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How to Make a Delivery Service App like Postmates?

Published May 11, 2019

Undeniably, Postmates has become an umbrella term for on-demand logistics and delivery. This urban logistics and delivery platform that powers local, on-demand logistics focused on fast deliveries from any type of merchant at scale bridges the gap between merchants and users and often reduces transactional friction by looping middlemen out altogether.

In line with several other on-demand unicorns like UberEats, Deliveroo, Doordash, and Instacart …these platforms have emerged as the leaders in the food delivery market. But unlike them, Postmates has not limited its reach just to food delivery but has widened its horizon by offering to deliver or pick up anything from anywhere at any time across your city.

Imbued by the same, there are many new delivery service providers popping up with the desire to build an outstanding platform like Postmates in this app-crowded market. To make their homework easier, we decided to get down to the nitty-gritty of developing an on-demand logistics and delivery app in full swing.

The Business Model of Postmates

Some Facts and Figures

Year founded: 2011

Founders: Bastian Lehmann, Sean Plaice, Sam Street

Postmates’ share of the US food delivery market- 9.1%

Number of businesses that partner with Postmates: 250,000 businesses

Number of cities Postmates operates in: 400 cities

Average number of Postmates deliveries per month: 2 million

Size of Postmates delivery fleet: 60,000

Estimated value of Postmates: $1.2 billion

//For a few more interesting Postmates statistics click here.

Postmates Key Competitors & Major Players

Key Features

The app has four main roles:

  • Customer App
  • Vendor App
  • Driver App
  • Admin Panel

Customer App:

  • User Authentication (Sign up, Log In, Log Out)
  • Profile Creation and Profile Management (Add, Update, Edit information)
  • Smart Search (Search via category, subcategory, and keywords)
    • Search nearby restaurants, retail stores from your current location and saved addresses.
  • Order Food/any other item
    • For Themselves
    • For Another Person (Friend, Relative, Business Partner)
  • Pick up & Drop (Select the pickup and drop-off location of order within the app)
  • Service Tracker: (Track request based on service like order accepted, waiting for the retailer to confirm, order accepted, under process, driver accepted the info, driver picked item and on the way to drop off location)
  • Track Order (Real-time tracking to get an accurate sense of where the driver’s vehicle is and its expected arrival)
  • Cancel Request (Cancel order within 5 minutes)
  • Re-Order (Quickly order something from the order history with a few taps)
  • Multiple Payment Options (Card, CODand wallet)
  • Order Scheduling (Schedule the order in advance and get delivered at right date and time)
  • Rating and Review (Give feedback on the pick-up and delivery experience)
  • Promos & Offers (Notifies new deals, promo codes for discounts at checkout)

Vendor App:

  • Category Management (Search, add/update categories, subcategories)
  • Product Management (Add product details like product name, image, price, description)
  • Add Payment Method (Online, COD)
  • Order Alerts & real-time notifications (Receiveorder request notification)
  • Order Management(View order details, customer details, confirm/cancel the order, update thestatus of the order)
  • Check order status (Pending , arrived, nearest)
  • Feedback (Received Feedback from all customers on respective orders)
  • Account Management (Create a profile, view total confirmed orders, canceled orders, total sales)

Driver App:

  • Manage Account(Create a profile, add documents)
  • Order notification(Receive a delivery order notification)
  • Order details (View order details, pick-up and delivery addresses)
  • Customer details (View customer name, address, phone no.)
  • View maps (View customer location on the map)
  • Accept/ Reject the order request
  • Contact Customer (Message/call to the customer)
  • Pick order and drop an order
  • Make payment to Retailers
  • Take payment from Customers
  • Update their location status
  • Receive feedback and rating from customers and merchants
  • Statistics (View total confirmed/canceled orders, total jobs done per day)
  • Manage Account
  • Manage Categories (Add, update, delete categories, sub-categories)
  • Manage Retailers(Add, update, delete retailers, check their active status)

Admin Panel:

  • Manage Account
  • Manage Categories (Add, update, delete categories, sub-categories)
  • Manage Retailers(Add, update, delete retailers, check their active status)
  • Manage Customers
    • View all registered customers
    • Message them personally/ broadcast
    • Edit/ Manage customers
  • Manage Drivers
    • Add new drivers
    • Update driver details
    • Activate/deactivate drivers
    • Check their current status (online/offline/LIVE tracking)
  • Manage Products (Add, update, delete products)
  • Manage Order status (Check order statusconfirmed, pending, canceled, complete)
  • Manage Payments and Commissions
    • Manage payment for vendors, customers, and drivers
    • Set the commission rates
  • Manage Notifications (Receive notifications on order confirmed, order details, drivers’ status taking an order, customers’ status if he cancels, promos and offers)
  • Feedback Management
    • View and manage ratings and reviews
    • View feedback of customers on driver, app, service, and merchant.
  • Manage Retailers dashboard
  • Reporting and Analytics tool
    • View total customers, retailers and drivers
    • Highest ranking merchants demand wise
    • Total number of active drivers, offline drivers, busy, hold or waiting
    • Total value of orders
    • Customer satisfaction report

Postmates technology stacks

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