Guide to Develop Speech-To-Text Transcription App in 2023

  • Published on : February 1, 2023

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Guide to Develop Speech-To-Text Transcription App in 2023

People often experience language-barrier while communicating with people during a meeting or on phone calls from different locations. It might also hamper their experience and the purpose of communication.

Thus, to ease your piece of work, a speech-to-text transcription app came very handy, which transcribe audio file into text and save time in making notes or for future reference to that conversation.

It is also a handy tool for journalists who seeks a better way to record their interactions or interviews without wasting time on transcribing. Not only journalists but even more and more businesses are adopting this technology.

Due to inclining dependency on technology, a great number and variety of such apps and software are entering the market. Likewise, if you are also planning to develop an advanced and feature-rich speech-to-text converter application, but looking for more details about it, then this blog post is for you.

This blog post will fill you with a lot of relevant information about a transcription app, its features, costs, use cases, and many more.

What Is Speech-To-Text Transcription?

The process of speech-to-text transcription is converting an audio or video file’s speech into text form. This can be performed manually through the transcription app or software, or can perform automatically by using advanced technology.

More often, such software’s use to create the transcript of an interview, meeting, or lecture.

Manually transcripting is quite a time taking process and can face accuracy challenge, where typing of spoken words is done as they sound. However, it offers some benefits like accuracy and affordability.

On the other hand, tech-assisted transcription is carried out through software to convert an audio file into textual format. This style of transcription offers multiple benefits over the manual method, it includes accuracy, speed, and cost-effectiveness.

Different Types Of Transcription


1. Verbatim Transcription

A verbatim transcription considers every sound and pause that occur in the conversation or audio. It could be a verbal pause, filler, laughter, and many more, such as yeah, um, you know? etc. The verbatim transcription even includes all the sounds like a phone ringing and door slamming.

2. Intelligent Verbatim Transcription

Intelligent Verbatim eliminates the flaws that are included in the verbatim transcription i.e. it eliminates the irrelevant content from the text, such as needless repetition and fillers. In this type, the script is more intelligent, concise, and readable which maintains the value of the original audio in every other way.

3. Edited Transcription

As the name suggested, the edited transcription is the advanced version of intelligent verbatim transcription. The transcription is revised to delete any unnecessary text, make grammatical corrections and complete the unfinished statements. It delivers quite a formal representation of what is said, but in a simplified manner to read and understand the edited transcription as compared to the original version.

4. Phonetic Transcription

This type of transcription uses symbols to record phonetic sound rather than actual spoken words. In phonetic transcription, the same process is followed for all languages, where symbols represent the same sound. Phonetic transcription is very useful in learning the correct pronunciation.

Reasons To Transcribe Audio To Text

1. SEO

SEO is the essence of any website or business success. Hence, transcribing audio to text is good for SEO, which ultimately helps the content rank better on Search Engines.

Providing proper captions to videos and audio allows search engines to understand, evaluate and rank the content easily. Therefore, it is important to convert audio into text format so that the search bot can crawl the audio with the help of its text.

To ensure the text of the audio or video is SEO friendly – the text must include relevant keywords, minimum or no error, and highlight the important audio/video content in the textual form.

2. Customer Loyalty

Introducing automatic transcription of the video and audio elements in a website improves customer experience and helps to build a good reputation and strengthen brand loyalty. It depicts the goodwill and responsible attitude of the organization and demonstrates a company’s customer orientation.

Such that, no visitor should be excluded from finding out about the company’s offerings and services due to a language barrier or hearing problem, or any other physical issue.

All these facilities from the company generate a sense of confidence among customers to return to the website which ultimately builds a loyal customer base.

3. Communication

Automatic transcription app tools are a very handy solution for meetings and discussions and make the content available in multiple languages. It takes a few days to do so manually, whereas the same can be done in real-time with digital transcription and translation tools.

While selecting the speech-to-text transcription tool, some important aspects should be considered. It includes a software program that can recognize multiple languages automatically and cloud-based software accessibility become quite easy and handy at any time, any location and any device.

4. Quality

The speech transcription to text enhances the quality of the video/audio. The viewers can easily review the content because of the available subtitles in the audio/video. Can understand the message or summary of the video due to the language barrier.

Viewers can also watch the video on mute with the help of subtitles. The text version of the video makes it easy to share, as the size of the text file is comparatively very small than the video/audio file.

5. Cost Efficient

The high-quality speech-to-text transcription app tools are available at a very cost-efficient price or may demand a one-time payment. Whereas, human labor demands hourly charges and even more when it is about translation from exotic languages.

The translation quality of software regularly improves with the help of Artificial Intelligence technology integration. Moreover, the high-quality tools are loaded with add-on features such as plagiarism checks.

Popular Use Cases Of Transcription Apps In Businesses

1. Meetings

Meetings are a very often event in any business and may also include several associates or attendees from around the world. For them easily grasping the other language could be difficult and might be misinterpreted too. But, the full-text transcription of meetings ensures to communicate the right and accurate context of the entire discussion.

2. Interviews

You can either deduce a promotional video from the interview or share the conversations with internal stakeholders, just by adding the text to the video. It will make the video more easily understandable for the viewer and can also work as a guide.

3. Mp3 Audio to Text Conversion

The audio files are more often converted into text formats, which boosts their global search and readability. It is now becoming a common practice with mp3 files, as they contain typically smaller size of transcription data as compared to video or audio files in other formats.

4. Education & Learnings

In the education industry transcription app or services can be used in schools, colleges and universities to improve teaching standards and ease the accessibility of learning material to students. The educational stuff i.e. books and notes or the entire lecture or seminar in the textual form make it easier for students to search for the most relevant and required material in a few seconds.

5. Insurances

To automate and fasten the insurance process, insurers can record audio statements from claimants or witnesses, which would be under recommended legal guidelines. Under legal terms, it is important to record every word of the statement/interview with accuracy. Later on, the transcription of an audio statement in the textual form will be considered a suitable legal document, which can be used to further process and access the insurance claim.

6. Market Research

Market research as the name depicts is extracting data and learnings of various experts from different sources, which could be in various languages and in text/audio/video format too. Therefore, to analyze and deduce the right result from that research and market study, transcription software’s required to convert the spoken words to make them quickly searchable and easily understandable documents.

Features Required To Develop Speech To Text Transcription App

Features Required To Develop Speech To Text Transcription App

1. Audio Input Types

Accept different audio file formats, such as MP3, WAV, ACC and FLAC.

2. Audio Timestamp

To provide an easier search, can add a timestamp to each word or statement with specific start and end times.

3. Noise Reduction

Improve transcription accuracy by identifying and minimizing background disturbances or noise.

4. Diarization

Identify and distinguish every speaker by their statements to streamline readability and represent who said what, with the speakers’ names.

5. Interim Transcription

During streaming, transcriptions are shared immediately and transcriptions are updated as more audio becomes available for analysis.

6. Numerical Formatting

Numbers can be formatted as words or digits in transcribing speech to text.

7. Batch or Pre-Recorded Transcriptions

Can take or fetch pre-recorded audio understand it and transcribe it into text format.

8. Profanity Filtering

Filter any irrelevant/religious/obscene content from transcription.

9. Capitalization & Punctuation

To improve readability and understanding add capitalization and punctuation into transcription.

10. Keyword Boosting/Custom Vocabulary

Add industry-related words/phrases, unique product names and jargon that will enhance the vocabulary database size, which ultimately boosts the accuracy of the transcription apps.

11. Real-Time or Streaming Transcription

Supports instant delivery of captions or transcribing audio files to text in real-time while the audio is being streamed.

12. Confidences

Each word of the entire transcript is rated on confidence that the text or transcript is correct and accurate.

13. Language Detection

Ability to detect the audio of the language and convert the transcriptions to the correct or demanded language.

14. Redaction

Automatically hide or remove sensitive and personal details like bank account details, credit/debit card details, online banking, personal health information, social security number and many more from transcripts to maintain secrecy.

15. Customized Speech Models

Ability to easily customize the speech model based on the user’s dialect, accent, terminology and noise.

16. Multi-Lingual

Supports multi-languages to facilitate wide users to transcribe their speech to text or vice-versa.

17. Deep Search

Unlike text search, the deep search looks for audio/words/phrases on similar audio wave patterns that may be transcribed incorrectly.

18. Multi-Channel

Easily transcribe multiple-channel communication audio. Such as, in a phone call two channels are involved i.e. sender and receiver, whereas a 5-person conference call is a 5-channel communication.

19. Sentiment

Understands the sentiment or mood of the speaker either by audio or text, such as is the speaker is sad, happy, neutral, mad, etc.

20. Deployment

The ability for speech recognition solution deployment, i.e. on-premises, in the cloud or on a private cloud.

21. Named Entity Recognition

Recognizes alpha-numerics in the speech and eliminates whitespaces between the characters in the speech-to-text transcription.

22. Utterances

Analyzes speech and segments the audio into meaningful statements as the speaker may pause and then resumes talking, that will be two utterances.

Cost To Develop A Transcription App

It is quite difficult to deduce the exact development cost of the speech-to-text transcription app, as it is based on many influential factors.

However, considering those influential factors, the cost to develop a speech-to-text transcription app may range between $40,000 to $100,000 or more.

The key factors that define the development cost of the transcription app are framework, platform (AndroidiOS or Cross-Platform), features and functionalities, development team size and location, developer’s expertise, standard development charges of the service provider, tech stack, advanced technologies integration, and many more.

Thus, before you define your budget to develop the speech-to-text transcription application, you should consider all these factors and other details on priority. For more help and guidance can also connect with the transcription app development company to understand the overview and estimated budget as per your project requirement. It will help you in the long run to update or scale your application.

Key Takeaways: Speech To Text Transcription Apps and Software

Speech recognition technology has already made its entry into people’s living rooms to working places through AI-enabled devices, such as Alexa, Google, Cortana, and Siri. Speech recognition technology will soon bring a monumental change to people’s life to the work culture and the way customer support centers are running.

  • Speech-to-text transcription apps streamline communication, aiding various sectors like journalism, business meetings, and education.
  • Features like verbatim transcription, SEO optimization, and sentiment analysis elevate user experience and content accessibility.
  • Development costs range from $40,000 to $100,000, influenced by factors like platform, features, and development team expertise.

However, the technology is still at a premature phase, despite that, we are no longer the slaves of human transcribers who may or may not deliver the results right and accurate. Rather, these automated speech-to-text transcriber applications and software are making it possible for us to manage our writing effortlessly.

On the other hand, with the ongoing work and development in this field, we can frequently witness some novel implications in the coming years that make our working and interactions much easier and more accurate with minimal or no human assistance.

How Can We Help?

So, if you are looking to enter into this interesting and an industry that is overloaded with opportunities and new introductions, then it’s the right time to get into this. For your further assistance and development of the tech-advanced speech-to-text transcription app, Codiant can be your best partner.

We are a highly reliable and experienced software and app development company. For further assistance, you can connect with our expert business manager, in any manner they can.

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