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How to Make Online Corporate Food Ordering App?

Published March 13, 2019

Yes! Restaurants are now turning more towards online corporate food catering services.
As e-commerce and on-demand delivery get easy, businesses are now bisecting their services at a more granular level. Restaurant owners, Hotel Chains, and food startups are way confident in taking online food delivery app services to prosper day by day, as people are getting more dependent on instant services. Following the same fad, the online corporate food delivery also calls out a need for creating a niche for them. This kind of specialized app platform simplifies the way companies feed their employees with healthy meals and lunch.

Types Of Meal Delivery

  • Tailored office meal programs: Tailored office meal program allows employees to customize their food by picking different dishes from the restaurant to complete their platter.
  • Order meal by choice: In this type of food delivery, employees can choose their favorite food from the long list of delicious cuisines served by the nearby restaurants and order their favorite food.
  • Daily ON-TIME delivery: If the office staff wants to have meal packages delivered at their workspace daily on their lunch/dinner time, they can choose on-time delivery. In this case, the restaurants cater food of their own menu decided by themselves with variety of different options every day. This way employee can eliminate their time to think of what to order and what not. EAT Club promptly delivers the individually packed lunches all at once to each office, 99.7% on time.
  • Dietician meal program (optional): If the employees want to follow a strict diet, he/she can consult a dietician registered on the app platform and order nutritional food as recommended by the dietician.


 Business Model

1. Key Partners

  • Restaurants
  • Local food joints
  • Bakery & Beverage points
  • Technology Partner (to build app & website)
  • Payment processors
  • Drivers with vehicles
  • Investors

2. Key Activities

  • Product development and maintenance
  • Hiring Drivers and managing their payouts
  • Product Marketing and customer acquisition
  • Partnering with Restaurant partners
  • Procuring food from Restaurant & local food joints
  • Receiving orders and processing food deliveries

3. Key Resources

  • Technological platform
  • Skilled drivers and logistics team

4. Value Proposition

  • Fresh and delicious meals delivered to office employees
  • A healthy meal with daily new choices to eat
  • Monthly meal packages reduce the time to think what to order
  • Gives restaurant partners fixed daily customers

5. Customer Segments

  • Office employees
  • Corporate trainees
  • Busy Professionals
  • Office Celebrations
  • Professionals wishing to give treat in-office

6. Cost Structure

  • Technological cost
  • Salary of employees
  • Advertisement and marketing cost
  • Miscellaneous

7. Revenue Streams

  • Commission from restaurants
  • Advertisements


 How Does It Works?

  • User signs up and creates a profile or log in to the food ordering app.
  • Chooses the type of meal program. (Daily on-time delivery/Customized order)


  • Chooses the type of meal delivery (breakfast/lunch/brunch/dinner).
  • User places the order.
  • Selects the payment mode. (COD/Wallet/ Credit/debit card)
  • The restaurant delivers the meal at the office.

How It Makes Money?

  • Commissions earned from restaurants: Restaurants pays the charges as per its positioning on the app platform to promote it amidst the customers. As well as the commission earned on every order is yet another major source of income.
  • Online and Offline Advertisements: Placing ads on your app platform for promoting restaurants, offers & discounts can help you earn extra money.
  • Strategic alliances with startup restaurants: Breaking a lucrative deal with startup restaurants for launching them on the app platform by charging a small fee can help restaurants gain recognition amongst the localities and help you earn a significant amount.
  • Convenience Charges: Earnings from convenience or delivery charges earned through the customers for delivering the food.

Corporate catering and business lunches are part and parcel of every industry. This new corporate food ordering portal is going to create a big room in the food industry on the grounds of profitability and opening new avenues of business generation. Seize the opportunity now and get an online corporate catering and online food delivery app developed now.

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