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5 Third-Party Productivity Tools For Mobile App Developers

  • Published on : February 27, 2017

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Third-Party Productivity Tools For Mobile Application Developers

Mobile app development is always a hot area of specialization for every tech geek and entrepreneurial coder around. The extremely sprawling penchant of Smartphones has pushed the boundaries of what is possible with the device sitting in your pocket.

In this horse run, if you’re a creator looking to level up your app design and coding skill game, then here is the bucket list of ingenious third-party tools that will nurture your brain wires.

Here you go:

Notable Prototypes

It is a masterstroke to give your designs interactive pills?! Right? Notable prototypes take care of one of the most annoying parts of building an interface. It allows you to create clickable prototypes from sketches, wireframes, or visual mock-ups. Saving your precious time in recreating designs to test flows.

Geny Motion

It is a robust virtualization platform that allows you to code and test often and early before and after committing your code to eliminate pesky bugs. It simulates 3000+ virtual device configurations and every imaginable situation to ensure a better user experience. Now easily Develop test cases with Java API and automate them with the Command line tool while you are in the development phase with Genymotion.

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Bit Bucket

Bitbucket is the only collaborative solution that massively scales and makes it extremely easy for you to collaborate with your team. Bitbucket also provides private as well as public repositories. It prevents errors by controlling the actions the user can perform through branch permissions.

Stack Overflow

Stack overflow your true online mentor! A very supportive question-and-answer site that helps mobile app developers to find a solution to the problems they spot while developing. This super amiable site covers the most talked about topics like Java, Javascript, HTML, PHP, Android, etc.


The leading open-source automation server, Jenkins provides hundreds of plugins to support building, deploying, and automating any project. With hundreds of plugins in the Update Center, Jenkins integrates with practically every tool in the continuous integration and continuous delivery toolchain. Moreover, It can easily distribute work across multiple machines, helping drive builds, tests, and deployments across multiple platforms faster.

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