Embedded Communications In Healthcare The Next Frontier

  • Published on : September 9, 2016

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Embedded Communications In Healthcare The Next Frontier

News that “Investments in on-demand health services are projected to reach $1 billion in 2017, where it was just $200 million in 2014” as revealed in a Forbes article provides an optimistic outlook for healthcare platforms, reflecting accessibility and ease of use by the modern patient.

The combination of longer life expectancy and an unprecedented increase in chronic diseases, accounts for 87% of healthcare costs in America which further put a stamp on the fact that on-demand for healthcare will always remain high.

And with this assured consummation of on-demand within the healthcare industry, which manifests itself across a range of services, from home health technologies to online consultation and collaboration turns out, healthcare will marry embedded communications to fuel this digital revolution in their respective industry.

Thanks to Embedded communications, powered by WebRTC aka web real-time communication- the first plugin-free real-time communications technology for the web whose true potential lies in its ability to embed live video, voice and messaging directly to any browser or mobile apps, hence enabling a smooth and seamless in-app conversations.

Advantages Of Using WebRTC

1. Virtual Visits Made Possible:

Patients can instantly and securely connect with physicians around the world through virtual office visits.

2. Online Support Groups:

Through online support groups, patients can receive support from specialists from the comfort of their own home without disturbing their privacy through multi-chat video and voice chat.

3. Specialist To Specialist Consultation:

Specialists can directly connect to their peer or senior specialists and ask for their help in real time that can be augmented by the screen and the file sharing.

4. Save Time and Money:

Turns out, embedded communication is a direct substitute for in-person visits and has relatively a greater potential to reduce cost.

Now that emerging digital technologies are finally maturing to the point enough to provide aid to the healthcare industry, health platforms should start getting serious on adoption of on-demand health services and virtual (online consultation) and start reaping the benefits of lower costs, improved access, and greater patient centered satisfaction.

Key Features Highlights

Codiant software technologies offer feature-rich and intuitive healthcare apps solution built on WebRTC for Android and iOS mobile that is easy to use/ intuitive and customizable as per your specialization, thus expanding your reach locally and globally.

Careclix – A Virtual Clinic app for Doctors or let’s say an iOS and Android healthcare app that our programmers developed is a great example to manifest the winning features we include in our Healthcare App Development Services. Take a cursory look on its features and don’t forget to notice the WebRTC features included:

Appointment Booking:

  • Create appointment
  • Book appointment
  • Manage appointment
  • Reschedule appointment
  • Check appointment history
  • View calendar
  • Cancel Appointment
  • Push Notifications reminder
  • Add appointment to phone calendar
  • Audio Notifications

WebRTC Features:

  • Admit
  • Audio Call
  • Video Call
  • Send Message
  • File sharing
  • Chat box
  • Screen sharing
  • Whiteboard
  • Conference
  • Call Time Counter

Healthcare technology is constantly impacted by regulatory changes and evolving healthcare standards, hire Codiant team to possess strong healthcare domain knowledge, understanding of healthcare workflows and with experience & willingness for excellence, we mould up innovation and get ready to create mobile experiences that stimulate adaptation, engagement and simplify the complexities.

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