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Dominating Your App Marketing Strategy: The Cheat Sheet

  • Published on : December 10, 2019

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Dominating Your App Marketing Strategy: The Cheat Sheet

The world uses smartphones.And smartphones use mobile apps. Which makes Mobile apps a big fish in the market that makes big business.

More than 100 billion mobile apps are being downloaded from the Apple app store alone. Google Play? 65 billion it is!

Talking about figures, the estimated worldwide app revenue is predicted to hit $77 billion by 2017—more than double the $35 billion it reached in 2014.

What do you translate from it?

If you’ve created your own app, you need a bigger piece of cake and cash in on it. Not telling you this to brag! But the fact is app marketing is one of the most contested battlegrounds people are juggling with. But the good news is that your half work is already done if your mobile app development company has got this section covered for you.

Let’s delve into it.

App Store Optimization

How do you think apps like Spotify, Angry Birds, Temple Run, and others are topping the charts? How do they become viral? It’s nothing other than the app store optimization. The vast majority of app downloads happen because they are searched the most in the app store.

How does this happen?

Here go the basic strategies to do “app store optimization”:

  • Stay wise in designing the icon of your app. It is the first impression users have on your app.
  • Choose the right set of keywords.
  • Use the keyword in the title of the app (“apps with keywords in the title are ranked 10.3 percent higher than those without a keyword in the title”)
  • Create to-the-point, condensed, and catchy meta description that perfectly sums up the purpose of your app.
  • Add a series of screenshots that best describes the features of your app.

An App Landing Page

A landing page can be added to your site that gives you the much-needed space to showcase the functionality of your app, a brief video tutorial of how it works and some good reviews with a hint of colors and images that best conveys the mood of your app.

Social Media Marketing

Social media handles are the key to spreading the word in a louder yet organic way under social media marketing. Also, a lucrative sales tool that augments brand awareness and builds a solid brand image. Counting on this, it can be the most effective way to get downloads and retain your customers for a longer period.

A Lite Version Of Your App

It’s a no-brainer that offering a free, lite or a cheaper version of your apps improves your chances of discoverability. Since these are the most searched words in the app store. Following this thumb rule, you can create a free, lighter experience of your application and keywords like free, cheap to the title, or the keywords.

Download Links On Your Website

You can drive a healthy traction of capitalization from your site itself by creating the download links on your app and then placing them on your site.

With this much on the store, with hardly any effort, you can bring a decent amount of attention to your app and fold a download deal easily.

And with a core full-service mobile app development company at your disposal, you’re sure to get these app marketing strategies bundled in your app development project.

Notice, however, that we mean core. We didn’t say “any;”!

Codiant Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a full-service mobile app and web development company that offers you a complete assortment of mobile app development services which includes app store optimization and all the key points discussed above on demand.

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