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Enhancing Traveler’s Online Booking Experience with Safari & Trekking App Platform

  • Published on : February 3, 2023

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Enhancing Traveler’s Online Booking Experience

Travel and Tourism have become a billion-dollar industry. More than 70% of people search on their smartphones to find the most appropriate and suitable traveling destination for them. According to UNWTO, people are spending around 130% more each year, which depicts the escalating craze among global travelers and the rising demand for streamlining the entire booking and travel experience for tourists.

To ensure a handy and seamless booking service and manage all the travel-related requirements through a mobile application, we at Codiant ensure to provide the best mobile app development along with a robust and trending technology stack to deliver and deploy the market-ready mobile app platform.

Moreover, we strive for the best and are always open to constructive feedback and also remain cautious in fulfilling our client’s specific requirements during the development phase.

Acknowledging the fact, that about 80% of travelers make last-minute reservations via mobile apps; with our Safari and Trekking booking mobile app services, we offer our global clients to eliminate all the travel-related hassles and enable their customers to do easy bookings by using their smartphones.

Considering all these aspects on priority, let us demonstrate how we are offering and enhancing travelers’ online booking experience with our customized safari and trekking mobile app development services.

But before that, let’s take a quick walkthrough on the significant advantages mobile apps have to offer in travel and booking industry:

Why Mobile Apps are Preferred for Travel and Bookings?

  • Supports easy search and books hotels, trips and air tickets to ensure a smooth safari and trekking experience.
  • Provides better personalization in booking a trip with specific destinations.
  • Enable travelers to schedule various adventure sports, sightseeing places, etc.
  • Allows to book vacation packages at multiple destinations.
  • Helps in finding nearby banking, hotels, restaurants, medical facilities and more.

On these terms, we also ensure to deliver custom build solutions for our clients catering to their specific and unique requirements. Overall, our entire team aims to deliver the aptest solution that enhances the end-user’s entire experience with your safari and trekking mobile application.

How Our Safari and Trekking Mobile App is Offering the Best Online Booking Experience!

1. Providing Clear and Crisp Designing & Details

We keep in mind to design the platform in a manner that can present all the required details of the package in a proper and organized manner. It not only includes the destinations and time but also the other details. Here’s a useful shortlist of the things to include:

  • All the destinations, times, and public transportation details are mentioned
  • Cancelation details, whether it is possible or not and if it’s free
  • What kind of tickets are accepted i.e. printed or mobile copy
  • Commonly known and spoken languages of the destination
  • Duration of the stay

Apart from that, any specific terms & conditions, age restrictions, ID, and other requirements are mentioned in the clear form under a well-organized app design.

2. Simplifying Payment System with Multiple Options

After finalizing the tour package and activities, the last thing customer expects is to have their payment method supported. We ensure not to let them down and suggest multiple widely used payment systems to facilitate wider customers. The payment facility is quick, secure, seamless, and in line.

Besides credit and debit cards, mobile users prefer digital wallets to carry out their online transactions, it includes Google Wallet, PayPal, Stripe, Master Card’s Masterpass, and others. So, we ensure and suggest our client’s not to restrain your users in terms of payment options. As it is easier to download the new app rather than setting up a new payment method.

3. Intelligent Booking Systems

In the safari and trekking mobile app development, we integrate an intelligent booking system that helps travellers to perform various functions, such as setting up reminders, viewing new discounts and offers notifications, price comparison, suggesting new destinations based on previous trips, carrying out multiple bookings, and others.

It is a very intelligent feature that can fit accurately into anybody’s lifestyle and can enhance the user experience by multiple folds.

4. Search Engine Optimized App Platform

To provide a seamless booking experience, we can also focus on specific keywords that a user can search within the app quickly and find the most suitable, preferred and visited destination or package. All this becomes possible with a strong social media presence and seamless design which makes sure users can find conveniently what they are looking for.

To make all this possible, effective SEO comes into the picture. The apps optimized for local SEO enhance user experience by presenting localized suggestions based on their location and preferences.

5. Advanced App Development Tools

The selection of appropriate technologies plays a vital role in developing a user-friendly safari and trekking app to streamline the entire booking experience. Some of the trending and top-notch development tools and technologies preferred are;

Android App: Kotlin, Android SDK, Android Developer Tools and Android Studio

iOS App: Swift, Apple Xcode, iOS SDK

Hybrid App: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, C#, Dart, TypeScript, Ionic, React native, Flutter, Xamarin, Apache Cordova

Back-end Development: Php, Ruby, Python, Node.JS, Java, Laravel, CakePHP, Ruby on Rails, Django, Flask, Spring, Express. JS

Why Hire Codiant For Safari & Trekking App Development Services?

Codiant is a leading development company with 13+ years of experience in designing and developing Apps and Web Platforms for travel industry businesses. We have offered our services for travel app development, travel API integration, hotel booking solution development, safari and trekking experience development, property management system, and other related services.

Our mission is to deliver value and tech support to businesses and offer the best end-user experience with our high-quality solution. We follow the path of building a trustable relationship with our clients and deploying tailor-made solutions.

For further inquiry related to travel app development solutions, feel free to connect with us.

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