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Tried-and-True Conversion Ideas for Your Real Estate Website

  • Published on : June 20, 2020

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Conversion Ideas for Your Real Estate Website

Conversion, in the real estate industry, seems to be a daunting task requiring lots of effort and energy to push customers down the funnel.

Gaining attention on the web can be a real challenge.

If you don’t have something of real value that hooks your customer to stay in, it’s likely the customer will bounce back.

On average, a visitor stays not more than 15 seconds on a website. You have to bribe them and offer them something of high indulgence to which they keep interest in.

In this blog, we’ll reveal five different time-tested conversion ideas you can create today with the help of your real estate app development company.

An Enticing Value Proposition

Create a compelling and clear value proposition. Rather than focusing on “what you have for customers?” focus on ‘’why the customers should contact you?”

Differentiate by your competitors’ offers and craft a proposition that effectively communicates your uniqueness and gives them a reason to choose you.

So, before you plunge on to real estate app designing and development, work on your specialties and uniqueness.

Custom Landing Pages

Create a highly converting landing page that contains a simple headline, a brief description, and, a strong CTA.

  • To create a great landing page include a killer headline that grabs the reader’s attention. Make a note that it should be short and to the point.
  • Craft a compelling subheading that helps the user stay and persuades them to explore more.
  • Place large HD attention-grabbing images relevant to your service.
  • Give a benefit-oriented explanation in the favor of the user.
  • Address their pain points followed by a solution.
  • Give a powerful CTA call to action.
  • Add your contact information.
  • Tempt your customers by certain assurances, guarantees, giveaways, discounts, etc.

Advanced Analytics

Traditional analytical methods and data sources make it challenging to draw clear hypotheses of properties. Using big data analytics to discover location’s future risks and opportunities help customers to know the whereabouts of their proximity and other location-specific variables with data points which makes it easier for them to know the odds and even of the property.


Integrate IDX into the Real Estate Website

What is IDX?

For the uninitiated, IDX stands for Internet Data Exchange and it’s quite a wide term used to cover policies, standards, and software relating to the display of real estate listing information on websites.

IDX is also a real estate property search-enabled site that allows users to conduct searches of approved Multiple Listing Service (MLS) properties in a certain area.

Apps like Redfin, Zillow, and Trulia also uses IDX to display listings.

How does it help?

Through an IDX-powered website, the user can easily access a website that can help them match a certain set of parameters like:

  • Atlanta homes with a seaside view
  • Homes for sale in Detroit
  • New Constructions in Baltimore

This will subsequently show them related pictures and videos, neighborhood info, market info, expert advice, etc.

This feature is more likely to give you good conversions.

Give an Inviting Customer Experience

Optimize success rates by progressing in human-centric and customer-focused designs. Focus on key performance metrics and make your offerings clear by displaying exactly what your users are looking for.

You can hold fields like:

  • Search
  • Buy Property
  • Sell Property
  • Rent Property
  • Browse Homes
  • Mortgage rates
  • Contact
  • About
  • Testimonials
  • Calculators

This helps the user land the place where he wants without wasting time searching his key area.

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Final Thought

These are a few great ideas you can implement to drive conversions.

Many real estate app and web development companies provide a comprehensive suite that covers real estate app/web designing, development, maintenance, and promotion.

Codiant is one amongst them (but believe we’re unique, we promise). We’ve some great time-tested real estate website development and promotion ideas that work miraculously! With an expansive portfolio of real estate, we have simultaneously amplified, accelerated, and automated our clients’ profits.

We’d love to be your technology partner and help you grow ahead.

Act Today and Best Serve Your End Users with Our Well-Planned Real Estate App Development Solution and Lead Generation Strategy.

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