AI-Powered iOS 18: Apple’s Biggest iOS Update in History

  • Published on : February 6, 2024

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Ai Powered iOS 18

One of the biggest OS updates in Apple’s history- iOS 18! Yes, the buzz is making rounds.

As speculated the company will release its newest iPhone 16 lineup packed with Generative AI features. A robust technology that can create new content, including images, text, and music.

What all to expect from iOS 18?

Get ready to experience a groundbreaking leap in iPhone technology as Apple introduces its most significant operating system update yet.

Packed with the power of Generative AI, this update promises to redefine how we interact with our devices, making them smarter, more intuitive, and more personalized than ever before.

Smart & Subtle Siri

Siri, the on-device assistant on iPhone will be injected with a major AI boost- powered by Apple’s Large Language Model (LLM).

This transformation will result in an enhanced Siri making it even smarter, more nuanced, and more intelligent. Capable enough to understand your complex queries and execute them with great subtlety!

Well, iOS 18 with these additional Artificial Intelligence features is likely to be released in September. The first beta for developers is slated to come out during Apple’s annual developers conference WWDC in June.

A Productive Messaging App

Not just this, the Messages app is also poised to get a big AI overhaul. With competencies like “field questions” and “auto-complete sentences”, the messages app will evolve into a more conversational and efficient tool.

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Personalized Apple Music

With AI-driven capabilities, Apple Music will auto-curate playlists that will adapt to the user’s mood and preferences, ensuring a highly personalized experience.

iWork Apps to Enhance Content Creation

The iWork suite, including Pages and Keynote, is set to revolutionize document and presentation creation by harnessing the power of generative AI. These apps will provide users with personalized content and layout suggestions tailored to their specific topics. Thus, streamlining the creative process and enhancing productivity.

Xcode Will Empower Developers

Integrating generative AI features into Xcode will empower developers to craft applications with greater speed and efficiency in ios app development. By leveraging these advanced capabilities, developers can expect to streamline the app development process, enabling them to create innovative solutions more effectively.

RCS Support

In November 2023, Apple made a significant announcement unveiling its plans to integrate support for the cross-platform messaging standard RCS in the Messages app on iPhones.

The rollout slated for release “later” in 2024 is speculated to be a feature of iOS 18, according to the projected timeline.

The introduction of RCS support is expected to bring about several enhancements to the default messaging experience. Promising a host of improvements for communication between iPhones and Android devices, including:

  • Higher-resolution photos and videos
  • Audio messaging capabilities
  • Real-time typing indicators
  • Read receipts
  • The ability to send messages over Wi-Fi between iOS and Android platforms
  • Enhanced group chat functionality, including the ability for iPhone users to exit conversations involving Android users.
  • Improved encryption standards compared to traditional SMS

While these modern features are presently exclusive to iPhone-to-iPhone conversations with blue bubbles through iMessage, and in various third-party messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram, the addition of RCS support on the iPhone will extend these capabilities to green bubbles within the Messages app.

Wrapping Up!

iOS 18 offers a wealth of features and integrations beyond just AI capabilities.

Anticipation is high for the announcements expected at WWDC in June, where we’ll likely learn more about the extensive enhancements and updates coming to the platform.

Till then, stay tuned and enjoy reading our insightful blogs on AI.

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