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How To Upgrade & Advance Your Grocery Business Using On-Demand Grocery App

  • Published on : November 18, 2021

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How To Upgrade & Advance Your Grocery Business Using On-Demand Grocery App

Shoppers’ sensitivity towards buying groceries has increased. Nowadays, not only they are looking for convenience but aspects like transparency, product reviews, social shopping, and personalization are also taking the front seat in their lives.

This changing consumer behavior poses the biggest challenge for grocers operating their business in traditional brick n mortar stores.

To cut to the chase and to increase the customers’ trust and loyalty; grocers are compelled to upgrade their business with an advanced Grocery Delivery App Solution.

Hence, we have come down to this post to narrow down your search to upgrade your Grocery delivery business and power your grocery app with a smart feature counter.

But before we delve into the details, let’s understand what exactly a grocery delivery app is and why it is driving consumers at a large! Read on.

What Is On-Demand Grocery Delivery App?

The term in itself is self-explanatory! The on-demand grocery app is a real-time platform with a large variety of grocery listings to order 24/7 from the comfort of your couch & get delivered to the doorsteps. The grocery delivery app is helping businesses to reach a large number of people and offer them convenience by quick deliveries and instant discounts for the available products.

Types of Grocery Delivery Business Model

1. Brick & Mortar and Store Pick Model

In this type of model, the companies (app owner) either have a wholesale or retail grocery store like another store in the market, or else they have partnered with other grocery vendors just like the aggregator model.

The aggregator model explains that business owners will partner with multiple grocers in the market and then collect the delivery orders from the customers and deliver to the desired location.

This is a popular business model because there is a very low investment as an owner doesn’t need to invest in a warehouse facility or any other inventory management, they can take the goods directly from the grocers and confirm the availability of the same.

2. Pure-Play And Warehouse Pick Model

It is a different model where business owner does not own any personal store and neither they partner with any of the vendors rather, they directly buy products from producers/manufacturers and keep them safely in their warehouse for the further sales process. This model needs an investment in handling warehouses and goods especially the perishable ones.

3. Hybrid Model

As the name suggests, this model is the mixture of the aforesaid models in which the owner does not have their store but in some places, they can partner with the vendors for the product procurement and make the process convenient for them as well as the customers.

What Drives Consumers to Shop for Groceries Online?

Extra icing on the cake is cherished by all and the concept of an on-demand grocery app is just similar to that. The app gives you multiple ways to entice your customers like the app allows grocers to offer a wide product assortment and detailed product information, the app facilitates price and product comparisons, appealing discounts, easy payment gateways, quick customer feedback, speedy delivery, access to a large audience and many more. Also, there is not much extra spending in the up-gradation process of your grocery business rather you will be surprised with its ever-growing profits.

But success does not come overnight. Businesses have to follow the hallmarks and signs of winning customer experience maxed out by the right customer engagement strategy, user-centric design, and impeccable services.

To ensure that accuracy, you have to strategize your grocery delivery app in such a way that it is easy for the user to use & understand the features of the grocery app.

Let’s have a look at those simplified features that you need to include in your grocery delivery app to gain their trust & confidence and build an incredible brand image in the market.

Key Features of Grocery Delivery App

There are three main stakeholders of Grocery Delivery App that catapults the successful execution of the delivery economy.

  • Customer App
  • Delivery Boy App
  • Admin Panel

All these apps when power-packed with A-Z features and current trends that satiate the customer to the core help grocers & aggregators thrive in the hyper-competitive market.

To make this brainstorming development journey a low-hanging fruit for you, here we come up with a brand-new list of trending grocery delivery app development features.

Customer App Features

  • User Login : Make the login process easy by offering login through social media credentials, phone no., or email. This saves the time & effort of the user.
  • Google Map : Users don’t need to put the address, every time they place an order rather the location will be automatically detected and there will be an option to save your permanent/office address.
  • Quick Search/browse Items : List down all the categories of the available items and also provide subcategories along with other additional product details. This feature offers an excellent experience to users help in taking quick actions.
  • Avail Offers : Before placing the order, users check out the available offers/discounts so that they can apply them in their order & cut down the cost. Thus, offering discounts, promo codes at this stage is a good way to reduce the chances of cart abandonment.
  • Live Location Tracking : This feature allow the user to track the on-process order.
  • Notifications : The user likes to stay updated and this feature will allow the user to get information via popup notifications like order acceptance, order packaging, order picked up by delivery partner, order on the way, and order delivered.
  • Schedule Order : The user can place an order and schedule a suitable delivery time from the available slots.
  • Payment Mode : Different modes of payment integration will allow the user to pay using an e-wallet, UPIs, Net-banking, debit/credit cards or cash on delivery.
  • Cancel Order : User will enjoy the freedom to send cancel order requests in a given time frame i.e., within 30 mins.
  • Feedback : After completion of the order delivery, the user will have an option to rate the app & share review/feedback about the services.
  • Delivery Tip : If the user enjoys excellent delivery services like speedy delivery, quick response, better communication then, they can add a tip for the delivery person.

Delivery Boy App Features

  • Delivery Person Registration/login : The delivery person will register himself by filling in all the required details like name, license, photo, contact details, etc. to ensure authenticity & security.
  • Order Detail/management : To view order details like order request, sending acceptance or rejection of the same.
  • GPS/ Live Tracking : This will support the delivery person to find the exact location where the order has to be delivered and also suggest the best-optimized route to reach the destination.
  • Delivery Status Update : Using this feature the delivery person can update the delivery status to the customers like order picked, on the way, in-progress, delay in delivery, and so on. The notifications will be sent to customers via text messages or email.
  • Delivery History : This feature will allow the delivery person to track the no. of deliveries he has made so far and the total amount of payment received.

Admin Panel Features

  • Profile Management : Admin will get access to manage all the accounts like product categories, subcategories, the account of retailers, drivers & customers.
  • Dashboard : This feature allows us to take a God view of all the activities like orders, deliveries and payment of the items.
  • Order Management : Admin can check the status of the order and assign orders to the available delivery person.
  • Report Management : Admin can manage daily/ monthly reports like how many total registrations are done including customers, retailers, deliverers.
  • Notification Management : Admin can send notifications like discount/offer, order updates, other related notifications based on customer order history.
  • Feedback Management : Admin will get full access to customer comments for deliverers, services, apps, retailers, etc.

Advanced Features

  • Order History & Repeat Orders The user should be able to check the order history bifurcated by active orders, scheduled orders, past orders, and reorder. The user should also be able to repeat their past orders.
  • Prebook & Schedule Order Give users the liberty to pre-book their orders ahead of the time like 2-3 days or 48 hours earlier and schedule a time for delivery. This feature will allow supermarkets to better predict the demands, which will eventually help them to improve efficiency in delivery. Further, it will also help them tap customers who might not end up ordering last-minute groceries due to long delivery times.
  • Special Offers Bombarding offers at the right occasion, right time, and place can surely elevate your sales, par excellence, to a record high. Make a list of occasions, events, even the trivial ones, and rebrand offers around it. For instance, if Christmas is around the corner, you can come up with promo codes related to SANTA and set a threshold of minimum buying in order to apply different promo codes for bulk discounts. This is just an example of shooting offers, it can oscillate from earning prime memberships through loyalty points, giveaways, and flash sales to competitions and free shipping.
  • Machine Learning-Empowered Ordering Solutions Improve customer experience and customer satisfaction by optimizing order fulfillment using machine-learning empowered app ordering solutions. Machine learning-based data makes use of real-time data, both to see and react quickly to problems that may arise.
  • Data-Driven Restaurant Management Solutions Data-driven decision-making can bear fruits for any grocery business in its infancy. With data-driven grocery delivery management solutions, supermarkets can optimize their decision-making at a more granular level.


Marketing Tips To Cut The Competition and Race Ahead!


Tap shoppers’ affinity for buying online and picking up in-store. Shoppers today want choice as well as flexibility in how they want orders to be delivered. BOPIS allows shoppers to save the walk-in and searching time spent on the aisle and item shelves in the supermarket. Through BOPIS, they can immediately purchase the items they are looking for through quick search functionality in the app.

Retailers nowadays are increasingly implementing BOPIS into their omnichannel retail strategy. You only need three things to execute it smoothly:

2. Curbside Pick Up

Also known as pick-up only spots, this idea allows shopper traffic to gain traction post-pandemic world. You can either create in-store pickup towers like Walmart did or create an outdoor pickup solution with temperature-controlled zones for hot and cold groceries. This can help people solve last-mile challenges.

By bringing this type of pickup capabilities, grocers can increasingly drive profitability.

  • A Grocery Delivery App or website for placing the order
  • One physical store where customers can walk in to collect the item
  • Real-time inventory capabilities to create analytics on order status, workflows, overall cycle time, and customer engagement

Codiant Opens A Pool Of Opportunities For The Grocery Business Owners And Supermarkets

Codiant in its fresh drive to support independently-owned supermarkets and grocers to drive profitability is creating a compelling mobile app ordering experience and E-commerce website.

Our deep industry experience in on-demand mobility solutions has led us to create an impressive roster of advanced technology offerings and functionalities that create immediate and long-term value for expanding the base of grocers and supermarket chain owners.

From independent supermarket owners to large multi-unit brands, Codiant now provides a holistic suite to cater to the ever-changing needs of your customers in this digitally maturing world.

Think Business in Grocery? Think Codiant! Contact us for Game-changing Grocery Delivery App Development Solutions.


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