Android P First Developer Preview: Next flavor of Android

  • Published on : March 13, 2018

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Android P First Developer Preview

The Latest Android Update Gets Dissected

Finally, Google has cracked the lid on the next version of Android after having a huge fun on National Oreo day. Though, the official name of current version of Google’s mega popular mobile OS Android P is yet not disclosed, but that hasn’t reflected as a reluctant for developers to get their hands on early build of the new software.

Here we present you a roundup of rolled out features that’s worth getting excited for.

As per Android developers, the ravishing features in Android P aka Android 9.0 would include:

  • Simplicity, speed, and many new ways to extend your apps
  • Messaging Style and other notification updates
  • Image Decoder for bitmaps and drawables
  • Data cost sensitivity in Job Scheduler
  • Display cutout APIs
  • Multi-camera APIs and obviously there’s lot more in the bucket to get spilled.

In terms of feature highlights, Android P packs in a lot more improvised core features and a couple of bigger flashy changes to look forward. Following are the updates making the latest mobile OS version all more tempting. Let’s take a quick glance.


Image Source: newatlas

1. Future Shift- Indoor Positioning Roped In

Here comes the role of WiFi Round-Trip-Time (RTT). Google wants to follow one good thing of Maps with a little help of this nerdy RTT. Enabling you to take turn by turn directions while you’re inside, this feature in 802.11mc would make it possible for apps to know how far you’re from the WiFi access point, which in turn, would help the developers to use that info to give you more accurate location indoors.

2. Notifications- It’s a Polished Experience

“Uff what’s that attachment inside the message?“

No more guessing work! Google gifts you with ‘at-a-glance messaging ‘. Now you can view image attachments, stickers with a full message view in the notifications itself. It doesn’t end here. This new style will also give developers the option to add quick replies, just same as we witnessed in Google Allo and reply bot in Google’s Reply app.

3. Multi Camera Support

Google adds an API for developers to explore a world where multiple cameras can be used at the same time. Moreover, Google adds support for apps to use image stabilization and display-based flash just like the primary camera in our phone. In a nutshell, third party cameras will keep awing you.

4. Privacy and Security – A big leap

There’s lot more up gradations in the privacy and security. The coolest thing by far is a new restriction system for sensors, cameras and microphones when the app is in the idle mode.

5. Under the hood

If we talk about UX, there are further many enticing features that will uphill your user experience gradually. Here’s a sneak peek:

  • Autofill will work with web browsers by default
  • A zoom-in effect while you type or edit text
  • A bespoke DND. Choose what you want to hear and what not.

Just Chill

What we’ve discussed right now is just an eye up on Developer Preview 1. Google will release three other previews before P goes public. These features by no means resemble the final impression of finished product. Stay tuned for further updates.

Closing it

A Quick Report on Release date and the address of Android P Developer Preview

Android P will get its official debut at Google I/O 2018, just like Android Oreo. The Android P Developer Preview is available only to the Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. You can download the Android P system image and flash it to your device, or run Android P in an emulator.

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