Countdown Begins : Say Hello To Android Nougat & Watch The Unveiling

  • Published on : August 16, 2016

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Countdown Begins : Say Hello To Android Nougat & Watch The Unveiling

The time has arrived when we are close to Android N (version 7.0)—no it officially has a name now- Android Nougat.

Sorry, the draining news of the naming came by way, where Google opened the name-storming session up to the Internet at large. But finally, its bid adieu to Marshmallow…

You can now download Android Nougat Developer Preview and test its new features that didn’t make the cut in last November’s Marshmallow launch alongside the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X. At the Google IO 2016 event, Google announced that you can now sign up your device for the Android 7.0 Nougat Beta Final Developer Preview.

Coming back, where Google was still keeping plenty under wraps about the Nougat, we’ve here our hands-on with the most obvious and concealed enhancements that were pretty predictable. Let’s watch them out.

The New Build Promises of Nougat Worth Chewing Over:

The countdown is on for the unveiling of Android Nougat (version 7.0), featuring enhanced UI and notifications, quick switch between split-window multitasking, better updates with seamless background app updates, extended power-saving mode, and colorful theming options for Google Keyboard. The developer’s preview 2 also reveals additional features like a menu in system settings, svelte design, Android Beta Program, and VR Mode. Stay tuned for the official release!

Enhanced UI and Notifications

Where tweaked UI is making wonders, notifications panel is not lagging behind. Yes! You now get instant control toggles when you swipe down your most favorite shortcut from the top, so basically you’ll be able to reply and react to the notifications right on the screen without waiting and returning back to the app.

Also, this time Google has given ample of space to the notifications, where it sports smaller fonts occupying wide screen.

Quick Switch Between Split-Window

And there it is! Android had been so far amazing at handling multitasking and now it has got even more robust with its multitasking button. Now the quick switch will enable you to instantly shift gears between the dual screens and enjoy the entirely new experience and convenience to reply in one shot. We really missed it passed days Google.

Better Updates

That was a tad vexing and disruptive enough when you were over an app and suddenly an update comes & runs amidst. Thanks to Nougat, for bringing in the seamless updates, which will allow you to update an app in the background whilst you’re using it.

Enhanced Power Saving Mode

The energy saving mode Doze has extended shelf life now. Till now, the feature had only worked when you kept your phone undisturbed for a longer period of time. But now, as soon as you turn off your screens, Doze will start saving your battery.

Google Keyboard Themes

Yet another surprise for color savvy people. Google gifts you a bunch of colorful theming options for Google keyboard, including the ability to set your own image background.


Image credits: Android authority

Menu between the systems settings, Svelte design, Android Beta Program, VR Mode are some other features of Android version 7.0 disclosed in the developer’s preview 2. Just hold on your curiosity …as the countdown has already begun!

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