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On Demand Delivery Race Heats Up In The United States

Published May 9, 2016

On Demand Delivery Race Heats Up In The United States

Retrospectively, On demand delivery and distribution service looks like a smart bet as it is continuing its push to dominate the North American and Midwestern region marketplace of the United states.

The online penetration of the on-demand in the United States is dominated by fast food chains, tours & travels i.e. cab bookings, health & beauty care, B2B services and still counting more. Apparently, the bandwagon is ON DEMAND whose magnitude in the marketplace can be sensed by the soaring apps in the app store and Google play.

The number of companies in the categories represented is expanding at the accelerating pace. Question triggers: Is this a bubble? Or a short term trend? Or is it the hyper-growth we’re seeing going to slow down soon? Well, categorically or unequivocally — the answer is no! The on-demand delivery apps and economy have opened the floodgates to revolutionize commercial behavior by fulfilling consumer demand via the immediate provisioning of goods and services.

Jeff Bezos founder of Amazon claims “it’s still Day 1” for eCommerce —and the on-demand economy represents the most sophisticated application of “eCommerce” seen to date.

Let’s catch the top five industries which are being disrupted by the on-demand wave and how you can gain a stronger foothold and make millions of dollars with your own mobile application in one of them:

Food and Grocery Delivery:

The food industry has witnessed a solid growth projection, Thanks to grocery shopping mobile apps—without them this inflation would not have been possible. Seemingly, the doorstep food delivery can be bifurcated into three main steps—searching/ordering (ingredients or cooked meal), cooking and delivering.

Some of the Business Models You Can Adopt:

  • On Demand Delivery
  • Grocery delivery (Instacart)
  • Freelance Chef Hiring (Munchery)
  • On Demand In-Store Reservations/ online table bookings. (OpenTable)

#Factcheck: Over the past 12 months, food and grocery delivery has been one of the hottest VC sectors. Reason? The evergreen concept of doorstep food delivery has almost marked a four-fold increase year-on-year that bridges the gap between investors and North American startups counterparts. In other words, and to put this bluntly, the market is penetrable for those who are looking to expand in the United States.

National Grocers Association’s survey: “One-third of shoppers in U.S have downloaded grocery shopping app”!

There Is No Saturation In Competition! Get Your Own Food Delivery App Now!!


Road Transportation:

The cabs or taxi booking app on demand model have seen the greatest shift in paradigm. Many cab companies have launched their own apps for picking and dropping customers to their coveted destination. You can excel in this field by adopting following models:

  • Taxis on demand (Uber)
  • On Demand valet parking (Luxe)
  • Transport vehicles on demand like trucks, vans etc. (Cargomatic)
  • Ridesharing Platforms or Car Pool (Lyft)

A BILLION DOLLAR REPORT: USA TODAY Uber, the upstart from San Francisco valued at more than $50 billion. Why can’t you in million (if not billion)?


The healthcare industry is indeed becoming one of the interesting spots for entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in the on demand space. Gone are the days when you were queuing up in the hospital for a chance to get cured by the Doctor. There is a slew of on demand business models for the healthcare industry. Check it out.

  • On Demand Ambulance service
  • On Demand Nurse / Caretakers
  • Patient consults doctor through audio / video channels
  • Doctor visits the patient at his location.
  • Marketplace model – An aggregation of doctors, clinics, hospitals etc.


Less time, busy schedules and traffic hustles have prompted the concept of salon booking appointments where the clients have full liberty to hire beauticians and stylist right at their residence. The famous business models for beauty industry are:

  • Marketplace model– Where you club all the stylists on a single platform with ratings and reviews.
  • Hiring Stylist: You cater your own clients whenever and wherever they want!
  • Salon Bookings Appointments: A model facilitating salon bookings.

Service Booking:

Hiring skilled service professionals is no more a daunting task today. Search, book and make payments easily through service booking apps. Whether it is car cleaning, car parking, House Cleaning, Plumber booking, Electrician booking or anything else, it allows customers to access these instantly needed services in just a single tap.

Convenience always wins and on-demand will take over the world. Omnipresent smartphone penetration has made it possible for anyone to become a gofer or a courier, and for startups to build delivery fleets at a fraction of the cost incurred previously. Why not be the part of this amazing bandwagon within this new crop of delivery options and launch a new on-demand app?

Have an idea? Come let’s discuss now because one thing is beyond doubt- extra opportunities lie ahead and we are here to help you!

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