Top 10 Strategies To Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

  • Published on : May 22, 2023

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Top 10 Strategies To Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Cart abandonment directly affects the company’s profit margin and the rate of customer conversions. The users leaving their shopping carts without placing the order is a major concern for businesses. So, to avoid cart abandonment and to reduce its negative impact on the e-commerce industry, it is essential to conduct market research that brings clarity to the thoughts.

So, let’s pick up the data and facts and draw some strategies to figure out the best strategies that help minimize shopping cart abandonment.

This blog profoundly covers the 10 best strategies to tackle shopping cart abandonment by ensuring the arising problems in the business strategy with e-commerce development.

Manage and Eradicate Hidden Costs Throughout Buyers’ Journey

One of the topmost reasons for cart abandonment is the hidden cost, which the user finds out during the final order placement and this forces the user to leave the cart. Hidden cost creates trust as well as credibility issues and people lose the excitement of buying those items.

The major hidden cost that compels the customer to leave the cart is the hidden shipping cost which was not disclosed before. Moreover, there can be other hidden costs too like taxes, the cost of complimentary items, and more whose effect will be as similar to other costs. Thus, to ensure the success of your digital store, it is required to maintain transparency by disclosing the total cost beforehand.

Use A/B Testing to Check Conversions

Before moving forward with any strategy, it is essential to keep track of its performance. A/B testing is one of the excellent ways to understand how customers are reacting to the marketing plan. Do the strategies can influence the users or is there any other factor that is affecting the user behavior?

To reach a particular decision, it is required to conduct the A/B testing in detail.

  • Analyze the number of steps that will be involved in the checkout process for users.
  • Consider understanding the value propositions of your product and the number of special discounts offered.
  • Try using different CTA buttons to check the user’s response
  • Try upselling and cross-selling strategies

Try To Simplify The Checkout Process

Sometimes the items checkout process becomes so lengthy that the user gets irritated and leaves the process in between. Consequently, creating a complex buyer journey is one of the major reasons that compel shoppers to break the checkout flow.

But the situation can be improved by enhancing the UX elements and eliminating the unnecessary roadblocks like fulfilling a multi-step process in a few steps to carry out quick checkout by Top UI-UX development.

Always remember that lengthy online forms are usually exhausting, and people leave it then and there. Likewise, when it comes to product purchases, shoppers want a simple and easy funnel to turn their Wishlist into reality.

Check the Analysis Of Intent-Based Incentives

It is necessary to understand whether the user intends to buy the items or not. Many times, it happens that people have no intent to buy any item at that moment, rather they just prefer to browse and check the availability of new items or simply explore the latest trends.

But this can be improved by optimizing the intent-based incentive strategy where we force buyers to turn their intent into reality.

You can easily attract customers by using these steps like:

  • Create an urgent situation by offering promos for a limited period
  • Apply scarcity tactics that provide limited-period availability
  • Track real-time behavior to offer personalized promotional offers.

Likewise, one can plan and strategize such engaging tactics to get more possible customer conversions online.

Plan Customer Re-Engagement Activities

This strategy is about how you retain your customers and plan your business success. To achieve that, customer engagement is a must to win their heart and retain them for long. Some of the practices you can follow to engage with your customers multiple times are:

  • Integrate AI tools to make real-time product recommendations
  • Try to engage with your customer on their most significant days
  • Reminding them about other checkout wallet alternatives
  • Offer recommendations for the items that are complimentary to the cart
  • Send notifications when the sale begins for the cart items
  • Minimize hassle during the checkout process

Likewise, there are many more strategies that you can follow to help customers make better decisions, which will be profitable to your business at the same time. One thing that needs to be focused on is to motivate customers and ensure that your strategies are being noticed seriously to let your brand stand out in the market.

Add Multiple Payment Options

Online payment is not a safe place for everyone, and some people have specific online payment choices because of certain trust issues. Therefore, it becomes difficult to convince them to proceed with the available payment option.

Consequently, it is always suggested to offer them multiple online payment options, especially the popular ones that are preferred by the huge target audience like Phone Pay, GPay, Amex, PayPal, etc.

Along with these payment options, a quick button and pre-filled forms can also be added to ensure that the customer does not get stuck in between. Thus, using these tactics a seamless checkout process can be implemented and you can easily restrict your business from losing potential customers.

Send Reminder Email for Cart Abandonment

Dealing with cart abandonment requires efforts to improve user experience on the website. But sometimes nothing works and users are forced to leave the cart without any compelling reason.

Nonetheless, sending emails for the abandoned cart can help influence users to complete the checkout process seamlessly. The reminder emails will motivate them about the leftover stuff and the user might think of proceeding with the same.

Also, retargeting the abandoned cart by e-mailing different kinds of discounts or coupon codes can help in re-engaging customers to a great extent. Recent research statistics show that 60% of people are likely to complete their purchase when they receive a personalized email for cart abandonment.

Add Clear and Simple CTAs (Call to Action)

Many times, it happens that people are not clear about the items that are added to their cart, so it is essential to offer a clear indication of the items once they are successfully added to the cart. After that add a clear call to action that directs the users, to a simple pathway to move forward.

A clear and good CTA provokes users about the cart’s credibility and thus users are more likely to complete the cart process for the purchase.

Disclose the Warranty and Return Policy Fairly

Maintaining transparency is the best way of building trust among visitors and users. Every buyer wants to collect information about the refund and warranty policy.

So, displaying it clearly on the cart will help users in making quick and wise decisions. This will also reduce the additional time that shoppers will be spending on scrolling to fetch information about warranty and return policies.

Provide Limited-Period Special Offers with Countdown

Countdown offers are usually used to create urgency and this generates a strong urge to buy and use the offer. Also, the special pop-up offer works psychologically and helps in reducing cart abandonment to a great extent.

Sometimes a small ray in the right direction helps in moving ahead. Moreover, it is also a good way to grab the attention and focus of the target audience.

Summing Up!

The number of cart abandonments is increasing at a similar pace as the number of buyers in the market and this is becoming a great issue for the business industry. Whether it is a startup or any other growing online business, everyone is struggling to retain customers and minimize cart abandonment.

Nonetheless, it can be easily managed by enhancing the user experience as per the preferences of frequent visitors and potential customers. But to be more precise and straightforward in your approach, some excellent strategies are discussed above to help in utilizing the potential sales.

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