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How to Create a Great User Experience Strategy In 2020

  • Published on : April 23, 2020

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How to Create a Great User Experience Strategy?

2020 is here. And like every year we have new design trends.

The UX design has its ball rolling with sweeping transformations in products, different areas of business, and specialization.

If you urge to stay ahead of the game, good user experience should be the base. For any UI/UX development company, it is the key to creating products and services that will be used by users today and forever.

Want to know how important it is?

Check out the latest statistics:

  • Intentional and strategic user experience has the potential to raise conversion rates by as much as 400%.
  • Every $1 invested in UX results in a return between $2 and $100.
  • 46% of online shoppers list not being able to tell what a company does as the reason for leaving a website. – (KoMarketing)

But why the user experience is so vital? Let’s make it easier!

User experience is exactly what a user experiences. A great and positive experience can drive conversions, increase traffic, and strengthen a brand.

With changing decades and years, UX continues to advance and show different sheets as the products evolve.

It’s 2020 and we’ve crossed a decade! With many new noir things slated; let’s see what’s new in the store for designers and unwrap how you can create a great user experience strategy.

1. Shifting towards Meaning, Story and Description

Rather than focusing on product, emotion, and sensation change your gears towards reflecting the meaningful story of the brand because ‘the why’ will be more important than ‘the what’. The social values, motive and the face of the company represent a lot about the quality of product/services it will provide.

2. Designing for transparency

Take the user out of the clutter, noise, and perplexing icons that compel them to brainstorm the product. This kind of UI-UX Strategy load fuels ambiguity, misinterpretation and ultimately forces the user to leave the website/app in a matter of minutes.

3. Addressing Accessibility and Inclusion

A good UX is always open to all and not limited to any particular set of users. It should be included for everyone.

Inclusion in designing is “Designing experiences that are effective, easy, and emotionally positive for all customers in a target market by factoring in its variations in age, ability, culture, gender, language, and other traits”.

According to Forrester, the Inclusive Imperative Experience Design (XD) leaders can help their firms win and retain customers, break into new markets, and get employees more engaged, by prioritizing inclusion.

To do this, designers should focus on the following mindset and methodology:

  • Establish a foundation that drives home the “why” and fuels the desire to do better.
  • Augment your XD practice with the right people, processes, and tools.

4. Combining Computational Design and AI

Computational design fused with AI focuses on designing things that center human needs through computers and programs. This type of design mimics user behavior, and decision-making process, and discovers opportunities in the set frame and parameters.

And bringing this down on devices is no more time-consuming and sweating process. Several programs like Dynamo, Marionette, and Rhino enables faster designs and can enhance outcomes of UI/UX strategy 2023.

5. Amalgamating Data and Design

As per Mckinsey, the tighter the weave between developers and designers the greater the brand could unlock the benefits.

Simply put, keeping both designers and data professionals to perform their job discreetly is not enough.

UI/UX Development Companies have to synchronize both designers and data professionals and enable them to work collaboratively on every single step.

6. Giving rise to personalization

Solidifying relations between users and products is a necessary aspect of any UI/UX design trends and strategy and it can be embedded by focusing on greater personalization. Designers need to collect different types of data that can be infused into everyday user-to-system interactions. They can even explore the IoT capabilities to deliver a more improved and personalized digital experience in 2023.

7. Making bolder visual choices

Moving into a new design paradigm of 2023, designers are upscaling user experience management by adopting a bolder visual design tactic. Most appealing design trends suggest including gradient colors and 3D design elements to match the rising trend of AR/VR. Considering minimal design with more white spaces continues to provide an immersive scrolling experience to the users.

8. Including Micro-Interactions

Micro-interactions are another level of design elements that are used to create a design more interactive. From putting in any sound effect, using visual cues to adding subtle animations responding to the user’s action of voice are used wisely. Make sure that your UX strategy has the right placement of micro-interaction elements that are solving the problem of users and motivating them to come back rather than distracting or annoying them.

In a nutshell, the fusion of data and design will supercharge innovation in products and processes and ultimately, boost the bottom line of the business.

Keep Your Brands’ UX A Step Ahead:

Today is the era where customers are the barometer of business success, the new market-makers, reforming the industries. A good website and app design is the one that effortlessly pulls the customer’s attention and funnels them down to respond.

Codiant’s team of UI/UX designers converts the brand story, and product concept into an intuitive lively design that speaks your company’s narration, helping you win the new age of customers with intriguing UI/UX development services.

Contact Us For Hiring Specialized UX Professionals Who Can Create An Integrated Product Development Experience.

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