eCommerce Website Improvement Ideas to Boost Engagement and Sales

Published March 3, 2020

eCommerce Website Improvement Ideas to Boost Engagement and Sales

You got an eCommerce website developed! Wonderful.

You’re pulling in great website traffic maybe 100, a thousand, or more per week.

It certainly gives you a high when you watch Google Analytics and see a heap of visitors’ flowing in.

But wait, why can’t you see them converting into customers? Are they losing their way?

Getting visitors on the eCommerce website is only the first step. The next and the most crucial step is compelling them towards the cart and pay you money.

To combat this, eCommerce companies should lookout for new and better ways to shake off the growing pains with an expert eCommerce Development Company and stay afloat.

Here are the Five Key Website Improvement Areas eCommerce Companies Should Work Upon to Boost Sales and Engagement

Increase More Engagement of Existing Customers through Automation Tools

eCommerce is always about creating unique, engaging experiences that add value to your customers’ shopping experiences. There are several marketing automation tools that act as a catalyst to improve lead conversion. They are essential tools for improving bottom-line growth.

“According to Email Monday, spending on Marketing Automation tools will grow rapidly, reaching $25.1 billion annually by 2023.

Improve On-Site Product Discovery

Develop a strategy for improving engagement by luring customers through personalized recommendations based on their buying behavior on the website through banners, inline widgets, and special offer pop-ups.

Increase Your Shopping Cart Value

Boost your average cart value by promoting related products, upsell and cross-sell, offering customers free shipping on orders over a certain amount, give coupons, additional discounts on crossing certain thresholds during the checkout process.

Increase Sales by Reducing Cart Abandonment by The Customers

Ok, so this is the most common issue that your customer adds the product in the cart and exits without making a purchase.

Have you ever thought what drives cart abandonment and how you can eliminate it and recover your sales?

Good news is that you can reduce your cart abandonment rates without totally overhauling your eCommerce store.

Here is a breakthrough:


Here are the proven tips to reduce cart abandonment :

  • Implement exit-intent Popups with relevant products, reminding the user of promo codes.
  • Eliminate surprises by removing unexpected costs like shipping, taxes and other surcharges.
  • Keep the cart clearly visible on every screen of the app. This shows the user number of items added in the cart.
  • Enable guest checkout which allows the user to checkout without creating an account.
  • Make fast checkouts by simplifying the process of reaching till cart.
  • Offer multiple payment options like credit cards, debit cards, popular mobile payment gateways in your country, etc.

Customers Engagement Lifecycle Automation

Simplify customer engagement to create consistent, dynamic customer experiences across all communication channels through automation tools. Quickly and easily customize your contact center, add contextual intelligence, and add new channels to every part of the customer interaction lifecycle through automation tools.

Increase Number of Reviews & Ratings for the Products

Adding customer reviews will significantly boost your eCommerce revenue. According to a study by the Bazaarvoice network, one product review can result in a 10% increase in sales and 200 reviews can result in as much as a 44% increase in sales.


//Image credits: Infographic & study by the Bazaarvoice network//

Upsell and Cross-sell with AI

Boost your revenue with AI-powered product recommendations and cross-channel personalization!

Cross-selling means to offer your buyers related products they have purchased recently. Like if a user has added a t-shirt in the cart you can feature cool denim, a pair of shoes and a belt in an accessory that will match the jeans during the checkout process.


This adds value to your customer’s purchase and increases your profits.

While Upselling works 20X times better than cross-selling, as per Econsultancy. Mostly in upselling, you recommend products to customers that are more premium or are more superior to the one already chosen by them. But make sure while you do this:

  • The recommended product must match the exact requirements of the customer. (Refer the image below-“View Similar products like this”)
  • The product high in price should justify the price by its upgraded qualities.

Personalizing shopping experience

Win customer loyalty by crafting a kind of experience that targets shoppers’ desires, needs and choices. This can be effectively done through machine learning (ML) algorithms, as it sets the most relevant content for each user. Here are a few tips to do so:

  • Pair related product recommendations
  • Add multiple payment options
  • Customize homepages to fit shoppers’ needs

Cross-channel personalization

Interact through multiple channels to deliver personalized offers to your users using web & mobile push notifications, emails, Facebook Messenger follow-ups and onsite widgets. This gives 6x higher conversion rates.

Enable Products Sales through Google Search

Create a Shopping campaign to advertise your store inventory by Google Shopping (PLAs- Product Listing Ads). Google Shopping results appear with regular Google searches, whenever Google finds a shopping match. They are generally shown under the category of Sponsored.

Get Started

Increase engagement and sales of your eCommerce website with the above key eCommerce website improvement techniques with us. Codiant a renowned eCommerce development company has a variety of eCommerce promotion ideas that will help you build your audience and boost sales.

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