
  9. Online Bus Booking App
  10. Trucking & Logistics App

Let’s discuss them in detail.

Carpooling App

An online car-pooling app or a ride-sharing app can prove to be a great venture in the online taxi-hailing industry. Reasons? The ride-sharing taxi service saves time and travel expenses of both taxi owner as well as the rider, it is cost-effective and cheaper, reduces the emissions coming from vehicle thus, playing a vital role in controlling the level of pollution.

E.g. BlaBlaCar, UberPool, OlaShare, Quick Ride

Benefits of Ride Sharing App

  1. Time Saving
  2. Convenient
  3. Budget-Friendly
  4. Energy Efficient
  5. Reduces Traffic Congestion
  6. Lower Transportation Cost

Online Car Rental App

  1. Select Your Favorite Car
  2. Book and Pay Online
  3. Receive the car on doorsteps
  4. Return to the preferred location

Also known as on-demand car hire, an online car rental service app allows users to book their favorite car at their suitable time and pay for it online. They receive the car on their doorsteps and then they can enjoy their drive for hours, days, or even months and return the car back to the preferred location.

This type of business model works best for car fleet owners or single-car owners. By developing this online car rental app you can aggregate all such car lenders/owners who wish to get an extra source of income from their vehicles parked idle for months.

E.g. Turo, Getaround, Kayak, Hertz, Virtuo, Revv, Zipcar

On-demand Bike Sharing App

Forget the big picture. A very fresh, cost-friendly yet profitable app idea for startups and entrepreneurs is on-demand bike-sharing app development. After carpooling services, bike sharing app became a new happy trend in cities globally.

Customers looking to commute intercity or wishing to take a short trip around the city look for flexible transportation options. Renting a bike allows them to quickly get around with pocket-friendly prices and convenient experiences.

E.g. Rapido, Mobike, Ofo, Ola bikes, Pedal, Limebike

On-Demand Limousine App

People craves for having a ride in style. People crave royal seating, comfortable transport, and luxurious interiors. On-demand limousine services tick it all. Whether it is a romantic date or an engagement evening, a business meeting or a corporate airport limo transfer, a birthday party, or a wedding night, limos are the classiest way to get around.

You can always count on on-demand limo booking app as a new edge in conventional taxi-hailing app services.

E.g. Limos, GroundLink, Carmel

An On-Demand Delivery App

A hyper-local pickup and delivery app is an excellent division of on-demand taxi mobility. People generally are stuck in work or prefer not to shell out their time in simple pick/drop errands.

Having developed a feature-rich the on-demand delivery app like Postmates can enable customers to order and receive anything right at their doorsteps from their favorite store or maybe a home for a small fee.

E.g. Postmates, Pickkup

Healthcare Taxi Service

No deny the on-demand healthcare taxi service apps have reaped immense benefits with it service in the COVID time. Less competition but cannot be downplayed—on-demand healthcare taxi booking apps can be a game-changer in 2021.

Negate the prevalent proverb of “Pizza reaching home faster than the ambulance services”. Cash it out with an app service that equals to humanity and mankind. Start your own on-demand healthcare taxi booking app which also includes pre-equipped ambulances and hearse vans.

On-demand Chauffeurs Service

An on-demand chauffeur app service is a leading transportation choice for people looking to drive to major city attractions like theme parks/amusements parks or airport transfers and local transfers. Having a personal chauffeur not only offers flexibility to travel anywhere with frequent stops but also gives safety and peace of mind.

E.g. DriveU, Wheely, Hopp

An Employee Transportation App

Many offices struggle for their team to get easy ground transportation for work travel where matching timings for offices is another level challenge. Developing a fully configurable and automated employee transportation app showing details like approved routes, timings, stops, arrival alerts, and more can prove to be a profitable idea.

E.g. Uber for businesses, drive

Online Bus Booking App

An online bus booking app is indeed a good on-demand transportation app segment that targets travelers looking to book online reservations. By partnering with public transportation agencies you can plan of building an app that caters to travelers and tourists.

Keep unique value propositions for bus owner partners with winning features like online reservation booking, online payments, geolocation tracking, customer support, and in-app ad services to gain and attract more customers.

E.g. Redbus

On-demand Trucking & Logistics App

An idea that doesn’t talk small bucks- “Logistics and Transportation App Development”. Comprising of two different business models, this app connects movers and packers with customers looking to transfer their shipments in the least time of an hour. You can aggregate local truck drivers in your app who can safely move consignments from one place to another.

The second model can be a trucking marketplace app solution that matches trucking companies with shippers looking to move freight. With stakeholders like carriers, shippers, drivers, and admin panel trucking and logistics app can help truckers eliminate empty truck miles and keep trucks fully loaded.

E.g. Truck pulse, Rivigo, Convoy, GoShare, Bungii

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Why Taxi Booking App Is a Great Idea to Make A Fresh Start?

On-Demand Taxi Mobility Market Overview

Ease of booking through mobile apps and online websites has meaningfully attracted customers to prefer online booking over offline taxi booking, owing to conditions like excessive comfort, convenience and usage of smartphones by people, across the world.

Moreover features like tracking the driver’s location, pre-estimated ride fare, estimated time of arrival, driver contact, live customer support, and vehicle details available instantly within an app has inclined customers more toward the online booking option.

Source: Grandviewresearch

Some Key Accelerators:

  • The Market Value of on-demand taxi mobility is expected to cross $250 BN in 2025.
  • Increasing traffic problems and reliability issues have revolutionized the concept of on-demand ride-sharing with CAGR anticipated to reach 10%.

To leverage the rising trend, taxi operators should quickly adopt online taxi mobility.

Key Takeaway:

Amidst global setbacks, the pandemic has propelled the taxi industry into a digital revolution, offering a silver lining for startups. From carpooling to logistics, the online taxi mobility market, projected to surpass $250 billion by 2025, beckons opportunities. Here’s a concise exploration of lucrative taxi app development ideas.


In the aftermath of economic downturns, the resurgence of the taxi industry lies in innovative digital solutions. With diverse avenues such as carpooling, bike-sharing, and healthcare services, the online taxi mobility market presents a compelling future. Embracing these opportunities can transform financial struggles into successes, marking a fresh start for businesses in 2022.

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