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Guide To Build Online Language Learning Platform

  • Published on : August 31, 2022

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Online Language Learning Platform

An investment in learning pays the best interest”. This is true in every context including language learning. Having said that, people today are not only concerned about the returns instead they are taking language learning as a lifestyle.

Considering the popularity of language learning in almost every field; be it for career growth, enhancing intellect, or for travel purposes, learners vie for the easiest ways to learn and enhance skills.

Well, e-learning is obviously the best option amidst this fast-moving world. It has totally reformed the traditional learning system and supported people to grow in a well-rounded manner.

More often than not, language learning process is an enjoyable process but as the level of difficulty increases; it all adds to the challenges of confusion and productive failure.

And here comes the role of language learning platforms which makes it easy and convenient for users to learn and enjoy the magic of different dialects from anywhere around the world.

Along with proper guidance, study material, and test series during the live interactive session, users also get a chance to connect with native speakers which helps to hasten the learning process.

In this article, you will get in-depth information about the language learning applications with market overview, its business models, essential features, revenue generation process, and its development cost. Let’s dive in.

Market Overview

Market Overview

The language learning market is growing at a much faster pace and helping economies to get the best result out of it. The above graph clearly shows that the digital language learning industry is expected to rise by 2025 and will have a global market size of 5.1 billion euros.

Business Models of Online Language Learning Software

Majorly three different business models are followed to run the language learning website and these are:

  • The Niche Language Learning Model The ultimate aim of this model is to provide open and boundless participation to the audience via the platform. The name itself explains the basic nature of this model that it is specifically made for a particular single topic.
  • This model is only possible with the online platform because traditional platforms have certain limitations like case in point, it has a forgetting curve, you can’t rewind the taught lessons, it is quite difficult to find like-minded people, and more. But an online learning platform allows people from all over the world to gather together to learn a common topic, access previous lessons for revisions, and hence the development of a niche language learning platform becomes much easier and smooth.
  • Blended Language Learning Model This learning is focused on enhancing the user experience by combining, integrating, and offering a complementary way to support the different learning styles and methods in a single platform. The user gets the flexibility to learn as per their suitability and instead of face-to-face interaction, this model supplements the learning into recorded lectures that are proved to be as a positive, effective, and pleasant learning experience.
  • This model offers benefits like less expensive delivery of study material, greater affordability, and saves a lot of time and effort. Experts from all over the world are adopting this model because it promotes and focuses on team learning.
  • Flipped Classroom Language Learning Model As the name suggests, the whole teaching technique is flipped which means students get the pre-recorded learning material to learn their basic concepts and use the classroom for better interactive sessions where they can clarify their doubts and practice more practical questions and assignments. The reasons behind the popularity of this model are more increased interactive time, learning at their own pace, and cost-effective learning that encourages students to get pre-prepared for the classroom.

Essential Website Features of Online Language Learning Platforms

Features included in the website decides the possibility of success and how likely it will help in beating competitive market condition. Here is the list of features that you must include to stand out in the market.

  • Attractive Home Page The home page is the most essential part of your website that decides visitors’ halt time on the website. So, pay attention to its design and add simplified features that help in addressing the correct message and intuitive offerings to the visitors. Include these ideas to make your home page more appealing:
    • Add essential items to your top navigation bar like tutors, classes, signup, courses, etc.
    • Make a tempting page banner with a catchy message/tagline.
    • Add a button to ask visitors about their native or fluent language and about the language that they want to learn.
    • Use the below section to add testimonials, top teachers, and popular learning courses.
  • Classes Section Understandably, there is not a single course that you are offering to your visitors. So, make sure to create a simplified classification of the courses available for the users:
    • Private classes Users need to pre-book a session if they want to take private learning lessons directly from the tutors. The private tutor list and the concerned subject must be displayed.
    • Live classes All the popular classes must be listed there so that users can join easily without even getting access to it.
    • Lecture recordings It includes all the detailed recordings of the sessions previously taken or the pre-recorded lectures specially designed for users who are not available to live classes.
  • Tutor’s Section It includes the list of tutors who are available on the online learning platform to provide a live lecture to the users for their convenience. The section must include the option where users can find out the availability of the tutors based on different languages. Can select the tutors as per price and popularity. Also, users can easily visit the tutor’s profile to get a demo session and text them for the same.
  • Tutor’s Registration If anyone wants to get enrolled themselves as a tutor on the website then they have to fill out a form and get it approved by the admin. Other things that must be mentioned on the website are tutoring benefits, existing testimonials, and FAQs that address the general questions of the tutor.

How Online Language Learning Portals Generate Revenue?

The e-learning market is flourishing and it becomes quite tricky to generate revenue but there are some simple techniques that you can use to generate revenue easily.

  • A One-Off Fee Method It is one of the most common and easiest ways of generating revenue from the online learning website. In this method, an initial fee is charged to get access to the platform, and then a nominal course fee is charged for every subject that is opted by the student.
  • Subscription Method This method can be used when you are offering an ongoing course for the students. In case, if students are enjoying your learning techniques and you are delivering value, then they will definitely wish to continue the classes. In this scenario, you can use a subscription payment method to generate money.
  • Tiered Payment Method This is a smart method to generate revenue. While creating the subscription cost of your courses, you can bundle some of the basic lectures or demo sessions for free and charge a higher cost for the advanced courses. The word free classes also attracts more students and increases your online class strength. Other than the above-mentioned methods, you can also use other ways like:
    • Taking out commission charges from the student’s monthly or course fee
    • Offering a promotion opportunity to tutors on the website
    • Providing banner ads facility on websites
    • Monthly subscription for tutors for premium listings

Top Market Players of Online Language Learning Platform

Since the competitive market study is a crucial part of any business and therefore explore the top market players in the field of online language learning platforms:

  • Rosetta Stone Inc.
  • EF Education First Ltd
  • Babbel
  • Speexx
  • Sanako Corporation
  • Culture Alley

Cost To Develop Online Language Learning Platforms

The process of cost estimation for the language learning platform is dependent on multiple other factors and therefore, paying attention to those aspects is a must.

  • The involvement of several features including basic, advanced, and complex ones.
  • The location of website development company
  • The variability in the technology stack
  • The total number of hours invested in the development process
  • Structure of the website development team
  • The type of preferred platform like WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Woo Commerce, etc.

After considering all the above factors for the website development, the development cost will reach around $20000 to $35000. But, don’t stick to the mentioned cost as it may vary as per the requirements of your features. Also, the number of technologies involved in website development will bring fluctuations in the overall cost structure.


To build an online language learning platform, a part of learning management solution (LMS), it is essential to have a basic idea of the features and other functionalities that need to be added to it. Moreover, competing with the existing market players is not a smart option to move further.

Instead, try to touch the untapped corners that add value to the users. To make your business successful, you just need to come up with something innovative that perfectly fills the fine line gaps between the service providers and users. Besides, all the essential factors are already mentioned above and for more information, you can connect with our expert team and get custom learning management development service at your ease.

To build an online language learning platform, connect with us.

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