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Best E-commerce Mobile App Design Tips to Boost Revenue

  • Published on : November 11, 2022

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Best E-Commerce Mobile App Design Tips To Boost Revenue

In the E-commerce industry, the competition is quite fierce than in the traditional i.e. bricks and mortar segment. Thus, online businesses cannot afford to give any microscopic-sized reason to visitors to look for other stores.

Considering the ongoing digital market trends, the overall mobile traffic comprises of 70% of all internet users. Gradually, the wide number of users are inclining towards E-commerce store and this figure is likely to increase shortly.

For new entrants and traditional businesses that are shifting towards online E-commerce stores, having an appealing and attractive mobile application and web store is very important to survive in the competitive business world.

Therefore, to develop a perfectly designed user-friendly online store with an appealing user interface, we have prepared a list of design tips that can help your business to optimize revenue and attract higher conversions.

E-commerce Mobile App Design Tips To Boost Revenue

Optimizing mobile app design is essential in the highly competitive world of e-commerce. For a great user experience and more revenue, use ASO, stick to a consistent color scheme, use icons that are universally understood, make sure that proper spacing is maintained, optimize images, give small screen compatibility top priority, follow the 3-tap rule for UX, make clear announcements, add meaningful object animations, and improve filtering functionality.

Design and develop an App Store Optimized (ASO) Product

Mobile app marketing is very crucial and important for your business to increase visitor outreach. One of the best and most convenient strategies you can implement is ASO (App Store Optimization) for mobile apps and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for website optimization.

An optimized platform whether it is for a website or an application will help browsers (users) to find your online store under multiple relevant keywords and categories. This will lead to an increase in customer reach, app downloads and ultimately results in a boost in E-commerce sale.

Consistent Color Scheme Combinations


Carefully choose the colors, as the subtle color combination can influence the visitor’s experience and decisions as well. So, make sure your apps’ color combination matches or compliments other app screens as well.

You can also use drop-shadows and gradients in your design to present something unique and interesting to your app visitors. These are quite effective tools to design an illusional space. However, being an E-commerce app development company with an experienced team of designers, we suggest you don’t overuse them in your UI/UX design.

Use Icons Intelligently


For your E-commerce development and design, prefer using universally understood icons. It will help global users to understand the functions or features easily, despite they are struggling with the language barrier. Using such icons intelligently will increase your user experience and customer reach as well.

For example; in an e-commerce mobile app UI design, use a universally accepted cart icon rather than a unique wheel-shaped logo. With the wheel logo, it will definitely become a brain exercise for users to understand its meaning and functioning. Whereas, the common cart logo will make it easier for the visitor to understand its meaning and functioning as well.

Proper Spacing, Whitespace & Proximity in E-commerce Mobile App Designing


In a website or app design, only font style and size are not the factors that influence the overall user interface. There is more, that can be taken care of in presenting an appealing design to boost E-commerce sales.

Your app design should be well-organized, refined and present a clean app structure. The proper arrangement of text and images can present an appealing and well-organized page structure that can retain visitors and hold their attention to stay on the app and proceed to checkout. Having an organized page structure will help your business to boost E-commerce sales.

Optimize Images for Web and App E-commerce Store


Whether your E-commerce store is for mobile users or web users, be sure to follow the best practices of sharing optimized images. As you can’t control whether the user is visiting your store through a mobile device or a computer system.

We are an E-commerce app development company and let us tell you, the user’s shopping experience majorly relies on the quality of images and other visualization features that you are sharing with your visitors. With quality images, you can provide a realistic shopping experience to your customers. Thus, make sure to take care of the quality of the product images you are sharing on your E-commerce store. As it plays a vital role in influencing your E-commerce store revenue generation.

Ensure Your Design Perfectly Fits on The Smallest Screen


To boost E-commerce revenue the mobile application should be developed and designed in such a manner that it perfectly fits on different size screens including the smallest screens of mobile devices.

This strategy will help you to achieve the best results in terms of app design and revenue as well. The most important tip while designing you can consider is; to start designing with the smallest screen rather than going the opposite way i.e. designing the large screen and then squeezing it into a small screen.

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UX Structure Falls Under 3-Tap Rule

UX Structure Falls Under 3-Tap Rule

While designing the app structure, ensure to build a smooth user experience that guides the user from searching to purchasing products with an e-commerce solution. The app UX shouldn’t take more than 3 taps for a user to find and buy the product he likes.

So, make sure to follow this rule religiously to provide the best possible user experience. The easy-to-use platform will allow the user to spend more time within the app and make purchases repeatedly from the app. This will ultimately help to boost E-commerce sales while retaining existing customers and gaining new customers as well.

Make Clear, Crisp and Loud Announcements

E-commerce Mobile App Designing

Organize your content. Remove not-so-important and fluffy content from the application. It will help you to organize the content accurately and use the blank space intelligently. The limited text length will give you the liberty to choose the text style and size based on the standard parameters and make your app design more interesting and appealing.

Small yet meaningful text and messages will interest visitors to read them easily and conclude the right meaning. To make it a handy and go-to-website or mobile application – try to include only relevant information or messages

Object Animation and Imagery


While designing an app, keep in mind that each element, animation, or micro-interaction should serve some function. The animations can be used to serve multiple purposes such as helping the user navigate the app, encouraging the user to act and making the user experience more exciting and memorable.

Images and object animation can also be used to hold users’ operations for a while to infuse a breathable space to manage the backstage processes happening in your app. Also, rather than letting the app freeze or crash, introducing a progress animation would be an intelligent call.

Exceptional UX for Filtering Functionality


Going through tons of information/options in an E-commerce store often overwhelms users and results in a bad user experience. However, intelligent and advanced filer designing can take care of user experience and make it more human-centered.

Horizontal filtering has become popular among customers, so you can also prefer it to boost your E-commerce store or can integrate it to advance your E-commerce app development. The full-screen width allows the user to view filters while scrolling.

Final Thoughts!

Your E-commerce store is no less than a whole new world for customers. However, being a business owner, you must understand, that your rivals are setting the bar even high to survive and thrive in the competitive environment. Given the scenario, if you are failing to deliver a mobile and user-friendly experience then you are pushing away your potential customers.

Apart from that, having an E-commerce app developed will not work for a longer period of time, it requires regular updates and promotions to attract traffic and conversions to your business.

To make your app at regular intervals, these above-mentioned E-commerce mobile app designing tips and updates in the app can help you to boost your business revenue at a good rate. Hope you find these tips valuable in scaling your business and boosting revenue.

So, what is stopping you from winning over your customers? If you also like to take your traditional business online or scale up your existing e-commerce store, then, we can be your expert E-commerce App Development Company to take your idea to the shop-floor level. For, more details and information connect with our experts before the market becomes more competitive for you.

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