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How On-Demand Home Services App Key Players Are Keeping Pace with Peers

  • Published on : December 7, 2020

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How On-Demand Home Services App Are Keeping Pace with Peers

In a strong paradox, people have gradually shifted the definition of laziness to efficiency and efficiency to instant gratification.

Often nowadays in the cynical circles of society, the definition of efficiency has taken a progressive U-turn. People are discovering new ways to get the gigs, daily errands and chores to be done effortlessly. Thus, giving a new opportunity to unskilled laborers to climb the ladder of the online ecosystem.

Constructing on this lifestyle, on-demand home services app startups are monetizing by building an app solution that satisfies the demands of every homeowner. Be it washing clothes, or repairing electrical, scrubbing dishes or plumbing chores or more- the tasks are done with a tap of a button.

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How On-Demand Home Services App Solution Challenging Other On-demand Peers?

In this rampantly dominating on-demand economy, we have seen a growing number of startups focusing on core categories of domains to cash upon. Take on-demand beauty apps, on-demand babysitters, packers and movers, on-demand health services, photographers, car washers and the list is endless. These companies rely on one segment to make business.

Contrarily, businesses in the online home services marketplace have made a clever move by unlocking a multi-closet of services — by focusing on multiple and broad categories—scaled up by a full-stack approach.

Here are the extended categories helping them to scale up in the on-demand model.

On-demand Home Service App Development: Categories Inclusion

By aggregating a range of services in one single app, businesses are leaving no stone unturned to lose customers. The most common and ever-demanding service categories covered by popular home service apps are:

  • Salon-at home Spot independent beauty professionals, stylists, barbers, and spa-givers around the nearby area or city and get pampered at the comfort of your home.
  • Cleaning and Pest Control Instantly call deep cleaner professionals or pest control guys to get your kitchen, bathroom, and home peculiars like curtains, sofa or even fridge free with pests like rodents or insects. Indeed, a good value proposition to sanitization post-pandemic.
  • On-demand Electricians Carry out repairs of any home appliances like fridges, ac, geysers, etc. by calling anyone from the team of professionals by authorized service centers.
  • Plumbers and Carpenters Get plumbing and carpentry services done by hiring verified independent service professionals registered in-app.
  • Laundry Services Most people don’t have enough time to wash clothes regularly or during some events, they seek various dry cleaning services and often seek laundry solutions only on-demand basis, this service allows them to book Laundromats in a tap of a button without a having to subscribe to daily services.
  • Wedding Services On-demand wedding services are indeed a big segment blanketing multiple service categories. Allowing users to book caterers, wedding planners, beauticians, photographers, Heena artists, florists and whatnot.
  • Healthcare Services Yet, another important category and an alternative to building a healthcare app like yoga and fitness. Enabling people to hire on-demand yoga and fitness trainers who can provide them yoga and fitness training in-person or online.
  • Other Miscellaneous Other service category includes on-demand baby sitters, housemaids, cooks, adult caretakers, packers and movers, pickups and drop delivery boys, and many more.


On-Demand Home Service App Features

Customer Panel App:

  • User Login/ Account Make the registration process simple and easy. Allow users to create a profile using a mobile number/ e-mail or let them integrate their social media account to make the registration even quicker.
  • Quick Browsing Make the searching process easy. Let users land on the services they are looking for quickly.
  • Easy Filters Enhance the user experience by allowing them personalized search. Integrate simple filters like search home services based on cost, ratings, distance, specialty, etc.
  • Notifications Keep your users updated with essential pieces of information. Users need not navigate to know the status of their order, offers, deals, order tracking, and more.
  • Service Bookings Using this feature, users can easily book services at their convenience. Also, you can add a rescheduling feature in case the desired service is not available at the moment.
  • Rate & Review Users can easily share their experiences and rate the services they have already used. This feature will also help new users to check the ratings and reviews before using any service from the app.
  • Payment Gateways Payment gateways are the exit door of transactions. So, make this process easy and secure. Integrate payment methods like Credit/Debit cards, e-wallets, PayPal, or any other third-party common payment mode.
  • Help & Support There are times when the user may get stuck. So, provide them instant support and help via chatbots, FAQs, and tutorial videos, and in case of emergency provide a customer care number to contact.

Admin Panel Features

  • Interactive Dashboard This is the overall managing window of the app. The dashboard contains all the essential features included in the app.
  • Manage service providers Admin can manage profiles of registered service providers and can add new ones. They can also verify and check, in case of any fraudulent activity taking place.
  • Manage customers Admin can manage the customer details and control their activities on the app i.e. cancellation charges, offers, discounts, and more.
  • Manage promotions The admin has access to run multiple offers and discounts to attract customers and other users. This feature also allows tracking the performance of each promotional transaction carried out.
  • Activity analytics This feature contains all the essential information i.e. statistics about the business performance. The admin can track and view information like service provider performance, their earnings, most preferred services, canceled bookings, discounts and coupons performance, other codes, etc.
  • Manage Reviews The admin can review all the positive and negative reviews of their customers. They can thus analyze the feedback and plan better strategies to enhance their online business app.

Service Provider App

  • Register/ Login The service provider can register themselves by filling in information such as mobile numbers, email, and social media accounts. Make this process simple and easy to attract more service providers.
  • Manage Service Information The service provider can update or eliminate any information from their service section.
  • Accept/Reject Requests The requests sent by consumers on the service page can be accepted or rejected by the service provider based on their availability.
  • Manage Daily Performance The service provider can check daily transactions i.e. the total number of transactions done, total earnings, total cancellations, total pre-bookings, etc.
  • Manage Revenue The service provider will be able to track the total amount of services they manage and how much earnings they generate from it.
  • Customer Support The service provider can share their contact details or allow personal chat options to the customers in case they are facing any challenges in completing their service request.

Key Factors To Consider While Developing A Home Service App

  • Recognize Your Target Audience Requirements Before you launch your app, it is essential to understand the requirements and market demand of your target audience. Consider all the positive and negative aspects, and note down the possible future opportunities and the estimated ROI by conducting thorough market research. This step will help you to analyze the market gap that you can bridge with your on-demand service app. After performing this task, you can easily analyze and achieve success for your app.
  • Pay Attention To Competitor’s Activities After you are done with your research, consider analyzing competitors’ activities because there are already successful market players who are offering similar services to your target audience. In this step, you will learn the fact that there is a need to bring something unique to attract customers and satisfy their demands. Also, the competitive study will help you gain a lot of motivation and ideas to plot your strategy and achieve your targets.
  • Offer On-Time Services On-demand itself explains the fact that service must be provided by considering the time factor deliberately. Your service must be readily available for the people who are seeking it. If in case you miss any chance or there are delays due to some reason then other competitors might take up your place and your business may face a steep downfall.
  • Make Smart Use Of Notifications Notifications can either help you to win or lose the whole market scenario, so it is always advisable to use them wisely. Make sure that you are not bombarding notifications, providing them with useful information, and ensuring a correct time to share. Notifications are used to provide value to the customers and not to irritate them.A single notification with valuable information can do work and help you to succeed in this competitive world.
  • Enhance Operations and Performance The vital key to winning the race is to focus on enhancing customer satisfaction and personalized operations that fulfil market demand. No other strategy is going to work in front of these. So, it is very clear that to increase the visibility of your app and make it a success, you need to focus on improving your services and overall business performance. Set your budget wisely, instead of spending the whole money on marketing strategies and promotions, do it to enhance the operations and performance of your app.

Surviving and Thriving by Adding Immense Value

By developing a value-driven home services app that allows users or service seekers to perform the following functions makes these apps a step ahead.

  • See the list of service categories and sub-categories listed in the app.
  • Once the user selects the service he can book the service professional (freelancer/company profile) now or schedule for later.
  • View details of the service provider like ratings, profile, photo, ID, visiting charge, etc.
  • Enter the service address where the user seeks the facilities.
  • After the booking is accepted, the user can track the serviceman.
  • If needed, the user can view contact details send in-app messages, and call.
  • Make online payment for the services.
  • Rate and review the serviceman in the app.
  • 24/7 services and online help will make the app extremely useful.

Want To Be A Home Services Aggregator?

Want to be an aggregator of a range of demanding home services in your city? Scale, expand and start monetizing by developing a one-stop on-demand home services app development solution. Connect all local service providers, freelancers and service-based companies with customers and start earning from this revolutionary trend.

Codiant can be your trusted technology partner to develop a custom on-demand home services app feature-rich with all essential functionalities and technology stack to make your app outstanding in the on-demand landscape.

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We have developed a slew of on-demand home service apps for clients across the countries like US, Australia, UAE, UK, and more. Contact us to view the demo or just say hi to know more about our expertise in the on-demand segment.

Tap The Emergent Need Of On-demand Home Services With A Feature-Rich Mobile App Developed by Codiant.

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