Are You Taking A Swift Action To Improve Doctor-patient Communication?

  • Published on : November 11, 2019

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Are You Taking A Swift Action To Improve Doctor-patient Communication

Effective doctor-patient communication is the heart of building a therapeutic doctor-patient relationship which consequently becomes a conduit in reinforcing the doctor’s ability to gather minute health and daily lifestyle information of the patient in order to facilitate accurate diagnosis, counseling, and establishing a caring relationship with patients.

Healthcare Chat Apps: Boosting Communication

Healthcare chat apps are transforming doctor-patient connection with features including easy interaction, secure medical report sharing, accessibility to remote places, financial savings, and group contact with specialists. These apps improve patient care, satisfaction, and the efficiency of healthcare delivery. They are often combined with WebRTC technology.

Good doctor-patient communication offers patients tangible benefits. Healthcare chat apps and/or Telemedicine apps come as the biggest rescue to fuel better and more reliable interpersonal communication.

From real-time conversation to video conferencing, remote care to personalize monitoring, managing patient records to coordinating care & more- doctors and caregivers are no short of reasons to adopt the new holy grail of healthcare – the telemedicine apps. Before we move on to unwrap the row of benefits the healthcare chat app offers, let’s quickly go to the facts and figures.

Did You Know?

  • 75% of the doctor, urgent care & ER visits could be safely handled over a video chat or phone call.
  • 79% of respondents to a survey say that they feel more connected to healthcare providers who don’t spend a lot of time on paperwork during visits.
  • 93% of physicians find value in having a mobile health app connected to Emergency health services.
  • 74% of hospitals that use tablets or other mobile devices to collect information from patients are more efficient than those that don’t.

Top Benefits Healthcare Chat App Offers:

  • Good Doctor-patient Communication Seamless communication between the doctor and patients helps doctors regulate the patient’s emotions, facilitates comprehension of medical information, and allows for better identification of patients’ needs, perceptions, and expectations. Healthcare chat apps provide one-to-one secured and private communication allowing patients to connect with doctors anytime, anywhere.
  • Medical Report Sharing Healthcare chat apps upgraded with WebRTC technology help patients and doctors exchange medical reports, X-rays, e-prescriptions, images, etc. within the message thread making it simple for both parties to share the files without the threat of getting damaged or lost.
  • Accessible to Remote Areas Often patients in remote areas are deprived of quick care in case of chronic diseases and have trouble accessing doctor consultations. The patients have to endure longer appointment commutes and spend big bucks for small chronic treatments. With telehealth, patients in rural or remote areas can get quicker access to healthcare specialists thus saving time and travel costs.
  • Reduction in Cost Remote care, e-prescriptions, and online consultations significantly reduce healthcare costs, saving money for patients and doctors as well. Recently, the American Hospital Association reported on a telemedicine program that saved 11% in costs and more than tripled ROI for investors.
  • Group Communication with Specialists Lack of communication creates situations where medical errors can occur. Multi-way Video Calling enables doctors to invite other participants that may including other healthcare specialists, and surgeons to join the call and achieve perfection during both diagnosis and treatment.

Apart from the ones discussed above, fitness apps, personalized monitoring, and wearable apps also account for a good reason to elevate patient care.

Final Word

As per the latest research, patients reporting good communication with their doctor are more likely to be satisfied with their care, and especially to share pertinent information for accurate diagnosis of their problems, follow advice, and adhere to the prescribed treatment.

Integrating WebRTC in healthcare solutions or just developing a telemedicine mobile app has become a pivotal need for quality patient care. Healthcare professionals should understand the significance of doctor-patient communication and the serious consequences of miscommunication and act upon it promptly.

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