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Top Online Food Delivery Industry Technology Trends

Published April 1, 2021

Top Online Food Delivery Industry Technology Trends

Okay, the pandemic hit the restaurant industry hard. The quick service restaurants well-responded to the crisis and safeguarded itself for the next normal. But what next? What will the QSR industry see in the coming year? What will 2021 for the food delivery industry look like? Codiant has a say in it.

COVID-19 has deeply impacted consumer behavior in almost every industry and quick service restaurants (QSR) fall under the same drill.

In many countries, QSRs are affected by different market waves and have shown different ways of their market survival. Some QSRs were either closed entirely or offered only takeout, some operated on a limited basis, so some introduced drive-thru; where pick-up and delivery business witnessed a huge spike during the crisis.

All hail to pre-existence and dominance (for good) of online food delivery apps.

The rising consumer comfort with all these off-premises dining have pushed restaurant brands to make heavy investments in technology like on-demand food delivery app development, drive-thru apps, takeaway apps, and contactless food ordering in restaurants.

Codiant- a mobile app development company that helps restaurant chains, quick-service restaurants and food outlets with online food delivery solutions predicts the tech trends in the food delivery industry in 2021.

Investment in Existing Technologies Will Become Long-Term Priority

By now, most of the restaurants and QSRs have shifted online, regulated with new health and safety processes to protect employees and customers. But the brands still operating in traditional offline settings will be decisive and take immediate action in shifting online.

They will heavily invest in existing food delivering trends that boomed post-pandemic.

Online Food Ordering Will Be More Important Than Ever

We have seen on-premises dining shrinking in 2020 with online food orders going sky-high– this trend will not show any signs of slowing down. In fact, it is more likely to increase. Meaning, the remaining chunk of restaurants who have still not moved for online delivery will integrate their online ordering platforms. As they have now seen how effective digital menus, contactless payments, and deliveries can be for increasing orders in this time of crisis where people are especially protecting themselves from getting exposed to the virus.

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Loyalty Programs Will Give Longer-Term Benefits

Quick service restaurants with digital and delivery channels will plan and build strong loyalty programs to keep customers glued and return to on-premise dining along with digital ordering.

Restaurant chains and other food outlet will increase their investments in online food delivery solutions offering value-meals, daily drive thru (daily food delivery on the way) good for office goers, family meal promotions, and festival based offerings.

This will entice customers and have their commitment for a longer time to keep returning to their online platform as well as offline premises.

Eventually, strengthening the restaurant industry for a prolonged period.

A Shift in Spends from Restaurants to Supermarkets

As we have seen during the pandemic spending in supermarkets and grocery stores was comparatively more than spending in restaurants. Some of this trend may shift in 2021 as well. Restaurants looking to have some additional revenue streams can launch their grocery product lines or consider B2B catering.

Contactless Delivery and Pickup Will Become A New Norm

Pandemic has made people more concerned about hygiene and safety. Consumers are now more specific and demanding detailed information about the ingredients being used in the restaurant eateries, its origin, its recipe, and its chef. Thus, bringing hygiene into more focus. This wave of extra sanitization measures will fuel the demand for contactless delivery, takeaways, and pickups making them the new normal.

Time to Take Action and Evolve With the Situation

With changing consumer behaviors and increasing digital engagements, restaurants looking to thrive in the online food delivery industry should quickly hop over the new food delivery trends and attain business stability.

Online food delivery app solution will stay here!

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