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Top 10 On-demand Home Service Apps to Get Inspired From

Published August 31, 2020


Visualize a scenario. You wake up in the morning, have your breakfast, get ready for the office, and leave the unorganized home and stinky dishes behind. Surprisingly, when you came back at night, you found a tidy, neat-n-clean home, well-organized cupboards, crockeries, everything at their place. What your reaction is going to be?

Had we asked this question a few years back, then you must have thought we’d have gone crazy or there might be a magician who did all these household chores. But now it has become quite an evident practice – owing to the popularity and usage of On-demand Home Service App Solutions.

In a duration of a few years, on-demand home service app development has evolved a lot. Ever since these apps are springing up with such a variety of services that we have never imagined having. The many different types of on-demand home service apps discussed below deliver instant services, establish cordial and trustworthy relations with their clients to deliver a pack of daily chore services in no time.

Rethink your ambition of developing a super on-demand home services app by inspiring from the inroads of these top online home service apps ruling the market.

These apps are foraying into small to metro towns and maintaining healthy cash by their strong and viable business model.

Though these apps provide a lot in common there stand some exceptional features that capture a unique value chain. Let’s check them out.

Top 10 On-demand Home Service Apps

  1. Thumbtack
  2. TaskRabbit
  3. Urban Company (UrbanClap)
  4. HouseJoy
  5. Zimmber
  6. Mr.Right
  7. Family Handyman
  8. Timesaverz
  9. Good Guys Home Service
  10. Handyman


Available – Android | iOS

An interesting business model brought up by Thumbtack. You just say what you want and it will be done. With over 1000 service professionals registered in the app, Thumbtack allows users to find the right people for all their projects and get a great service done.

  • User selects the service they need
  • Checks list of available professionals
  • See cost estimates and detailed business information
  • Compare prices, read reviews and book service professionals

Thumbtack has covered an assortment of home services that are poised to make a difference from other competitors. Apart from other conventional list of services, Thumbtack’s on-demand home segment unique services include:

  • Photography
  • Design and web
  • Pets’ services
  • On-demand tutors and Lessons
  • Crafts
  • Estate planning
  • Personal coaches and consultants
  • Wedding planning
  • Event management
  • Home conditioning

Wasn’t it fresh in ideas?


Available – Android | iOS

Crush your to-do list – the mantra of TaskRabbit. Allowing you to hire a trusted professional when you want at the price you can afford. This value proposition of flexibility, reliability and affordability makes TaskRabbit a winner in the gig economy.This American online and mobile marketplace app is now 12 years old and serves around 47 US cities, 4 UK cities and 1 Canadian city.

Urban Company (UrbanClap)

Available – Android | iOS

The leading online marketplace app in India, UAE, Sydney and Singapore, UrbanClap is the largest home service provider that connects customers to service professionals to meet their daily needs. An inspiration for many there stood a decent reason why this app attracted a galaxy of investors to bet their money on it.

With hallmarks like consumer-focused, data-oriented and rapid execution, the founder of this app had the balls and a clear vision to build this company. Varun Khaitan, the founder of UrbanClap was the first in India to transform service-professionals into micro-entrepreneurs and run their own business.



HouseJoy a home maintenance service provider focuses on simplifying everyday living by its home-centric services. Be it home construction or renovation, interior designing, painting or home cleaning. The app has got you covered. Apart from this, HouseJoy also delivers other home-services its peer offers.

Quick and easy booking, on-time arrival and delivery, certified, background verified experts and guaranteed quality of services bring this app on top of the charts.


Available- Android

Zimmber a home service booking app, acquired by Quikr has changed the way people do their daily household chores. The app hires expert professionals to provide services in areas like Home cleaning Electrical, Plumbing, AC repairing and maintaining, Carpentry, Driver on Demand, Laundry, Pest Control, Salon at Home, Car Spa, electrical repair, PC & Laptop Repair, and House Painting services, as well as complete home refresh packages.


Available – Android | iOS

A big brand in the hyperlocal space, Mr. Right’s website and mobile apps offer an easy to use platform that provides a variety of hard-to-find home services such as plumbing, carpentry, electrical, cleaning, pest control, etc. The app provides 300+ home services from reliable and verified professionals, with upfront pricing, and hassle-free payment options.


Family Handyman

Available – Android | iOS

DIY- Yet another USP introduced by Family Handyman. The app provides professional secrets, ideas and tips to do the household chores like pest control, woodworking, cleaning, painting, washing, repairing and much more smartly.


Available – Android

Timesaverz marks its position in the top ten list with its on-time guaranteed service within 2 hours. Not limited to this, the app provides referral programs, dedicated customer care, quality products and equipment to add feathers in its cap.

Good Guys Home Service

Available – Android | iOS

The new app in the town of Indiana and Florida- Good Guys Home Services has its own promising sets of features luring customers of the village, Florida and Indianapolis, Indiana. Here are the takeaways:

  • Technicians with over 5 years’ experience in the field
  • Flat Rate Pricing (No Hidden Fees)
  • Warranty on all work completed
  • Goods Guys satisfaction guarantee
  • A commitment to match you with the same technician every time in the future


The way Handyman has evolved over the years reflects the evolution of the on-demand market. The company standardizes its marketing strategy by providing state-of-the-art home-oriented services like moving homes, on-demand interiors, construction, counselors, etc.

Growth Market Analysis of On-demand Home Services App

The demand for home service apps is elevating swiftly as we are engaged in our hectic daily lifestyle, where every second person seeks some assistance to manage their household activities effortlessly. According to latest reports by Statista, the global revenue generated by on-demand home service apps in 2014 was just USD 97.7 billion. However, in 2020, the global revenue figure spiked to USD 581.9 billion and is estimated to touch a whopping figure of USD 935.2 billion by 2023.


All these apps are gaining traction rapidly and without a doubt, any of the on-demand home service apps could become as big as Uber if developed on the maps of value, competitive prices, security checks and steadfast services.

We hope this brief detail about the top 10 on-demand home service apps available in the market, helps you to understand what unique all these service providers are serving and give you a roadmap to develop your own value proposition

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