11 Hottest E-commerce Business Ideas That Drives Instant Engagement

  • Published on : September 12, 2022

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11 Hottest E-commerce Business Ideas That Drives Instant Engagement

It isn’t necessary, a product that worked best for others, will do it for you too.

The e-commerce industry is all about unique ideas and approach. You run old school and you’ll surely fail.

Launching an e-commerce business with a differentiation makes you win the half game. And, knowing, how and what to sell makes you an early advocate of your upcoming business.

While there are a string of products floating in the online market, we have analysed the best e-commerce business ideas that brought fortunes for many early-stage entrepreneurs.

So, here we present a list a highly successful e-commerce businesses that are performing exceptionally well on the barometer of profits and customer engagement.

Here you go!

11 money-making e-commerce business ideas proven to work

  1. On-demand beauty & health products
  2. Online courses and e-learning platform
  3. Dropshipping business
  4. Personalized gift shop
  5. Online marketplace app
  6. Reselling business
  7. Online thrift store
  8. Crowdfunding platform
  9. Online freelance platform
  10. Online pet care store
  11. NFT Marketplace App

1. On-Demand Beauty & Personal Care Products

On-demand beauty & health products are not new in the town. But beauty influencers and celebrities on Instagram have made it all essential. And, increased the craze like never before!

Monetize on this USD 80.73 billion beauty and cosmetics market, that is most likely to generate USD 177 billion in 2025.

Private label your products under skincare, hair care, make-up, perfumes, and oral cosmetics category and start catering audiences nationally.

Whether your customer is a fashionista, a new mom, a jet-setting entrepreneur or an employee trying to juggle home and work, on-demand beauty app solution is just what you need to start your e-commerce business.

The biggest vertical players operating in the same field are Sephora, Ulta Beauty, and MAC cosmetics.

2. Online Courses And E-Learning Platform

The global e-learning market size is projected to reach USD 400 billion by 2026. With the learning management system taking a sharp peak swiftly.

Self-paced online (SPO) courses are the best courses that allows learners to fit learning into their schedule or say they can learn at their own pace.

The sub-niche courses that you can add in are academic, language learning, business & entrepreneurship, vocational and personal development, and many others.

3. Dropshipping Business

Do not have enough capital to start with? Dropshipping can be the easiest and lowest investment option.

With no overheads of buying, storing, packing, and shipping stocks; Dropshipping is a fulfilment model where you just need to make the sales and the entire order storing and shipping process would be handled by the third-party supplier.

The best dropshipping products that can work as a safest option to start with are tech supplies, lifestyle products, library supplies, and beauty and health items.

To start with you can head for e-commerce website developmentthat lists the products under chosen categories, take orders, and pass it to your supplier who will handle the entire shipping process.

4. Personalized Gift Shop

The global personalized gifts market share is soaring at a CAGR of 9.5%, with its share expected to reach USD 41.3 billion by 2026.

The rising trend of customized corporate gifting to strengthen employer-staff bond and personalized gifting to close and loved ones on special days has given a new facelift to gifting industry.

Starting a custom gifting e-commerce website with an option of creative packaging, customized notes, branding, engraved boxes, and other little add on can make you a stand out market player.

Different product ranges that you can cater under your bulk offerings can be:

  • Choco hampers
  • Electronics & gadgets
  • Home appliances
  • Beauty and skincare hampers
  • Corporate gifts
  • Plants and more.

Create an online gifting store and app to get started. Brands like Gift Reegalo (recently developed by Codiant on WordPress) is the finest examples of early success. The company has a tie-up with 100+ brands and have successfully delivered 1,00,000+ packages as bulk gifts across the nation with safe delivery.

5. Online Marketplace App

Marketplace apps like eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist have shown how online buying and selling can turn the retail game upside down.

A one-stop destination to discover, buy and sell items; marketplace apps allows you to extend your reach to mobile user and gain a massive traction of audience.

With straightforward UI and mobile-first design, you can use an eCommerce website builder and list a wide range of products for sale.

Good items with huge profit margins include:

  • Accessories and clothes
  • Home décor items
  • Baby items
  • Sports accessories

6. Reselling Business

The online reselling business is a big fish ruling in the market. Many entrepreneurs are hitting the jackpot with reselling business model.

In the US alone, the online resale industry is set to grow to around $195.7 billion by 2030.

A reselling business can prove to be a profitable business for you too, especially if you have a niche expertise. Just get started by lunching an e-commerce website without going through the nitty gritty of product development, manufacturing and even fulfilment (pretty much like dropshipping).

The only thing you need to do is purchase authentic products from reliable manufacturers or retailers and resale them to your own customers.

Have more questions? Shopify has got all your queries covered.

7. Online Thrift Store

Thrift shopping attracts everyone! Well, who doesn’t like to buy sustainable products at low prices?

In fact, the crowd is more here. Whether the thrift store is present on the street or on the internet, shoppers just go gaga with the discounted and cheap prices.

There are many online thrift stores like thredUP, Tradesy, Urban Renewal and more that are sailing smoothly in the e-commerce world.

So, what are you waiting for? Dip your hands in this money-making e-commerce business idea assured to perform amazingly!

8. Crowdfunding Platform

Every other entrepreneur is chasing the next big idea. And why not? There is an ocean of opportunities that can help start-ups win with flying colors.

The only obstacle that put entrepreneurs to square one is difficulty in raising funds!

Here, comes the pressing need of crowdfunding platform. To date, people have raised more than $34 billion worldwide using these platforms.

These platforms will help startups to connect with investors. Start-ups can pitch their idea and investors can invest in it.

9. Online Freelance Platform

At 78% y-o-y growth in revenue, the United States has the fastest rising freelance economy.

Currently over $1.4 trillion, the online freelance market will become the U.S. majority workforce by 2027.

What could be the better time to spend in online freelancing website development?

Global freelancing platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, TaskRabbit, PeoplePerHour and others are some of the best picks to get business inspired.

10. Online Pet Care Store

There are billions of pets worldwide.

Families in the U.S., Brazil, EU and China alone possess over a half a billion dogs and cats. Roughly, you can say more than half the world is estimated to have a pet at home.

Imagine to serve this densely populated market!

An online pet care app can help you serve this crowded community having pets in their house.

You can include features like on-demand pet store, clinical treatment, marketplace, etc.

11. NFT Marketplace App

2021 was a boom with NFTs market reaching a USD 40 billion valuation for the first time.

With more than USD 10 billion sold every week, NFT app is a rapidly expanding market promising lucrative returns to investors.

Apps like Crypto, NFT LaunchPad, OpenSea, Binance have given a living testament of how the app can function for digital assets.

Start monetizing by creating an easy-to-use NFT app platform for buyers and sellers. And let them discover new assets and trade on-the-go.

Which eCommerce Business Idea You Found Best?

All the ideas we have discussed above often have the highest profit margins.

To create an e-commerce store, you have to come with a differentiation and a stand out marketing strategy. Your website and app platform should hit the customer with a brand memory every time they land on your website.

Make it immersive, memorable, simple yet modern.

Codiant is a master in creating innovative and creative e-commerce apps and websites that springs up brand by giving them a unique identity among the sea of competitors.

Create Innovative and Creative eCommerce Apps and Web Solutions with Codiant.

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